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  1. 12 hours ago, TheUltimateHedgy said:

    Hi everyone!

    I'm a newbie to the Sonic fandom (Only played Shadow, 06 and some GameGear game), that got back into Sonic after reading the awesome IDW comics. I hope we can all be friends!

    hey, shadow was one of my first sonic games too!

    anyway, welcome to SSMB!

    1 hour ago, SpinDash2 said:

    Hey everyone! I used to post on Sega Forums before it shut down (same name). Had a busy couple of months following its shut down so I took a break from talking about my favorite game series online, but I'm happy to be here now. :) I also love music (play guitar, sing and write as a hobby) and baseball, and my favorite character is Sonic himself.

    those are some pretty cool hobbies.

    welcome to SSMB!

    i hope you two enjoy your time here!


  2. this sucks. this really sucks.

    to think this guy, someone i used to respect for the series i loved when i was younger is secretly trying to convert kids to christianity with oaxis when he could've just, y'know advertised it as a christian streaming service in the first place is honestly upsetting.

    he used deceptive tactics and made sure his crowdfunding campaign didn't include that it was a christian-oriented service specifically for christian programming so he can get people of different faiths to fund a platform for a certain audience and a certain audience only. no matter which way you look at it, this is just really scummy.

    it wouldn't even be bad if butch just sold this as a christian streaming service, with strictly christian content. but nope, he just had to dupe a lot of non-christian people into supporting something they wouldn't be even remotely interested in!

    i hope karma catches up to butch, and i hope oaxis doesn't get anywhere. this entire thing was a scam.

  3. so, sonic musical spectacular 3 has passed. pretty great event all around! while i didn't stick around for the whole thing, the times i was there were really fun! it was nice to just get together, listen to a community-created playlist of sonic songs and talk about whatever. from tea, to beans, to rethinking your life choices, there were a lot of interesting discussions during the 9-hour event.

    the celebration videos were also pretty great, even better than last year's videos! i like that the whole thing was shown as an attract mode type thing, and any video that uses mega collection's extras menu music gets some points from me.

    overall, good event. i'd even say it's great! some might even say it was awesome, outstanding or amazing!

    thanks to everyone who worked on this and everyone who attended for such a cool event!

  4. starlight parade zone

    a moonlit city that's in the midst of a celebration of some kind. fireworks light the sky in a vibrant zone with a nice atmosphere. you can also take a ride on some of the fireworks!

    sunset shore zone

    a dusk beach area with distinct visual and gameplay differences in each act.

    act 1: a standard beach level. sand castles can be used as ramps to get yourself up to higher routes, and skilled players can avoid the underwater sections entirely.

    act 2: a complete change of pace, sonic enters eggman's underwater facility, and the level takes on a completely different look and feel than act 1. you'll be jumping over lasers, avoiding spotlights and dodging turrets as you get to the goal!

  5. 3 hours ago, RidersDX said:

    I wonder what the story will be for the comic? I didn't anticipate there being much of a story beyond "Sonic and friends race in a competition" for the game but if there is a comic, there must be some backstory to it that can be delved into in a comic.

    i have a feeling the story for the game will be something along the lines of 'sonic and friends enter a racing tournament, but there's something shady going on behind the scenes.'

  6. sounds awesome!

    or, rather, it would... if there was gameplay to see. have you even started developing this?

    also, sonic legends has been used for multiple projects before. might want to come up with a different name, assuming you're even moving forward with this.

  7. i think sonic games should take at least 8 or so hours to get to the end, but not much more than that.

    having a 4 hour long game (generations, colors, forces) is very disappointing thing, but i think a sonic game that lasts more than 12 hours is just a bit overboard. especially since sonic games tend to be stage based.

  8. 1) metropolis speedway (sonic free riders)

    free riders' soundtrack wasn't as memorable as the other riders' soundtracks, but there were some really good tracks in here.

    2) rocks like this... for technology tree, act 1 (sonic: after the sequel)


    3) manuals (sonic gems collection)

    why does nobody talk about this track what

    remix request to be posted soon

  9. i'd say riders, but that has a quite a bit of a cult following from the fanbase. unleashed has also been thought of more highly since '08, and the night stages even got some more praise over the years.

    i'll come back to this once i've played a few more main games in my quest to play all of them to review them on my channel.

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