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  1. reminder:today is international women's day.

  2. no but it had music for download maybe if someone rebuys the domain and restores it like they did with the sonic adventure website?
  3. the mine song but every syllable is 'mine' but whenever he says mine the entire hobbit trilogy plays twice but whenever anything takes a step it's bass boosted by 1db and the lego movie starts playing in reverse at half speed but whenever anything even remotely related to lego is on screen it speeds up 500x but for every second it sounds ridiculous the entire series of coronation street plays with inverted color but whenever anybody says a word every movie plays at 200000x speed but whenever anything happens bee movie plays but whenever there's a bee on screen the lorax plays but whenever nature is in frame the shrek saga plays upside-down but whenever something gross is visible every academy awards celebration plays at 0.1% speed but for every second it plays thelegend27 commercial plays but whenever someone says thelegend27 we are number one plays but whenever robbie's dream team says anything every video brinquedo movie plays 1000 times in a row but whenever it's bad every cat video ever plays but whenever something amusing happens nyan cat plays for 24 hours but when it ends every parkour video ever made plays but whenever something moves the entire thing repeats all steps

  4. that's not it,they sold it off to some advertiser because if you go to sonicstyle.com nowadays it redirects you to sites like amazon and realtor.com. i remember the site had official SEGA flash games. (SRA flash,chaos crush,SHTH flash,etc.) i remember a slide puzzle with sonic advance 2 and sonic mega collection artwork that i never got to complete. i wish that we could restore the site,it's very cool and very nostalgic. we should at least make an article on sonic retro about it.
  5. i'm on soundcloud i'm on soundcloud i'm on soundcloud i have an album i'm on soundcloud i'm on soundcloud i'm on soundcloud GO LOOK NOW. https://www.soundcloud.com/a-gamers-music-tracks/sets/dj-dorks-jams

  6. does anyone here remember the sonic style website? i used to visit it all the time when i was younger. it had flash games,jigsaw puzzles,screenshots,trailers and downloadable music tracks. who else visited this site? does it still exist?
  7. what if it comes with a 1:1 scale crystal? what if it comes with an aku aku mask to protect you? what if it comes with a platinum relic? what if it comes with a crash statue? what if if comes with a piece of paper that just says "twinsanity HD" on it?
  8. sour candy hearts:it's like the normal ones,but slightly tangy.

  9. i just realized i joined on 1/23 (or 123)

  10. W hello and welcome to SSMB! hope you enjoy your stay!
  11. note:sonic satAM is now having reruns aired and is available on demand thanks to starz!


  12. welcome to SSMB! take a seat and make yourself at home!
  13. i put this in a status update but may as well repost it here legs the hedgehog
  14. look at my beautiful profile. such grace.

    1. TheOcelot


      Short and to the point.

  15. hello! welcome to a place where people worship a fast rodent. enjoy your stay!
  16. a blu-ray rerelease of the sonic OVA wouldn't hurt.
  17. here's some obscure commercials. here's the US commercial for mcdonalds' 2004 sonic happy meal toy set. NOT the horrible pakistan one. the CGI is way better in this one,about as good as heroes' cutscenes. there's also voice samples from ryan drummond specifically for this commercial too! ("i think you need one of these!" and "i'm lovin' it!") here's a commercial called "sonic magic" that advertises the genesis/ mega drive model 2. i bet you haven't even heard the two words "sonic" and "magic" in the same sentence until now. and finally,here's a sonic commercial for a product called "dairy food." amazing name,i know.
  18. i actually read that once,got really confused because i did not know how manga was supposed to be read.
  19. i occasionally run with my arms behind my back,when i need to catch up to a family member in the store. i also once tried to double jump,and i tried memorizing sonic lyrics a couple of times,although those don't exactly count.
  20. i've seen that commercial a few times,but forgot about it. as soon as i saw it,i remembered it! that's some pretty sweet interrogation. i feel actual remorse.
  21. first time seeing that. i'm pretty sure if something existed,it had a valentine's day card or other holiday card. http://info.sonicretro.org/The_Search_for_Knuckles here's the search for knuckles,an old fangame that plays like an adventure game. (as in the genre,not sonic adventure) and when i say old,i mean OLD. like klik and play old or dawn of the internet old.
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