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  1. that's not it,they sold it off to some advertiser because if you go to sonicstyle.com nowadays it redirects you to sites like amazon and realtor.com. i remember the site had official SEGA flash games. (SRA flash,chaos crush,SHTH flash,etc.) i remember a slide puzzle with sonic advance 2 and sonic mega collection artwork that i never got to complete. i wish that we could restore the site,it's very cool and very nostalgic. we should at least make an article on sonic retro about it.

  2. the season pass is $20. NOT the individual packs,the season pass. you get chests and clothing as a bonus,and you get the upcoming DLC packs for no extra cost. you're not paying $20 for one dungeon and a hard mode,you're paying for guaranteed day one access to both DLC packs. this doesn't mean nintendo is going to be a microsoft clone because they released DLC,this doesn't mean the hypothetical next nintendo console will need the kinect to browse menus and have the kinect require an internet connection and lock all internet features behind an $80 paywall. the individual packs will be cheaper. people clearly don't know what a season pass is.

  3. 6 hours ago, TomatoGhost said:

    Aw yeah! This is happening! ...that sounded better in my head...

    Hi, I'm TomatoGhost or just simply Tom and while I've had an account for a few months (since after SoS2016) I've only recently started actually making posts here. As for what I can contribute...err...Sonic Unleashed is my favourite Sonic game and I sometimes make Sonic related videos on my Youtube channel. I mean, I make videos but not always Sonic. My hope really is just to get back in the community after years of questioning if I was a Sonic fan anymore. 2016 kind of rekindled my love for the series. 

    This is my attempt at being relevant. Savour it. 

    welcome back,i guess.

  4. W

    2 hours ago, Her0 said:

    HI, IT'S ME, GOKU- oh wait...

    Hey everybody, Hero The Hedgehog here...well, I guess it's Her0 now (o=0, such leet, much clever, lol). You've probably seen me commenting under articles for years now as "Hero", but today I decided to actually "move-in" so to speak, as opposed to just being a reoccurring visitor. My hope is that joining the MB here will give me more opportunities for more levelheaded intellectual conversations with all of you, as well as a better chance to geek out on stuff. Hope to have a great time with all of you!


    2 hours ago, BleekKitten said:

    Umm, hello. I'm usually a lurker but I was thinking about trying out forums again. I never participated in this particular one before (despite hearing about it) but I wanted to formally introduce myself.

    hello and welcome to SSMB! hope you enjoy your stay!


  5. 3 hours ago, redhotsonic said:

    Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.


    I should have joined this forum years ago but I never got round to it.  My name is redhotsonic and I have been in the Sonic Hacking Community since 2003.  I am Staff over at SSRG and a Tech Member over at Sonic Retro.  I have created hacks such as Sonic Bash! v2 and Sonic 2 Recreation.


    Recently, I have been doing a lot of videos on my YouTube channel, ranging from game plays of Sonic hacks, to Sonic fan games and official Sonic games.  Although there is the odd video of a retro game! And I do live stream at times too! Feel free to explore.


    As for my username: in 2003, I started hacking Sonic 2.  My very first achievement was to change some palettes.  My favourite colour is red so I changed Sonic's blue to red.  And I stuck with it really.  Red Sonic didn't suit, but hot is usually associated with red, so... redhotsonic was born.  I didn't see anything in the rules about no fan-characters, but it can be changed to RHS if needed (I've been using it on SSRG and Sonic Retro for years and that's how most people know me).


    I normally lurk around forums these days but I do make posts every now and then when it's needed.  Anyway, enough about me, catch you around!

    welcome to SSMB! take a seat and make yourself at home!

  6. On 2/1/2017 at 9:22 AM, Âmesang said:

    I don't think I've been to a Sonic-themed forum since the days of Gamers.com Lithium boards (what was that, like, late 90's/early 00's?).

    …it also reminds me that I've yet to finish Sonic Advance 3 (I was so intent on finding the Chaos Emeralds myself instead of using a strategy guide as I had done with 1 and 2).

    EDIT: Ah, man… if I had signed up just a little bit sooner my user ID would have been a palindrome!

    (Also is it bad to wonder why the Shadow theme isn't black? =Þ)

    hello! welcome to a place where people worship a fast rodent. enjoy your stay!

  7. here's some obscure commercials.


    here's the US commercial for mcdonalds' 2004 sonic happy meal toy set. NOT the horrible pakistan one. the CGI is way better in this one,about as good as heroes' cutscenes. there's also voice samples from ryan drummond specifically for this commercial too! ("i think you need one of these!" and "i'm lovin' it!")

    here's a commercial called "sonic magic" that advertises the genesis/ mega drive model 2. i bet you haven't even heard the two words "sonic" and "magic" in the same sentence until now.


    and finally,here's a sonic commercial for a product called "dairy food." amazing name,i know.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Indigo Rush said:


    Good to know I didn't hallucinate Sonic Valentine cards.

    first time seeing that. i'm pretty sure if something existed,it had a valentine's day card or other holiday card.

    http://info.sonicretro.org/The_Search_for_Knuckles here's the search for knuckles,an old fangame that plays like an adventure game. (as in the genre,not sonic adventure) and when i say old,i mean OLD. like klik and play old or dawn of the internet old.

  9. first topic! as the title should suggest,this forum is dedicated to sharing the most obscure things relating to sonic that you can find. wether it be an obscure game,a lesser known piece of merch,or a video,you can show people what you dig up. you can own the thing you are talking about or not,it just has to be obscure. i can't wait to see what you share!


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