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  1. Okay, that's absolutely a tease of some kind.

    Maybe it's a completely original multiplayer title, a Bash remake/follow up, or even a wholly original sequel to Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled?

    After all, the rumored MP game has just been referred to as "PvP Crash Bandicoot game" which is a rather broad descriptor. All of those are technically PvP in one way or another.

    Personally I think it's most likely to be a completely new spinoff. The image discovered in Rude Awakening has blue and orange stripe imagery that evokes thoughts of teams, possibly hinting towards a team-based multiplayer game. Plus, that would make for a pattern of sorts for console Crash games; Platformer remake > spinoff remake > brand-new platformer > brand-new spinoff.

  2. happy birthday, SSMB! you don't look a day over 10!

    i've been on this board for nearly four years, and i have made quite a few aquaintances here that i really like interacting with.

    you guys post things make me laugh more often than i'd like to admit, and there has been some very interesting conversations and topics around here.

    happy 20th, SSMB! here's to 20 more.

  3. sonic generations is rather short and has an incredibly barebones narrative

    sonic 3 & knuckles... has marble garden i guess?

    sonic unleashed has a downright awful progression structure

    sonic and all-stars racing transformed's single-player modes' difficulty is so high it genuinely becomes overwhelming at points

    sonic riders has a very, very steep learning curve, so i can't play it with friends or family at all

  4. this year's event was very fun to participate in! i liked how the normal stream and celebration videos were fused into one. it was fun chatting with everyone, and vibing to music, and i quite liked the inclusion of the SEGA general category.

    although with that category, the songs should be limited to just a few per franchise. this year, the SEGA general section was overtaken by mostly persona songs that i contributed to by requesting a persona song but shhhh so implementing a rule like that would be a good way to keep the SEGA general section varied.

    this event was probably my favorite. loved chatting, listening and making the wallpaper for this year's event. musical spectaculars are always something i look forward to each year, and this one did not disappoint. thank you to the motobug staff and everyone who joined in for making this year's event great!

    here's to another great musical spectacular!


  5. well, since the topic's open again, might as well put this here, too:


    this is my annual wallpaper for this event! the idea here was to have characters from every series that got a music request in a dance party setting. really like how this one turned out.

  6. i am also using that legacy dashboard theme.

    i had some money left over after subscribing to PS plus a few months back so i bought it out of nostalgia and i do not see myself using any other theme ever. it's just so good man

    before that i was using the rectangle theme because it was free and i spent a while just vibing to the theme's background music on youtube a while back.

    on my PS3, i have a persona 5 theme. it's one of the few official themes i have on that thing - most of the themes on my PS3 are fanmade.

  7. a new SA1 remake rumor? just a normal saturday in the sonic fanbase.

    i expect the following:

    new updates for mobile titles like sonic dash or sonic forces: speed battle

    new merchandise of some sort

    judging by the panel's april premiere, a home media release date for the movie

    here's a few more farfetched things - these could still happen but they're not as likely as the above:

    new animated mini-series

    new mainline info, be it a full reveal or simply a cryptic teaser

  8. 5 minutes ago, Big Panda said:

    I’m just noticing that the render used on a bunch of the official merch still has Sonic wear his old pre-redesign shoes


    So, what, was there a period toward the end of the new design’s life where they were going to keep the shoes?

    sonic's redesign shoes are slightly edited versions of pre-existing puma shoes, so the merchandisers likely didn't get the rights for the puma shoes.

  9. mildly upset that i'll have to be spoiler dodging for a while, but i have done it before.

    the general reactions from most who attended this early screening seem very positive. that's good!

    gotta hand it to 'em, they have really sold me on this movie. i went from dreading its release to getting genuinely excited for it. definitely gonna watch it when it comes out on netflix or home media.

    the super smash bros. cinematic universe is all coming together...

  10. Just now, XTREEMMAK said:

    Hey all,

    It's a pleasure to be with familiar company! I'm Jamaal and it's a pleasure to meet you :D

    Just a little about me I guess:
    -Long time Sonic the Hedgehog fan. Sonic is basically the majority of my childhood; since I was 7. 
    -Anime Lover
    -Creator, producer, and musician (have a Sonic related production up online, and a new one on the way)
    -I have two doggos (lol)

    I hope to chat with you all soon and I hope everyone is as hyped for the Sonic Movie as I am!  If you want to know a little more about me (which, thanks BTW ^_^), just check my website. Lots of stuff there.

    Douzo yoroshiku!

    welcome jamaal! i hope you have a good time here!


  11. 40 minutes ago, Harkofthewaa said:

    I have a couple. First of all, THIS: 

    There was nothing worse than trying to play a game only to be greeted by a blaring jump scare from the console itself, and to add insult to injury if you want to play the game you have to chance it again.

    i didn't treat my PS2 discs very well when i was little, so i saw this screen an immeasurable amount of times.

    if you trigger this screen with a scratched disc, you've screwed it up so bad that the console no longer recognizes the disc as a PS2 or PS1 game.

    the playstation 1 has it beat, though. if you insert a particularly screwed up or incompatible disc, it will attempt to read it but can't, resulting in the BIOS getting severely screwed up and an error dubbed "fearful harmony" by fans. the normal PS1 startup plays incorrectly. all of the sounds of the startup minus the chimes are layered on top of each other very loudly, and then the chimes play super slow a few seconds later.

    it sounds like this:



  12. i won't be celebrating until january, possibly later, but might as well post what i want to get here.

    as usual, i hope to get a nintendo switch with the usual games i ask for along with it (SSBU, SMM2, CTR)

    this month, i solidified the 2DS i bought in november as my main system, so i'll be asking for some of the games i missed like kirby: planet robobot and superstar saga DX.

    and some new clothing to refresh my wardrobe for the upcoming year.

    outside of that, i don't ask for much else. i like being surprised with what i recieve.

    i'm also giving a few gifts to friends and family this year. i ordered a funko pop figure that i'm waiting to have delivered, which i plan to give to my sister in january. among a few others.

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