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  1. Aw, how touching. Ugh, thanks, I got a headache from all your bullshit.
  2. Wow, thanks. I needed this life lesson from some random guy on a forum. I sincerely hope that you don't act like this in real life, telling other people how to talk and what words to use. Because if you're as annoying as you're acting on here, I pity you. Don't tell me how to talk. If it's against the rules, then get me banned. You ever heard of the internet? You ever heard of sensitive people? Well, let me explain something to YOU that you're OBVIOUSLY too brainless to comprehend. 1. This is the internet. You're on it. Better get used to it. And 2. You're being way too over-sensitive if that simple word makes you that butthurt. ...... Retard. (let the fireworks commence) And I will be banned in 3......2.......
  3. I will respond to this as tastefully and respectfully as I can. If you don't agree with me, hopefully you will at least keep this in mind. You can't stop people from using that word, so I wouldn't bother trying to. Millions and millions of people use that word when they talk, ESPECIALLY the internet. South Park uses it as slang. If you're familiar with game grumps, JonTron said "retard" on his twitter, and someone told him not to, and he said "sorry retard", lol. That's just how it is. I sympathize with people that have disabilites as much as the next guy, but you really can't expect the entire world to stop using it as slang. You can maybe ask them not to use it, but I personally wouldn't expect that request to be successful with many. Who knows, that's just me. Is it a great word? No, but we don't live in a perfect world, and if using the word "retard" as slang is the worst thing I do, I'll probably always sleep at night. Also, if someone on here just kept writing "retard-retard-retard" all the time, that might be different but I think I had reasonable grounds for using it for what I was talking about. Saying that it's a plain old tacky word is like saying the same thing about the word "gay". Retard is an actual word, and on google it says it's a noun meaning "a mentally handicapped person (often used as a general term of abuse)". As said before, Knuckles in Sonic Boom kind of acts like Patrick Star. With all that said, I respectfully refuse. I hope you're not too mad at me, and if so, we could agree to disagree and avoid each other's posts. However, I do hope that you don't attack me every time I post the word on here, as then I will talk to a mod and find out whether it's a rule to not use it. And if there's rules against saying retard on here, I think that's ridiculous and will disable my account.
  4. That sounds like a fun game. But this is Sonic. If your game gets 50 sequels, and keeps the same mechanics, we'll see how long they stay interesting. You can talk down to me as many times as you want, that doesn't prove any points or bother me, I just keep wonder why you're doing it, although I'm starting to understand. I talked about how Sonic does nothing but run as a figure of speech. That is what Sonic as a character is known for, being fast. I am well aware of the fact that he bounces, hurts enemies, goes through different environments, and has different strengths and weaknesses. So, basically, your point is; Sonic does more than run. Ok, cool. Maybe I should have detailed the fact that Sonic does indeed do more than run. I figured that went without saying, but since you wrote a huge reply attacking the fact that I focused on the main part of these games you think you want, I should have said that he does more than run. So, here's a list of all the things you and the rest of the angry Sonic fans want in every Sonic game from now until the the end; you want - Sonic running, Sonic bouncing, different enemies, different environments, Sonic rolling into a ball and running, a few new challenges in features every new game(that's what COD does, basically make the same game but with a few new features) I'm still not sure how that list of things are enough to keep Sonic games going for a long time. Those aspects would be a lot better if they weren't the only part of the games. That's why I think games should have other playable characters and like Tails, Amy, etc. To add more variety. If they made a game where Tails had really awesome mechanics and Knuckles had really awesome mechanics, people like you would still bitch because it's not what you want. You and other so called fans. Some games can have the same basic mechanics better than others. I feel that Halo and COD are getting stale for just repeating themselves each game. GTA games are better even though they have the same basic mechanics- play as a person, complete missions, drive cars, steal cars, kill people, but they're always doing a lot of new things each game. GTA4 added a shitload of aspects that GTA3 did, like all the places you could go to, having a main character with a deep story, featuring this deep, detailed city you could explore. GTA 5 took that and added a lot mixed things up a bit- having the heists, and you can actually play as 3 main characters. No one complained about that, because it was DONE WELL. I don't see Sonic having that kind of potential if the games just stick with the same group of mechanics. You can have him fight as many different enemies as you want, or change the environments as much as you want, or the challenges. It wouldn't stay fresh. It might work now, but probably not for the next 20-50 games. You say that the level design is a big part of what makes a game good. I agree. But how many huge levels can game developers make for 10 minute levels each in multiple games? The Legend of Zelda has works even though most of them focus on Link having a mission and exploring and using the same mechanics through levels. But you actually have Link do things in one environment for more than an hour, or in games like Windwaker, he travels on the dragon boat thing and goes back and forth to the same areas in order to accomplish new tasks. Aspects like that are how those games continue to work. If Sonic just runs, bounces and fights enemies, it will take more than level design to keep the series fresh. Whoa, whoa, easy there, calm down. I was getting to the rest of your points. I just responded to that part of your quote first. I'm still relatively new to the forum, and haven't figured out how to use multiple quotes in one post, other than them getting merged automatically. Make sense?
  5. Knuckles was dumbed down in changed in other games, but they could've fixed that in the next game. Sonic Boom made him even more dumb and changed the way he looked. Harder to fix, IMO. I know you can't respond to my opinions without using insults and pretending like I'm an idiot, but I don't see what I've said that's incorrect. Other games have hurt Knuckles character, but Sonic Boom dealt a huge blow.
  6. Um, what? How does any of this make sense whatsoever? You can't argue my points very well, so you keep talking down to me and acting like you know better because...reasons. I'm having a debate on an internet forum, not sure what about that translaters to "arguing why my game is cool than others". You're using examples and imaginary scenarios that are neither relevant nor make sense. And yet, I'm the one embarrassing myself? Oh lord....
  7. I appreciate you trying to put words into my mouth and everything, but I don't remember saying that everything is Boom's fault, just that they screwed Knuckles up royally. Even if his character was getting worst in games like 06 and Ryders, they could've always redeemed that by going back to his roots in the next game and making him more laid back, serious, and intelligent like he was before. Even in Heroes and Shadow, he was moderately the same character as before. Games like 06 and Rivals, plus Sonic X, started to turn that tide and make him an idiot. But Sonic Boom delivered the crushing blow, IMO. Literally making him this big retard will be hard to fix, especially since Sonic Boom seems aimed at the next generation of fans. That is who Knuckles will be to them. I learned a lot from this video detailing the rise and fall of Knuckles.
  8. So it says Sonic on the box, therefore it shouldn't have something besides Sonic running for 4 hours each for 50 games. Ok. No, seriously, that's um, uh, *interesting* logic. So I guess since there's games like Super Mario, Mario Kart, Mario party, you should only play as Mario and only do one thing the entire game for hours. Yeah, that'll keep the company going. SEGA and Nintendo would excell with you in charge. "Make Sonic run! Make Sonic run more! In this next game, have Sonic run a lot! What, a new game? Make Sonic run in even more levels! What, why are we going bankrupt? People are bored? But how?! Sonic is running!" Also, Tails was not dull or boring. I personally had plenty of fun playing as him, racing against Sonic in the minigames, flying the tornado, and that final boss fight with Eggman was one of the best. Plus I really liked how they handled Tails' story and developed him. He learned that he could be brave on his own. Knuckles is fun. Finding the pieces of the master emerald was enjoyable in both games. You had to use hints, and use the radar to find the pieces, and there were cool maps like Pumpkin Hill, Wild Canyon, Aquatic Mine. Tragically slow? You can beat them all in 4 minutes. And boring? There was plenty of variety. I think you're just biased, because you seem to want nothing but games of Sonic running. Tell me, how exactly, could they keep that one thing fresh? Maybe you just want Sonic Team to shut down. And Amy's story mode was short, so "one or two stages" are a big chunk of the game. I thought she played fine. I enjoyed using her hammer to destroy robots, and having to constantly flee from the robot chasing her was an interesting element. You couldn't just stand around and collect rings. And Big? You're just repeating what I said. Everyone knows Big's gameplay sucks. EVERYONE. E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E. Again, he is one of 6 playable characters in a almost 20-year-old game. Let Sonic Team make a mistake for christ sake. I don't see what beating on a dead horse accomplishes, especially since I already state his gameplay was bad. And yes, E102 is awesome. I'm glad you at least understand that much. But wait, I thought you wanted these games to have endless hours of Sonic running fast. In places. That keep it interesting. Forever. Yes, shouldn't you say E102 sucks? Um, excuse me? I know this is the internet and people tend to not be respectful to each other, but if you're going to call someone else's opinion "a load of tosh" simply because you don't agree with what they say, it just makes you look immature and people aren't going to want to debate with you. And, ok, 10 minutes? What's your point? They obviously didn't want to make an entire game out of his levels. And Sonic did a lot of things besides run. Like you said, casino, ice cap. So you're talking about virtually 10% of the game being what you liked, and how you expect it to be turned into a complete game and have that one feature for now on. Uh, what? And I don't know about you, but I haven't heard of too many Wii U or Xbox One games that are 4 hours long and made people happy. Maybe a downloadable minigame would work. Wow, you are REALLY generalizing. Again, a lot of people love SA1, SA2, Sonic Battle, Sonic Heroes. Just because you don't like them doesn't mean you speak for everyone. It's not about the characters. Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Team Chaotix, etc, they're not the problem. There's a reason people want an Adventure 3 15 YEARS LATER. Because they want those aspects done write. That's the problem. Something is done incorrectly, and haters scream so much about it that SEGA never does it again. When they really just needed to do it the right way. Sonic 06, for example, had the right idea, but the execution was awful.
  9. I remembering watching this show, had the first 5 VHS tapes, think they were 4 episodes each or something. HATED the humans, DESPISED Chris. The show needed more of the game characters and less humans, especially stupid whiny asshat Chris. Still, I might watch the show again at some point and give it another try. Might even buy the new DVD sets at some point.
  10. This is interesting, hope you make more.
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