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  1. 20 hours ago, tailsBOOM! said:

    Seriously.  Someone tell him to leave our fandom alone at this point.  He's never even played a game, tries to shoehorn in his OCs and now admits to sexualizing the characters... Why?   What good does it do him?

    this reminds me of the time someone made a topic about amy's breasts.

  2. you know, i wish they would just make a mario & sonic platformer already, but the M&S olympics games usually have some pretty good fanservice and remixes. i've played the winter olympics game on the wii, and it was a pretty fun party game. i'm not really hyped per se, but i might check this out in the near future if it gets a price drop.

    sidenote: graphics look pretty nice. is this using hedgehog engine 2?

  3. 23 hours ago, Sandman444a said:

    What exactly do the rings do in TSR?

    My first guess would be that they're "currency" for the supposed in-game shop, but from what I've read it actually helps with your "total score". What does it mean by that? From the gameplay I've seen it doesn't look like they really have an effect on your score/ranking at the end of a race. Unless they mean some miscellaneous score thing that doesn't affect the gameplay or whatever.

    EDIT: Ok looking back there actually IS some sort of "total score" thing that you get tallied at the end of a race. But again, what's the point of it? Not like it'll affect the ranking at the end of your race it seems.

    the score system in team races decides the winner.

    each racer gets assigned a certain amount of points depending on their position in the race. the team with the most total points wins.

  4. i hope this is a new racing game, and not just crash team racing n. sane edition or something. remakes are cool and all, and crash bandicoot n. sane trilogy was a simply masterful remake of the original trilogy, but i don't want the series to just be remakes... i wanna see a brand new game sometime.

    that's not to say i'd be mad if this is just CTR remade. i never got the chance to play the original PS1 version, so i'd be excited to try out the (presumably) definitive version of the game.

    (but i would've liked twinsanity to get remade over CTR or a new main crash game over both of those)

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