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  1. so, i'm considering getting a game from the sonic 3DS sale. there are three games i'm considering:

    sonic generations (need to play for retrospective)

    sonic lost world (haven't played any version of, therefore completely new)

    sonic boom: fire & ice (heard it was pretty good)

    which one should i get?

    1. Blacklightning


      Honestly? Go for Boom.

      I can't speak for Gens but Lost World 3DS is atrocious.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Yeah, actually I'm going to echo Blacklightning here. F&I isn't that good, but it's honestly alright, Really easy and can be 100%'d in a couple of days with minimal effort, so don't expect it to keep you engaged for very long. It's just... yeah, it's fine. 

      In a world where '06 and RoL didn't exist, SLW 3DS would be an easy contender for worst Sonic game ever. It gets overlooked because its a handheld counterpart to an already poor console game. I could show you some videos of the worst levels it has to offer, but they only tell half the story when you're not the one behind the controller. The game controls so horribly. The levels are a special kind of game. The game is missing half of the cutscenes from the already lackluster Wii U/PC version. The Special Stages are so uncomfortable it's probably intentional because Dimps wanted to stop being roped into making Sonic games or something... Just avoid this train wreck.

      And Generations 3DS is just weak. Classic Sonic is more accurate that the console version, but he's still off to control in a way that's difficult to put your finger on. The classic versions of Green Hill, Casino Night and Mushroom Hill are lazily copies of the originals, whilst the later levels aren't Classic at all and just play like Modern without the boost. Check out Classic Radical Highway. Best way to describe them is Sonic 4. And even Moden Sonic plays more like S4 that Rush. Not a horrible game, but a generally poor one that isn't worth your time. Download the soundtrack and listen to that instead.

    3. JosepHenry


      Get Lw3ds, you might enjoy it.

      Is the prime example why opinions don't matter, I avoided this game since launch, then i played it last year, finished it, and liked it a lot despite some bullshit levels. Then i replayed again and liked the game even more. Speedrunning this game can be really fun. S ranks are easy to get actually. And also special stages arent that bad aside from the last one, you just need to stand up. Super Sonic is the best, he breaks levels in half. And also the parkour in this game is so fun to master. It can get you to places you would think it's impossible to go in, and skip entire "kill enemies sections " by going over a wall. And if you even feel stuck on a bullshit level, you can use the helpers you get from Tails' Lab. So you are not gonna get stuck in a level forever.

      Yeah, imo this game is really fun. I kinda love it honestly, bullshit moments aside.

      Gens 3ds is meh. Dont buy it.

      And Boom Fire and Ice is a game you play once and never think about again.

      Now, if you wanna trust me to buy lw3ds is an entire different question. All I will say is that I myself, love LW3DS. The choice is yours bud.

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