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  1. お金で音波マニアを購入する

    1. Blacklightning


      don't you dare talk about my mother like that

    2. booblur98


      translate the text ;)

    3. Blacklightning


      i still demand an apology for my mother

    4. booblur98
  2. call of shooty shooty: bang bang warfare

  3. i'm excited for sonic f!$@#.

    ...wait, why can't i say f!$@# anymore?


    jeez guys, do you hate the game so much you had to censor me!?

    1. Shiguy
    2. Riseodvi


      Sonic and the B#$@! Knight

      Sonic Un#@$!ed

      Sonic B#&@!: R$#%! of L$&@#

  4. Sonic Force- 100 ring cap in "Easy Mode"

    difficulty settings in a sonic game? cool! i'm going normal myself, i want RINGSSSSSSS
  5. sony just set up a 2nd publisher for multiplatform titles! SIE makes games exclusively for PS4, SME makes games for switch and PC.

    1. SupremeKing Judai

      SupremeKing Judai

      wow that's really cool

  6. Sonic Force- 100 ring cap in "Easy Mode"

    my theory is that there could be some badges or something. for example, this theoretical badge would cap your rings at 100, but let you keep on to some of them. that or you can upgrade the ring cap like in sonic and the secret rings.
  7. reaction: green hill is the last stage in forces

    1. JezMM


      I'd be fine with this if they did something REALLY cool with it

    2. Ming Ming Hatsune

      Ming Ming Hatsune

      But...that's not going to happen. We already seen the dialogue from the Avatar's version of Green Hill.

    3. SupremeKing Judai

      SupremeKing Judai

      lets see what sega does with it

    4. TheOcelot


      GH is the final stage for classic Sonic as he returns to his Mania timeline. Bring on Mania 2!

    5. Jack the Rookie

      Jack the Rookie

      It's most likely the 2nd stage, but the game could have a system like Sunset Heights Modern - > Dust Hill Classic - > Aqua Road Avatar, for example, instead of doing all the stages in one zone together.

    6. SupremeKing Judai

      SupremeKing Judai

      I wonder if its gonna be 3 separate campaigns or is it gonna be all one big campaign

  8. t-minus 15 days to spook

  9. sonic 3D blast director's cut (20??)

    the first official gameplay of the project has been released!
  10. 4 hours.

    it took me 4 hours total to beat episode 3.


  11. okay, i'm gonna say it. bring your pitchforks guys.


    the boost gameplay is my favorite 3D sonic gameplay style. there, i said it.


    1. Mayor D
    2. Ferno


      wasted money on a pitchfork for this

      im gonna go eat a giant salad dont wait up

    3. Super Mechanio
    4. TheOcelot


      only a third of Forces has your fav gameplay style.. 

    5. Jovahexeon Cala Maria

      Jovahexeon Cala Maria

      Well more like 1/2 if we count the double boost.

  12. *makes button*

    *attempts to change the button's text*

    *1,000+ compiler errors*

    unity why

  13. w a n n a e n t e r m y f r e e g i f t c a r d ?

  14. going to start working on night of the glowflies soon.