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  1. finished mario & luigi: superstar saga + bowser's minions.

    don't like it as much as dream team but it was still pretty good.

    games finished in 2020: 9 (7 new, 2 replays)

    1. Kuzu


      It's so weird to seen like DT over SS.

  2. PicsArt_05-31-04_56_04.thumb.jpg.4e21a57c078ca5da073c25b8f8c9adb4.jpg

    basically what happened today

  3. PR true arena complete.

    well that was a stressful hour of my life but 100% complete yahooooooo

  4. there will not be a sonic adventure remake. i will die on this hill

    1. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      I won't say never but whether one happens or not, I will still maintain that there is no sufficient evidence that one is coming and that a lot of what people have been pointing out as clues or hints have been rather silly. 

    2. Strickerx5


      I'll put it this way.

      I 100% believe it's more likely to happen than ST making an even ok original game.


      now one would say that isn't a fair comparison to make but that's literally the situation we're in so idc


    3. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Which hill, Sand Hill?

    4. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      No, Green Hill.

      Green Hill's just looking a little more like Sand Hill right now.

    5. KHCast


      There’ll be a SA Remake and Sega will somehow put in Green Hill, Chemical Plant, and Seaside Hill and have them replace some stages from OG Adventure 1

    6. JosepHenry


      Honestly it is just weird to me how "bigger youtubers"  (johnny, gameXplain) are all SO confident about a SA1 Remake.... Is it all because of Crash and Spyro?

    7. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      correct, they're gonna go right to sa3

    8. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      @JosepHenry I made a post a long time ago pointing out how weird that was too. No one else seemed to agree but my opinion on that still hasn't changed. There was literally a point a year or two ago when Johnny actually said an SA Remake was "all but confirmed". 

      I was like... what? Bro? I know you're smarter than that. Even if you think one's coming there's literally no evidence to support this. What's "all but confirmed" mean to you?

      I wouldn't be against an SA Remake but it just feels like there's a lot of people jumping the gun.

    9. KHCast


      I thought all he said was he felt it was time for them to go back to doing a sonic adventure game again, and brought up a possible remake for a way to do it 

    10. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      @KHCast Nope. He's talked about it a couple of times. On Brainscratch and on streams and stuff too. I was floored when the words "All but confirmed" came out of his mouth. I definitely did not dream that. 

    11. JosepHenry


      Oh yeah, he said that in his Colors LP on BSC, sorry but I just roll my eyes lol

    12. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      It might have been SGB actually. That was more recent. But yeah. It was very weird. 

    13. JosepHenry


      Shoot, SGB, yeah lol

      Like I will eat my foot if Adventure Remake happens...

      even so i want a new game over it anyways.

  5. finished sonic lost world 3DS.

    overall, i had an alright time with it. the levels i liked, i really liked, and the levels i disliked, i really disliked. i did like more levels than i disliked, though, so there. it's an odd one, but hey, i got my $10 worth. looking forward to playing the wii u version sometime down the line.

    games finished in 2020: 8 (6 new, 2 replays)

    1. JosepHenry


      I'm glad you ended up enjoying it!

  6. Screenshot_20200525-103622_YouTube.jpg.592eb94ddaed61528c353326aed842ca.jpg

    speedrunning is an art form

  7. thoughts on lost world 3DS, after completing windy hill:

    i am having a pretty decent time with it so far

    i like doing cool things with parkour

    it really reminds me of unwiished

    i will definitely be going through the rest of the game

    1. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      Good luck.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The opinion that Windy Hill tutorial and act 1 are the only good part of the game isn't uncommon. :< (although you've  made it through the 2D and underground acts by this point)

      Get ready for finnicky platforming, pushing balls and dozens of "defeat all the enemies to continue" rooms in the subsequent levels. 

    3. mayday2592


      It feels like a completely different team made the game after the first world, the level design goes from awkward and clunky to straight up trash towards the end.

  8. so, when deciding to get a game from the 3DS sonic sale, most of my friends outside of SSMB told me to get lost world because i never played any version of it.

    so, uh, lost world it is i guess? i was hoping to play the wii u version first but i was gonna play both for the retrospective i'm doing anyway so eh.

    hopefully i can agree with josep's love for this game.

    ...when it finishes downloading - hopefully this decade.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      If they recommended Lost World 3DS to you... I don't think they're your friends. Sorry bro.

    2. blueblur98


      i don't really like jokes like that.

      i mean, more power to you if you find them funny, i'm not one to judge something as wildy subjective as humor, but saying stuff like that kinda makes me feel like my friends were being mean to me even though i know that's not the case.

      no hard feelings, though! like i said, humor is very subjective. what might make one person groan would make someone else laugh, so i'm not mad at you in the slightest!

    3. KHCast


      If only I had my 3DS still. I’d have definitely picked up Gens 3DS for 10 bucks 

    4. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Usually when someone says a game is bad that just makes it even more worth experiencing to me; what's the point of playing a bog standard game that does nothing to offend but nothing to engage either

      Either way hope you get your money's worth out of it lol, it's on sale but 10 bucks is still 10 bucks

    5. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It's my way of saying "Lost World 3DS is really bad, I dislike it vehemently and don't agree with any of the positive opinions people might have on it". Your friends absolutely were not being mean to you by recommending a game that they like and think that you might like too, especially when they say something like "well you've not played any version of that title you're interested in, so you should give it a go". I like humour where jabs are taken. It's a jab at the game, and not a jab at not you or your friends on any level. 

      I'll bear in mind what you said, of course.

    6. blueblur98


      i already knew. you're good.

    7. JosepHenry


      Yes! I seriously hope you can enjoy it! It takes a bit to get used to but once you get a hang of it, you could have a blast. You can go from 10 minutes on a  single stage to 1:30 minutes with skill.

      (I can't believe you went for it, hope is worth your time!)

    8. Strickerx5


      I mean, the first two zones are probably LW’s best (in general).

      Though the rest of the game... yeesh, hoping you have a better time with it than I did.

    9. JosepHenry


      Actually, it was the advice of the zones becoming way worse that made me prepared for it on the first time. Once i did it them, it wasn't as bad as I thought! Go figure.

      Remember though, stages are very long, not your typical arcade-y sonic levels.

  9. so, i'm considering getting a game from the sonic 3DS sale. there are three games i'm considering:

    sonic generations (need to play for retrospective)

    sonic lost world (haven't played any version of, therefore completely new)

    sonic boom: fire & ice (heard it was pretty good)

    which one should i get?

    1. Blacklightning


      Honestly? Go for Boom.

      I can't speak for Gens but Lost World 3DS is atrocious.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Yeah, actually I'm going to echo Blacklightning here. F&I isn't that good, but it's honestly alright, Really easy and can be 100%'d in a couple of days with minimal effort, so don't expect it to keep you engaged for very long. It's just... yeah, it's fine. 

      In a world where '06 and RoL didn't exist, SLW 3DS would be an easy contender for worst Sonic game ever. It gets overlooked because its a handheld counterpart to an already poor console game. I could show you some videos of the worst levels it has to offer, but they only tell half the story when you're not the one behind the controller. The game controls so horribly. The levels are a special kind of game. The game is missing half of the cutscenes from the already lackluster Wii U/PC version. The Special Stages are so uncomfortable it's probably intentional because Dimps wanted to stop being roped into making Sonic games or something... Just avoid this train wreck.

      And Generations 3DS is just weak. Classic Sonic is more accurate that the console version, but he's still off to control in a way that's difficult to put your finger on. The classic versions of Green Hill, Casino Night and Mushroom Hill are lazily copies of the originals, whilst the later levels aren't Classic at all and just play like Modern without the boost. Check out Classic Radical Highway. Best way to describe them is Sonic 4. And even Moden Sonic plays more like S4 that Rush. Not a horrible game, but a generally poor one that isn't worth your time. Download the soundtrack and listen to that instead.

    3. JosepHenry


      Get Lw3ds, you might enjoy it.

      Is the prime example why opinions don't matter, I avoided this game since launch, then i played it last year, finished it, and liked it a lot despite some bullshit levels. Then i replayed again and liked the game even more. Speedrunning this game can be really fun. S ranks are easy to get actually. And also special stages arent that bad aside from the last one, you just need to stand up. Super Sonic is the best, he breaks levels in half. And also the parkour in this game is so fun to master. It can get you to places you would think it's impossible to go in, and skip entire "kill enemies sections " by going over a wall. And if you even feel stuck on a bullshit level, you can use the helpers you get from Tails' Lab. So you are not gonna get stuck in a level forever.

      Yeah, imo this game is really fun. I kinda love it honestly, bullshit moments aside.

      Gens 3ds is meh. Dont buy it.

      And Boom Fire and Ice is a game you play once and never think about again.

      Now, if you wanna trust me to buy lw3ds is an entire different question. All I will say is that I myself, love LW3DS. The choice is yours bud.

  10. they always ask what i'm made of but never how i'm made of

  11. redownloading all of my eshop purchases reminded me that i bought PAC-MAN and the ghostly adventures on 3DS like five years ago

    i genuinely forgot i even had that game until today

    1. Ferno


      I still remember how ambitious they seemed to be with that reboot/ sub series. I think some of the early episodes were even made with the option for stereoscopic 3D back when 3D TV was totally gonna be the next big thing like HD TV was. Really felt like Pac-Man's Sonic boom in terms of how misguided yet all-in they went with the whole thing

    2. Original Character

      Original Character

      Your avatar is too cute where'd you get it?

    3. blueblur98
  12. i upgraded the storage on my 2DS today - from a 4 GB SD card to a 32 GB microSD card.

    i had about 200,000 free blocks when everything was transferred over. i am currently redownloading any games i had to delete to make space for other downloads.

    i'm not gonna worry about free space for a long time.

  13. so i might be able to get a switch this year... without entering every single solitary switch giveaway?? like, i could get one by just... buying one after it goes back to normal retail price.

    granted, i said that in 2018... and 2019... but hey third time's the charm right maybe hopefully please

  14. Screenshot_20200520-082155_Chrome.jpg.0e6d58da34d414628e1e7ef8b9321fab.jpg

    that does NOT look very recent, news sidebar

    1. Chili Dawg
    2. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile


    3. Kuzu



  15. i found someone selling a switch for $90 on ebay earlier.

    it's probably too good to be true, though...

  16. i'm getting so desperate to get a switch at this point that i'm starting to enter any legit looking giveaways that i can

    i think i've gone insane

    1. neezTHEhuman


      Rumours are that there's a dual screen model on its way.

  17. okay so sonical light works, it's just sonical dark that's borked.

    this is the most niche website glitch ever.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      It's happened in the past - there was a bug which broke the site unless you went on the Dundee theme.

    2. Dreadknux


      Vector is our saviour

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      What a hero he is, he saved the board and he didn't even ask for a payment, godspeed Vector

  18. is the site broken for anyone else?

    1. blueblur98


      talking about a new mario game on a sonic forum caused a cosmic imbalance didn't it

    2. Marcello


      Yes. 😧

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      It's the Sonical 2020 Dark theme, it fixed itself when I changed it back to the default theme.

  19. short clip of battle footage in paper mario: the origami king.

    looks like they went for a complete rework. enemies are lined up in a 360° arena, and the player must rotate them to chain action commands. doesn't look like the limited supply battle mechanic is here.

    at least that's what i think is happening here.

    1. Diogenes


      i like what i'm seeing. the whole "positional" aspect was my favorite mechanical part of paper mario and this is a neat twist to it. fingers crossed that they explore the concept well.

    2. DanJ86



      Well, it didn't look like you were forced to attack by using junk you have to collect.

  20. new paper mario game literally out of nowhere!

    1. DanJ86


      Just saw it. No combat footage. Hope it's not like Stickers and Paint Splash.

    2. blueblur98


      official website makes mention of a "new ring-based battle system that requires both puzzle-solving skills and quick wit", whatever that means

  21. my copy of superstar saga FINALLY came in today

  22. that unreal engine 5 demo sorta confirms what i thought this gen would be; a graphical jump that, while still very noticeable, isn't as big as from PS3 to PS4, and moreso focused on running all this photorealistic high-poly stuff really fast and really efficiently.

    that's what it looked like to me, at least. maybe this time around we won't have to copy every physical game to the hard drive for no reason.

    1. Strickerx5


      Oh no, that's still going to very much be a thing. Probably more so now with both companies pushing their SSDs.

    2. Bobnik


      There's gonna be copying, otherwise the games just wouldn't run properly. Blurays are just very slow compared to even a slow-ish HDDs. I'd also argue that the games might become either somewhat smaller or the big size would actually be converted into actual game content. The main reasons why some games are 100+ gigs are mainly because they have file duplicates that allow less seek time for HDDs (otherwise games would be loading for 4 minutes instead of 1)

      As for graphical fidelity, I'd say the jump from PS3 to PS4 was fairly gradual - games didn't look a lot better at the start of this gen and only by mid-to-end we started getting really great looking games, and I kinda expect a similar thing here.

    3. Tornado


      Both consoles having SSDs as standard (and seemingly PCI-E Gen 4 spec ones at that) is huge. There will be a huge change in how games are designed when developers don't have to dick around with elaborate file schemes and compression formats to load things quickly.

  23. i watched the sonic movie with my family today.

    i like the it.

  24. 20200510-214128.jpg

    my sister gave me this plush as a late birthday gift today

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