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  1. Actually Worlds Unite 3 already got pushed back to April according to the publisher I believe. Have to double check, but I think I posted a link some pages back. Edit: The page has been removed completely, so either the book has been canceled or they don't have a solid release date for it yet...... *curses internally* as for Overdrive, given that it is the last in a series that was meant to be quarterly anyway I could see it at the very least coming out this month, but we won't know for sure till the 29th. But yea, sad to think that Archie is most likely going to continue to give Sonic and a good chunk of its comics and their readers the middle finger till Summer.
  2. Care to elaborate on that abit? To clarify on a comic book end I was mearly stating how it is bad business for a comic book company to give a middle finger to the fans of its comics, Archie wanting to put so much towards Riverdale while constantly delaying books, not only for Sonic, but for All-New Archie, Dark Circle, etc as well is NOT A good idea by any means. The show may be an average success, and I understand Archie wanting to expand the name recognition of its brand, but it is not in a posistion where it can trade focus of one form of media for another. Marvel has a huge safty net being part of the house of mouse, Archie being a small independent publisher does not have nearly as secure of one. If Riverdale is a failure in the long run, that will hurt them and on top of that constantly delaying books in all your lines and changing ongoing series to mini-series without an explanation is a good way to loose readers. Why stick with Archie when you could buy a book from Boom, DC, IDW Marvel, etc that is more likely to come out on time!? Archie is putting itself in a bad posistion. Unless Riverdale explodes in popularity over thr next year they are going to be in for a really rough time. Also lets not forget they had to borrow money to get their All-New Archie books ,and possibly Riverdale if they used any of it for that, off the ground. Archie is not in good enough a spot to be doing what they are planning to do, and in the long run it will hurt them, they don't have the same quality safty net a bigger publisher like DC or Marvel has, but they don't seem to realize or care about that, they are to blinded by the fact they have a show on prime time television.
  3. Eh, quality of a work is always subjective, the only facts involved would be the title, runtime, people involved, etc. But yea I won't say the show is off to a good or bad start, it is just off to an average one, which still makes Archie throwing all thier eggs in one basket on it just as ridiculous. Until it becomes a MCU level success they are not justified in giving the middle finger to the fans of their comics.
  4. A good or bad score on RT does not factually represent quality or lack there of. And as others have said, CW isn't as much a stickler for ratings as other networks are, staying in the 1 million range or close is just fine for them. The show may not be failing by their standerds, but had it been on ABC, NBC or CBS it would definitely wouldn't have been renewed for a second season. It isn't really a success or a failure, just doing good enough for a network with lax standards to let it continue on. Not knocking on the CW mind you, its a fine channel, just saying it's not as critical of new shows as its competition.
  5. Another interesting thing i noticed is that the Reggie & Me book which was supposed to be an ongoing has been reduced to a 5 issue mini-series. Yep, as much as I hate to say it, Archie is following in Marvel's "screw the comic fans were in thr big leagues now" mindset. The difference of course being is that Marvel's movies made them enough $$$ for them to be that cocky and I doubt Riverdale has done the same for Archie, even with Passable ratings, the publisher is definitely counting thier chickens before they hatch with this and I feel it will come back to bite then in the long-run.
  6. Turns out Tiger Philanthropist isn't the last new episode afterall! A Room for Ruby airs this Friday! Looks like Steven & co will finally be saving the Rubies from the void of space.
  7. Love my Switch. Zelda is solid so far, though climbing mountains can be kind of annoying. Super Bomberman R is simple yet enjoyable, and Snipperclips is adorable! The system interface is also pretty good and the loadtimes are super fast! My only complaint is that the kickstand is kind of weak/flimsy.
  8. Sonic Rush is still one of my favorite sonic games of all time! And Rush Adventure while abit tedious is still enjoyable to me overall as well.
  9. Nick is finally doing wide-releases for seasons 1 & 2 of Rugrats, they will be out this May. Anywho back on topic... I wonder if CN/AS will consider releasing Samurai Jack on Blu-ray if the Season 5 mini-series does well? Also really hoping we can see more obscure CN shows like Mike, Lou & Og and Time Squad on DVD someday.
  10.  Star, Steven & Gumball may be winding down again, but at least March will give us NEW Episodes of Milo Murphy's Law, and Hopefully Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs will at least be decent. :P

    1. KHCast


      Why is it still called Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs if the show has NOTHING to do with food now? Why not call it Cloudy with a Chance of Flint?

  11. Warner Archives is releasing Season 1 of Static Shock! Finally fans can collect the adventures of Dakota's #1 Superhero in all their early 00's Glory!! Hopefully this does well and we can get all 4 seasons out on DVD eventually!
  12. From the preview & leaked pics it looks like (unsurprisingly) Tiger Philanthropist will be an Amethyst & Steven episode. Makes sense and i'm good with that O guess. Sad this will probably be the last episode we will get till they do one final bomb for the season 4 finale late this summer.