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  1. 6 hours ago, Eurisko said:

    Just really half-arsed and little or no-substance to them coupled with the fact that those games took themselves way to serious.

    That seems like it's just an NPC problem.

    Nothing to do with them being human, just being there is enough. If you want them to be memorable or have a "point" in existing, that's just wanting better world-building/writing.

  2. An antagonistic anthro who is a well-intentioned extremist to contrast Eggman?

    Like...Lyric but actually memorable?

    Someone who thinks that going the totally mechanical route is better for life on Earth rather than a negative, not original, but fine.

    They wouldn't want to make everyone into robots like Eggman, but by not giving people a choice in the matter Sonic and co. ultimately won't see them as any different in their end goals.

    Giving the organics mods. LIFE+

  3. A recurring bad guy for Sonic to fight? That isn't Eggman?

    Since Jet the Hawk doesn't seem to exist in this main series.

    A red bird called Fleet the Falcon would be a cool anthro-villain. He's a speed rival, but can actually fly (so he's got an advantage), and why not give him the wind based powers that Sonic was on and off with for a while. Sega as well was going through speedy rivals, but there was no reason for that.

    Someone who just messes with Sonic with no real ulterior motive besides the fact they share one attribute, he would challenge Sonic...but never impede his goals if there were a real situation going on. No respect given, no respect wanted.  A completely random guy (or girl, why not, could always even out that ratio)

    (This is draft, bear in mind that later when the character is actually used they most likely will loosely follow this and be built up from actual debut onwards)

  4. 15 minutes ago, Kuzu said:

    Its just another weird ass mandate from Sega I bet that makes no fucking sense to anybody but them. 

    It makes sense to me, but I'm probably off mark for the reason why specifically.

    If I haven't really brought this up before, I did mean to make note of Tails' combat status is only a game-play thing. Even if he should be as physically capable as at least Amy. But they won't show him fighting because reasons, Sonic X would show Cream fighting...but Tails can only be shown trying to and he doesn't actually because Shadow and Rouge.

  5. 5 minutes ago, Wraith said:

    the classic pairing of an aloof wildcard with a stiff in the secondary role is what a lot of fictional duos are built on

    Shadow doesn't seem to bothered by Rouge's teasing that much.

    Should he be a soft shell who actually does get bothered or someone who's serious but can easily throw jabs back at someone?

    He usually responds to everyone with indifference/apathy, not letting any emotions show...

  6. 33 minutes ago, lulzers said:

    Fallout? I was thinking more about how the government dealt with the Raccoon City outbreak in Resident Evil.

    Maybe if it was small scale, which in the narrative sense -- it is, but the outbreak is clearly much bigger than that.

    That's big even.

  7. People didn't really bring it up because it's not a "selfless deed"...it is a tender moment and he definitely didn't have to say all that stuff, but it doesn't really help anyone for the sake of it.

    I mean...if this series had any kind of continuing story, let us say that Tails could use this information to confront Eggman at his lowest moment (emotionally) which what makes Eggman tread the path of turning over a new leaf. It would be selfless in that sense because in helping the heroes understand him personally, it would eventually lead to good doings.

  8. 53 minutes ago, Shadowlax said:

    there is a criticism going around that suggests tangle is a better sonic than sonic. Because of her ability to be emotionally intimate and venerable, and i dissagee ?

    That doesn't make her a better Sonic.

    That makes her a different character.

    While it definitely won't happen any time soon or ever, it's suppose to be meaningful when a character like Sonic the Hedgehog is emotionally vulnerable.  He's the steel wall, if something gets to him that's when "poop" gets real. It also makes a good character flaw (not a writing flaw) that his inability to get intimate means he's not exactly the best person for emotional support. Uh...it could, if he went through stuff that affects him deep enough to empathize with others.

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