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  1. To wield a knife as Sonic, probably. Since he doesn't really use it afterwards. Sonic the Hedgehog wouldn't be caught dead using a knife, knife, knifing weapon, but an evil doppelganger, totally.
  2. Hold up, automatic spindash on landing. Hold down, starts charging spindash after landing. No confusion. You can do it while moving, you just can't hold right or left before jumping.
  3. I quote the post with the stream, not the Angel Island thing... That works fine, not Tails being solo-player controlled.
  4. Um, I don't think I understand... I've been trying to do "that" and Tails doesn't fly, so that's...questionable.
  5. Is this actually in the prototype? Because it seems like the it was a 2nd controller or something during the stream, not to mention...this is a pretty common fan hack concept ever since Sonic 3 Complete became a thing and it's certain that the makers of that weren't aware it wasn't gonna be exclusive to the Marble Garden boss.
  6. It's not even cryptic, it's the most blunt thing he could've said... But he added an emote and look what happened, this.
  7. It doesn't. And usually people get some type of satisfaction out of knowing this, but since it's just theorizing even after getting an answer...no.
  8. That's amazing. Obviously, he was holding back after that green-eye inducing space trip, it was just traumatic enough and his father being "gone" was the breaking point.
  9. Wow, this is Sonic. This is actually pretty negative all on its own. NO! Is he suppose to be younger here?
  10. Mystic Cave's concept name was Dust Hill? I wonder how different that stage was going to look then, because it doesn't sound very fitting.
  11. You don't lose one, but it still collects rings... That's not...broken at all, I mean, I guess it does seem to push you back.
  12. Why is there a ball with a screwdriver at the bottom of Eggman's thing, this is important.
  13. Yeah, I suppose that is the only reason there needs to be. I'm just not sure there's an actual problem, since...people didn't know about it and it's just a neat piece of information that doesn't really mean anything (if he's telling the truth).
  14. Why would he have to hide the fact that he possibly knew about this idea existing in the beta and using it as inspiration? That's not exactly information game developers are shy about giving.
  15. That's probably not the case either. Unfinished music isn't exactly an uncommon thing in games. The more likely thing is that had we not gotten the versions that were in the final game, we would've just had different tracks. Like , the only reason these became the PC tracks is because they had to replace those songs, not because they were the original. It wasn't high priority to make new music for a port. These being the original tracks is a neat thing, but outside of Ice Cap they don't really fit the levels they belong to.
  16. I hope that sound wasn't because of the dropdash, it likely couldn't be fixed in time...
  17. Clearly not, but I'm assuming that list of characters is meant to be his range. Which is also what I was saying.
  18. No he wasn't... He did a lot of voices on Regular Show, listen to those and say he was "meant" to be those 2.
  19. Other way around, mang. She voiced Charmy first, then Tails.
  20. Where's this Rouge logic coming from, she doesn't sound 40+... With Rouge it somewhat made sense when people said this about her 4Kids VA, but this really doesn't.
  21. Tails should still be voiced by Corey Bringas, this camera operator was great.
  22. Drowning in a kids movie? Now that's just asking for too much, he'd probably just disappear.
  23. This Sonic the Hedgehog isn't too used to danger. Develop into that face, become a character. Gain attitude, fuse those eye balls together.
  24. If the new design actually made people want to see this movie, then they only made the right move. If it's really got that generic movie set-up people say it has, then even with that old look it wouldn't have lasted.
  25. The illogical extreme... It's just that one part of every fandom that dislikes things about the series that have been there from the beginning and acts like it was always out of place.
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