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  1. Probably a private discussion too since that usually turns into a Ken Penders ruined everything! discussion. Not that I disagree, but the mods have stated their piece on it several times, lol.
  2. Image has also done franchise books, so it's a bit odd that they have contradicted themselves with such statements. But such is hindsight.
  3. Either way, it’s a waiting game. For the sake of discussion -- outside of IDW, what publisher would you trust with the creative license? I would probably say Image Comics and Dark Horse are the other big options out of the contemporary indies and I’d be personally pretty comfortable with either.
  4. A series being “finished” doesn’t necessarily mean we can no longer discuss the finer points of the entire series or individual facets of it. Yes, we won’t get further issues in this continuity of the license, but as long as interest to have a discussion remains it won’t be pointless at all.
  5. Given that that iteration of Sabrina is in a bizarre (almost Lovecraftian) perception of the 1960s, I'd wager probably not.
  6. So when can we get a TV adaption of Archie's best thing I've read in years: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?
  7. If Superman and Captain America can write fresh and interesting stories seventy plus years after their debut then Sonic can keep doing it for half that.
  8. Can SEGA and Archie not just go to town with legitimate plagiarism suits with this?
  9. Yeah, same. I’ve been reading this comic since pretty much the onset (though I was barely young enough to read, less alone comprehend plot), so this is a really depressing prospective fate for me as well. It’s like seeing a piece of your childhood wither and die in front of you for no rationally sound reason. It's gut-wrenching. Most of all, its a fate I do not want to happen because it doesn't need to.
  10. Hey there! Just noticed you joined not too long ago and wanted to welcome you to the SSMB.

    1. Inkarnate


      More like welcome me back but I'll take what I can get.

      Thanks! It has been a long time since I've been on Sonic Stadium so being here on a new account after a few years is kind of like a trip down memory lane.

  11. I'm referring to the literary genre, actually. In modern day contexts we often amalgamate it into what is known as “action-adventure”, so I suppose that might be more contemporarily known. I’m a writer so I tend to see things from said artistic point-of-view; narrative, characterization, theme, tone, mood, genre, subtext, etc. Sonic the Hedgehog, to me, is about high-flying adventure where the stakes are high and the consequences are higher. You could compare this to many comic books as many comic books rely on this genre as it is not only engaging to read but one of the most familiar within the entertainment medium. Indiana Jones is an adventure film based on the adventure pulp serials and novels of the early 20th Century as an immediate example.
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