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  1. what a piece of human garbage.

    not only does he negatively stereotype an entire sexuality by saying they're all "grown men acting like 12-year-old girls," he also calls every single one of them disgusting. that's awful on its own, but he celebrates the orlando shooting. he celebrates and praises a mass murder. celebrating the death of one person is bad, but celebrating a mass shooting, one that took the lives of multiple innocent people, is simply horrendous.

    i hope disney stops endorsing this vile man, and i hope this destroys his career.

  2. robo_cadet_by_blueblur98arts-dccu5ch.png

    so i can technically draw. that doesn't mean i can draw well (i can't) but i can indeed draw.

    here's one i whipped up today. it's pretty bad, tbh.

    hopefully i make better art as i post more in this thread.

    feel free to tell me how much i suck.

  3. guess i've got some catching up to do...

    3 hours ago, SilentlyVocal said:

    Hello hello, just joined up. I'm Vivi, been a fan of Sonic since about circa 1998 when I was...two years old, lol. Been fixated ever since I think I saw AOSTH on satellite? Then my brother gave me his hand-me-down Dreamcast and SA1 a couple of years after, while I had been playing all of the classics on their Windows ports. The rest as they say is history.
    I do my fair share of fan stuff, I voice act as Sonic in a couple of ongoing/upcoming Sonic Paradox related things. I haven't actually interacted with a majority of the fanbase since maybe 2008-ish so, nice to meet you all!


    On 05/15/18 at 10:09 AM, kergo said:

    I joined this forum five minutes ago so I'll just introduce myself. :V

    So, my name is Alex, I'm 17 and I'm homeschooled. My interests include Sonic (duh), religion and programming.

    I like making new buddies too! So if you want a new friend send me a message. :3


    9 hours ago, MarioAmigosYT said:

    Hi there, I am TheMarioAmigos, I mostly appear on Discord and sometimes YouTube in which you can find my YouTube here.

    Anyhow, I enjoyed Sonic since... Sonic X, I actually have an account on here, but I can't access it due to a whole lot of stuff, so I made this account instead, I hope I have a good time in here!

    welcome to SSMB, you three!

    enjoy your stays!


  4. the list we saw on the stream was most-wanted revivals. there are more lists like this:


    Brand you’re most invested in:
    1. Sakura Wars 
    2. Sonic the Hedgehog 
    3. Phantasy Star Online 
    4. Virtua Fighter 
    5. Jet Set Radio 
    6. Yakuza
    7. Panzer Dragoon 
    8. Sega Saturn (wait, what?)
    9. Persona 
    10. Hatsune Miku Project Diva


    Favorite character:
    1. Segata Sanshiro (what?)
    2. Kazuma Kiryu 
    3. Ryo Hazuki 
    4. Bayonetta 
    5. NiGHTS 
    6. Dr. Eggman 
    7. Temjin 
    8. Arle
    9. Alex Kidd 
    10. Ulala

    why is SEGA saturn there?

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