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  1. Odyssey has less Dialogue than both Galaxy Games, what a world.
  2. NSMB isn't 2.5D, the only 3D assets in those games are the character models. I expect...unique camera movement, actually mattering like Kirby 64.
  3. Don't say that... It's not good identity building. Don't do this either... It's actually negative. Mario doesn't make up all of Nintendo, other Nintendo games do actually have story to them. Hire worse writers.
  4. I mean...if you wanna go the justi-fixtion route: You could say that G.U.N. just contacted Rouge 1st because history and after she got captured she requested they contact Shadow. Or they just keep tabs on her and her teammates, that is also an option.
  5. You wouldn't be 100% wrong considering there are people who consider Shadow and Sonic Nex Gen to be "desirable" stories next to anything from Colours onward. Buuuuut, that's about it where that goes.
  6. She was a secret agent. She didn't work for G.U.N. She was revealed as an agent in like...her 3rd cutscene in the Dark Side Story as she found Eggman's base.
  7. They are actually just called Boos.
  8. It's been around since Generations... It's just more and more prevalent over time. I can't really think of a time where people don't bash Colors, Generations, or Lost World's stories without one of the comparisons being Black Knight. (I can, but exaggerations)
  9. If you could stop acting as if that's literally the only joke those games had, that'd be totally positive. There are other bad jokes, worse even. Why not go for something fresh?
  10. Using the word suddenly shows where you've been. It's not sudden, people have been using Black Knight as an example of decent Sonic story telling for years and not even just from people here.
  11. Well Gemerl wasn't a "character" at the end of Advance 3. So he'll have to start from scratch anyway. Just consider Gemerl to have been in a time stasis since then (due to game canon) and this is the 1st thing he's done in forever.
  12. Oh wow, Cream the Rabbit is in this comic? What kind of world is this, I say.
  13. Galaxy 2? You said it was Generations' staff, Galaxy 2 came out in 2010. Did they leave during the end of Generations' development?
  14. I too want a 4th Sonic Adventure game. It means less characters though.
  15. New...not lame stuff? As in...not lame in concept? Because it can't always be good from the start.
  16. No comic this month, wonderful news.
  17. I call it a level aesthetic because it's only ever used as such, until it actually is Green Hill. (Seaside Hill, Sunset Hill, Splash Hill, Windy Hill, Neo Green Hill, Neo Green Hill) The Mario characters live in the Mushroom Kingdom, Sonic characters don't live in Green Hill Zone...so I can only call it what it is, just a level aesthetic.
  18. Wrong. Green Hill Zone is more along the lines of World 1-1, which is not used nearly as much as Mario considering it can only be referenced via level layout (usually the first screen). Mushroom Kingdom is a general setting, not a level aesthetic.
  19. Very good, I also think this. Not for the same reasons, mind. But it's good to...
  20. Everyone knows the next anniversary title is going to be a Sonic Heroes 2, time to give that style a shot again. Though if nobody wants that, that's fine too.
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