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  1. mania plus is selling like hot cakes, why the heck would they just let it go out of print and not do anything about it?

    plus, the 'it's known to be terrible' statement isn't true either, as the game garnered a mixed response, as opposed to a mostly negative one.

    they wouldn't even need to hold mania plus hostage, as SEGA's financial reports state that both mania and forces performed well. plus, it'd always be available on amazon, used or new, so your statement just makes absolutely no sense.

    there's disliking a game, and then there's making paranoid conspiracy theories about it.

  2. the final pre-launch smash direct was, in my opinion, not an underwhelming way to end.

    ken is probably the perfect echo fighter. glad one of my predictions was correct!

    incineroar looks pretty cool as well. his final smash is spectacular!

    sad trophies are gone, but spirits aren't a bad subsitute.

    shadow's an assist again... dangit.

    the online looks good. glad they're trying to fix the god-awful lag issues SSB4 had!

    DLC confirmed! CRASH BANDICOOT STILL HAS A CHANCE!!!... maybe.

    world of light looks cool. wish there was more than just fighting, but smash battles are fun, so i'll have fun with WOL.

    piranha plant may be the most hilarious fighter in the series. i was laughing through his whole trailer.

    i was pretty pleased with the final direct.

  3. i'm currently playing a few games.

    i got sucked back into the minecraft hole again. currently have a pretty good character. full iron armor and some pretty good tools. i'm lost though, trying to find the house i built. i found the houses i previously built (and lost) while exploring. i'm playing the PS3 version.

    i'm also playing modnation racers. the servers are shutting down soon, so i'm trying to snatch up those online trophies before that happens.

    i recently bought kirby squeak squad on wii u virtual console. pretty good game, albeit a short one. finding treasure chests is fun, particularly when ability scrolls and spray paints are involved. i'm at the point where you have to go to earlier levels to get an item to progress.

    another game i bought recently is sonic adventure. i'm at the end of sonic's story, and i'm enjoying it quite a lot. only two stages i've actually disliked so far.

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