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  1. Yeah, he's from Dark Moon. Luigi adopted the dead boy apparently.
  2. It's not weird to assume that it's just a similar adaptational liberty based on how the Giant Rings work.
  3. Sonic 3D Blast makes it a thing that Flickies use Giant Rings to warp from place to place. Though even disregarding the Special Stage nonsense, Sonic 3&K establish that Giant Rings do just warp to places. Since the giant rings in the 2nd half all send you to the Emerald Altar. Sonic Advance 3 also has its Giant Rings that just Warp you somewheres.
  4. I actually hope they do that, being choosy about items due to storage is not a fun feeling in games.
  5. Pretty totally definitely certainly overthinking. 100% coincidental, not intentional.
  6. I would think that even with the Hyrule Historia they'e never stopped being this and it's only made for people who want there to be anything more than aesthetic connections. You get it, it makes sense, there's nothing deep here. The people who want more now have foundation for their theories, everyone is happy.
  7. FULL OPENING - Luigi's Mansion(Hotel) 3 Next Level Gameses always delivers in the animation and character department. They're charming Mario.
  8. But uh...being easy to get into at the expense of...any kind of world to be invested in doesn't give most of the returning audience much. I do believe that's their problem, people don't want all world building...das stupid.
  9. I too wish Sonic was episodic, but we can't all get what we want. It's fine as is.
  10. When some people can't understand that people are harsher on something that they actually would be excited for had the situation been different. Half n Half. There's just no understanding the negative.
  11. They'll be captured, as the trailer show-ed. Is not surprise.
  12. That wasn't the best video to just plop down like that. I don't get it.
  13. IF ON. If it was Metal Sonic doing this it'd just be regular roboticization. IF ON.
  14. Do you want it to be Boohemoth? This is a good opportunity you know.
  15. That's pretty good. The good kind of dumb. Ey.
  16. He "needs" this. There's no justification, which is better than any justification.
  17. How about they just "do that"...and if it ends up being good, whatever.
  18. Those eyes are pretty creepy. They were especially creepy in-game. Good Choice.
  19. Tell everyone they were stupid. Peach can't beat the Bowser. It's POWER > Skill, dudes.
  20. No...I believe the right thing to say was "no she doesn't" and then list why. It usually works. Amy doesn't act like Sally because...she's not a chipmunk.
  21. Will this game actually get Clancy Brown? Only time will tell the tale.
  22. I don't see how it shows anything other than that body texture being a really stupid design that doesn't make sense.
  23. Similarity? That's was the difference.
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