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  1. Highly doubt it. There are some aspects that hint at a potential third season, but we'll see. If season three ends up happening, we won't likely hear about it for another year anyway.
  2. There were people on Tumblr - including myself - who predicted that there would be a second season and we were proven right (I did a little digging on some French sites). I wouldn't be surprised if the same can be said for a potential third season, but we'll see...
  3. It hasn't been officially confirmed but the fourth-wall break in tonight's finale got me thinking that the show could get a third season. Plus we have the French artist who "confirmed" that the show's coming back earlier this year. So, if anything, there's more evidence that points to the possibility of another season than not.
  4. Yeah, that bugged me too. Did she even have any speaking lines? Can't remember.
  5. I thought "Mister Eggman" was hilarious. If the viewer goes in with low expectations, it really enhances the their experience, in my opinion. The musical number was great.
  6. The episode is out there. Just gotta know where to look. lol
  7. It's likely that it won't get moved to Disney XD. It's highly doubtful at this point.
  8. I know it sucks that we don't have have access to the show in HD at the moment, but can we get back to "Robots From The Sky" discussion please? There's hardly anything we can do about it at this point.
  9. Haha agreed! He sounded so innocent. XD lol
  10. A may be a little bit behind on this but why is everyone putting everything underneath a "reveal hidden contents" box? The episode already came out. 0_o
  11. I checked the French TV listings and it appears that the show is on hiatus there. No new episodes have aired for the last couple of weeks.
  12. Oh my gosh, that is freaking awesome! Finally!!! How neat!
  13. With all due respect, can you please find a different topic to talk about? We understand that you want the show to move to another channel. We really do. You talk about this on Twitter too. Maybe comment about the last episode that aired? --- Anyway, I finally saw "Do Not Disturb". I really liked it; it's probably one of the funniest episodes from season two, in my opinion! The romantic music that played when the creatures looked at each other was hilarious! lol Looking forward to the first episode of the four-parter!
  14. The four-parter was awesome. They definitely will like it, agreed!
  15. Funny episode! Loved how Steve shapeshifted. His accent was hilarious too. lol
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