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  1. banjo-kazooie came right out of the blue. i was expecting the dragon quest hero to be today's character reveal, but we got two of 'em instead! a welcome surprise indeed.
  2. it's really cool that they're listening to fan feedback. 'we hate this design!' okay, we'll change it. 'well, now we're worried about the animators and VFX artists! redesigning sonic will cause so much crunch time!' okay, we'll push the movie back a few months. i like that. more companies should listen to pre-release criticism.
  3. i think pixel art is rather overdone. i'm tired of seeing it. i don't hate pixel art per se (heck, my favorite indie game is a pixel art game), i'd just like to see more art styles for 2D indie games. i get it's easier for small indie devs to pull pixel art off, but i'd love to see an equal amount of indie games looking like this: and ones looking like this: (i know these aren't indie games, just using them examples of these specific styles)
  4. here's a transcript of the first cutscene: amy: hi, sonic! omochao and big and i are having a picnic. want to join us? sonic: sure! knuckles and tails and i got these weird invitations to the beach for some kind of race, but i'm always down for a chili dog! amy: a race. hmm. we didn't get any invitations. dodon pa: hohohoho. hello, blue hedgehog. i am dodon pa. i'm glad to see you accepted the offer of my invitation. are you ready to prove you're the fastest? tails: 'fastest' is sonic's middle name! but what's this race all about? your invitation was skinny on details. dodon pa: oh, details are unimportant, especially to those of limited intellectual capacities. all you need to know is that you'll be racing as teams in the most advanced cars my super-science can create, testing your limits on my punishing track. amy: that's pretty vague. and ignoring all this 'limited intellectual capacities' crack, all this 'super-science' and 'punishing track' talk sounds suspiciously eggman-esque. (knuckles says something, but is cut off before any text can be seen)
  5. sonic looks bad, like, REALLY bad, but the movie itself looks... fine? outside of the sonic design somehow managing to look even worse here, this trailer didn't really offend me at all. that little bit at the end where sonic's in the bag was honestly kind of funny, and eggman's design at the very end looked cool.
  6. it seems like they did about as good of a job porting this to switch as they did for n. sane trilogy, which is known to be a pretty good switch port. i'd really like to see footage of that version, since that's the one i'm planning on getting.
  7. this reminds me of the time someone made a topic about amy's breasts.
  8. i can't wait for this to get released. not because i'm looking forward to it, but because i just want to get it over with. i hope that one day, i'll see a teaser, or a full trailer for a video game movie and walk away from it thinking 'hey, this looks pretty good!'
  9. you know, i wish they would just make a mario & sonic platformer already, but the M&S olympics games usually have some pretty good fanservice and remixes. i've played the winter olympics game on the wii, and it was a pretty fun party game. i'm not really hyped per se, but i might check this out in the near future if it gets a price drop. sidenote: graphics look pretty nice. is this using hedgehog engine 2?
  10. the eyes and gloves in this edit alone make it look LEAGUES better than the actual design. in fact, if the edited version was the actual design, i'd actually be kind of okay with it.
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