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  1. No thanks. Disney is even worse with toons. They treated their own show Wander Over Yonder like crap and even gave Gravity Falls a raw deal during Season 2. The recent SVTFE bomb is actually a nice outlier, and not even that good of one as the premires are in the wee hours of the morning. I would rather it have premires at a steady pace on Boom on Saturday nights as opposed to Disney airing maybe one or two episodes a month when they feel like it.
  2. Archie Sonic has become Schrodinger's Hedgehog, it's both alive & dead. Lord willing the delays are over and we will get some legit info on the resson for the delays in the coming months.
  3. I don't want to live in this reality anymore... anyone know where I can get a portal gun like Rick's to find a better dimension?

  4. Sonic comics Absent from Archie's May 2017 solicits not even resolicits of issues.... welp guess that's game over. R.I.P. Archie Sonic 1993-2017. (or 1992 if you want to count the Mini-Series)
  5. Why do I get the feeling you work or know someone who works for a souless corporation? Also I'm not making anything up, Marvel's comic sells have been hurting for awhile now. DC & heck even Image are doing better then them overall & justifably so. The only reason Marvel gets #1 spot on comic charts is because they purposely overship books to comic shops, most of which actually don't sell at set shops and hurt set shops "bottom line". We've been over this before, Marvel is a horrible company for various reasons and I would hate to see Archie go down the same path! Anywho, on a somewhat more on topic note, at least there are still ways to support the comic artists & writers. Hesse has his origional series DIESEL with Boom and Ian has his "Archie, but in a glitchy video game" book coming up from that small publisher whoms name I can't remember ATM. Hopefully the others will get more work on other stuff over time as well.
  6. With an actor as flat as wood playing Archie and the least jughead-esque Jughead this side of reality. Not to mention thr creepy Archie banged his teacher sub-plot. The only thing that gives the show any level of watchability is the actresses playing Betty & Veronica are halfway decent. Archie putting so much faith in Pretty Little Liars: Archie Edition will just be baf for fans of their comics in the long run, just like Marvel caring more about thier movies then books has hurt them.
  7. Nah, they obviously don't care that Sonic was basically half of thier safty net for decades along with thier digests, I am under no obligation to follow none sonic related books from a company that is constantly delaying books without giving readers an answer. And if SEGA is just as much to blame as Archie in this... well Sonic Mania & PuyoPuyo Tetris may very well be the last games I buy from them.
  8. ...... that's it.... i'm done. Archie Comics is dead to me until they get another sonic book out. I am dropping all the all-new Archie titles. Boom studios is now best comic publisher, unless they start to delay Steven Universe, then I'll just be salty at everyone.
  9. Honestly they feel more like a Mario or Kirby Concept then a Sonic one. And that's not a knock mind you, I love all three franchises, but honestly playing through Lost World I always found my self thinking "these guys would work great as bosses in a Kirby or Yoshi's Island game!" XD
  10. Another reason most anime & manga creep me out. But given Sonic was made with Western appeal officially aging Amy up shouldn't be a problem. At the very least push her up to 15 in the SEGA cannon, make her on par with Sonic. And again would love if things like Archie & Boom could cannonize her and others to 16 & 18 respectively.
  11. Boom amy could easily be 18 as could Sonic, Knuckles & Sticks. As for SEGA amy, yeah they should really push her age up abit.
  12. That's abit intense isn't it? Again Steven Universe, despite all its magical & sci-fi moments is, at its core, a show about life, life has good & bad moments, intense & simple. The beach city eps serve their purpose just as the more serious episodes do.
  13. Eh, only manga I really follow are the Nintendo stuff like Legend of Zelda & Pokemon Adventures. But best of luck in your search for new romance series though. Hope you find what you are looking for!
  14. I don't really know much about Anime & Manga, but Scott Pilgrim & Seconds by Bryan Lee O'Mally are pretty good works if you haven't already read them, not strictly romance, but those are elements in the graphic novels. There's also his new ongoing Snotgirl from Image which has been pretty decent so far.
  15.   So apparently we are finally getting some We Bare Bears Merch in the U.S.  Yay Bearstacks!


     Also looking forward to all the new Steven Universe Merch! :)


    1. Chris Knopps

      Chris Knopps

      We... What what now...?

      Steven Universe is great but the former...

      Okay then...

      I miss the 90's.

    2. Ernest-Panda


      Too bad those plushies don't look so good (imo)

      As the barman said to the horse, why the long faces?

    3. Chris Knopps

      Chris Knopps

      I think they and the show itself look pretty generic...

      It's like Japan in an American style in kind of a weird way.

      Kudos to those into it though, but I don't see the appeal. It's just Regular Show but with bears it looks like. I miss days we got stuff like Chowder and, heck, that actually wasn't THAT long ago, but shows like that do stick out more.

    4. Ernest-Panda


      "Regular Show with bears"

      ...are you sure we're watching the same bear-related show?

    5. SonicComicFanboy


      Personally I always hated Chowder myself.  CN has been doing great in the 2010's with, AT, Steven, Regular, Gumball & Bears, etc IMO.  The only real problem the network has atm id they spam TTG far too often.


       Though I agree I would be nice if they showed older shows like Dexter or the Ed's from time to time.