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  1. Always glad to give internet sociopaths something to gawk at I guess. Thanks for letting me play. Guess i'm outta quarters now though. Live Long & Prosper.
  2. I honestly forget Cream exists half the time until people mention her name or she pops up in a comic issue or a game. She was supposed to be Amy's Tails but she kind of fell by the wayside.
  3. No one is dismissing or insulting Japan's culture. Only pointing out problems with its animation & comics. Which as you yourself said are not the whole of its culture. And yes you can be prejudice against asian individuals and that is bad. But pointing out "sexist weeb" stuff as you put it is by no means bad.
  4. I prefer humans be used extremly sparingly. Outside of Eggman I don't feel the need for more humans unless absolutly nesseccary to the story.
  5. You wanna talk about racism lets talk about all the actual racism going on in America right now against men & women of color, hispanics, middle easterners, etc. Not your manurfactured "racism" against an extremly sexist genre of animation and comics that constantly objectifies females and ovsrsexualizes underage girls to the point its flat out creepy & pedophilic. And i'm sorry no cultural differences don't justify those things! And the "not all anime" like the "not all men" argument doesn't work because no one is saying all anime, but enough where its a notable problem. Heck even some of the ones supppsedly aimed at girls/women can be sexist/rapey at times.
  6. It always amazes me how salty some people get online just because they find out theres people that don't worship anime like they do. And yes we know certain chars like Hello Kitty & Mickey Mouse are popular in Japan, and kids shows use animal chars, but the overall point was they aren't quite as big there as say the US/UK/Europe. Anywho back to the topic of the comic I hope we get a Writer/Artist announced soon.
  7. The more Sonic Boom I watch the more I realize why its on Boomerang. The humor is too witty for CN's hyperactive kids demo but its not vulgar enough for the stoner demo of Adult Swim. Its in a weird place where it isn't a steryotypical kids or adult show but a wonderfully quarky place between the two! Also thats not a knock on CN/AS. Just an observation.
  8. Countless shows, movies, comics and cartoons have shadow like rival characters. We've seen it in superhero comics, scifi, fantasy, westerns, etc. And whoever added that pointless tidbit to Blaze's bio needs to stop watching ecchi before work. But yes people take inspiration from everywhere. Sonic is a mix of popular western & eastren tropes that much is true. But overall its been more or less an international franchise from the start. With the American & British toons & comics giving the character world/story/depth etc far before the modern era of Sonic came along via the Dreamcast games.
  9. Shadow' sthick is nothing unique to anime & manga. And where was it said Blaze cared about her bust? And yes Sonic borrows from Dragon Ball Z just like it does western toons. But hey DBZ borrowed from Superman. At the end of the day everything just circles around like a mobius strip. There are really no country exclusive tropes, just ones certain mediums use more then others.
  10. Other then the Freedom Fighters I hope to see Blaze, Silver, Nack, Mighty & Ray, The Babylon Rouges and Bean & Bark show up in the book eventually. Also would be nice if Breezie, Honey & the 6S could make apperances. As for new, maybe the comic could come up with some new villians.
  11. Your mistaking sterotypical tropes used in fiction all over the world for something exclusivly Japanese. I will give you the Tournament Arc thing though as that is indeed very shonen . XD
  12. I'm sorry but I can't help but laugh at this. Sonic was created primarily with a western audiance in mind. He was literally made to remind western audiances of characters like Bugs Bunny & Mickey Mouse as part of his gimmick to compete with Mario & Nintendo. Saying he needs to be more Japanese is just silly. He has never been big as Mario, Megaman, etc, in Japan and never will be. Best they stay with the US/EU audiance that is more open to the character.
  13. Izuka's New Rules 1. Sonic can Never Cry 2. The Freedom Fighters can only stay in the comic if they are Sonic's maids & butlers 3. Tails must wear a yellow cape & green speedo 4. Infinite is in every issue 5. Sonic is now basically Batman
  14. The only question now is... are they plotting for good or evil!?
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