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  1. I know, but Chao wouldn't still be there by the time he found that stuff.
  2. He's in SA1. Nothing outside of recreating the Emerald Shrine implies Gerald even knows what a Chao is or why he'd make a toy one. Omochao doesn't even like being in space.
  3. Timing of what? That could've been a thing, I'd always thought Tails made him. But Tails doesn't know about Sa1's Chao gardens.
  4. Good stuff, dude. It's always the good stuff.
  5. That could be said about anything. Sonic's gonna get laser guns, just like Mario. And it'll be a real time action rpg.
  6. What an example, dude. What kids want isn't the stopping point of what they'll actually settle for, so giving them what they "want" will never be the right thing to do.
  7. It made more sense when Tails was just a tinker-er. Not a genius, just really good with mechanics. Oh nevermind, whenever the writers remember, he still is just an eager kid hero who only happens to be smart with machines.
  8. Maybe people should bash it more...just to get the message across. I really dislike that.
  9. If it was just S&K then it doesn't matter, that's the side where the music doesn't matter.
  10. It's not that simple. Every character in this series is almost as nomadic as Sonic is. I'm quite certain Amy doesn't mind, despite her city livin'...she's just immature. Maybe Sonic would be into someone who's "that" and mature. As mature as he is anyway.
  11. Horned Beasts. Knowing what they are will be a good thing, they can't simply be monsters can they?
  12. It got canned, so it doesn't matter...they toned down everything to the point there was no reason to even make it different from what SoJ established.
  13. They didn't. It's stupid early draft of SoA's Sonic Bible that clearly got canned for a reason, no manual ever mentioned Sonic's family.
  14. 3 times? It's happened once, the other 2 were scrapped during concept.
  15. Well since they never interacted as a "group", you'd only be getting how they'd interact with the other characters. The problem being that...if they actually had a group dynamic, this wouldn't be necessary. It'd happen naturally. A common suggestion of fixing groups of characters is making them interact outside of their group...that's not fixing them as characters though. It just leads to getting rid of the characters who didn't work in a failed dynamic (why are they a group if they don't really interact).
  16. Nobody really suggested changing their designs, just giving them textures... I said I'd take away Zavok's shoulder spikes and ponytail because, that's the only part of his design I actually dislike.
  17. Why does it need that? They can be all smooth like, they're aliens...it's all swell.
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