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  1. So Sonic gets posessed and it looks like its gonna be up to Tails to help him! Perfect! I'm kinda hoping its gonna come down to adorable bro stuff to help free Sonic.
  2. I'm hoping that someday they do another voice message Q&A, only this time Sonic allows Tails to take over his Twitter and they bring in Colleen Villard. I would love to see Tails answer questions from fans. He'd be bound to get several "Why are you so adorable." comments and he'd probably hate it.
  3. I just got to watch the most recent episode and I liked it. Knuckles being the last of his kind didn't really bug me in this alternate continuity. Also, I did like all the moments Knuckles had with those who temporarily took him in. Charlie and his wife being thrown into the mix was interesting and I love how they took advantage of him and got him doing their dirty work for a bit. I love also how Sonic would not attack Knuckles no matter what. It shows how much Sonic really cares for his friends. Also, I did think the ending was very heartwarming. It was a pretty good episode! Also I wanna see more episodes for different pairs other than Eggam and Orbot/Cubot. That's like the third one with bot in it in less than 10 episodes. Throw Tails and Sticks together, or Sticks and Amy. A Sonic and Knuckles or a Knuckles and Tails episode will be nice to see after that even. I'm more biased to seeing more Sonic and Tails episodes though lol
  4. The animation in this game was always kinda awkward, especially the lip syncing.
  5. Happy Birthday, Knuckles! We love you, you big dumb goof!
  6. Poor Knuckles. This summary reminds me also, but where does he even live?
  7. I was actually hoping when I saw that, that Eggman was taking over again. An Eggman game though would be hilarious.
  8. Hi there! I remember seeing you on SEGA Forums! :)

    You are the same guy, correct? It's me, SonikkuEkkusu. : P

    1. TwoTailedWonder


      Yeah! I also joined here!

    2. Hiki


      Cool! I'm not as active here, but it's nice to see you. :)

  9. I think my favorite things that have ever come from the Sonic Twitter was when they had Eggman take over and answer questions, and then had Sonic join in with Eggman for a second time. I remember Sonic ended up reenacting part of the legendary WHAT IS THIS!? moment on Game Grumps when responding to them. It was even more amusing cause Roger Craig Smith kinda made Sonic sound like his voice was cracking when he was doing that.
  10. I didn't like Chris either. I thought he was so whiny and useless, plus I genuinely hated how he stole Tails' role as Sonic's best friend and sidekick. I will always remember how Sonic was so comforting and thoughtful towards Chris when he had to say goodbye...But when Tails was completely broken and sobbing at Sonic's feet at the end, Sonic didn't even TRY to comfort him. He looked irritated even.
  11. For Sonic Boom -Eggman is basically the Deadpool of Sonic Boom, if he can tell that Shadow is the 2nd most popular character in the whole canon. He is very well aware of the 4th wall, more so than other characters. -All characters in this canon are a bit older, in fact, 6 years older than their mains series counterparts. This would make Sonic 21, Tails 14, Knuckles 22, Amy 18, and I'm just gonna say Sticks is 18 since her age has never been confirmed. -Tails is secretly into the Hello Doggy fandom and he has accounts on message boards, and all sorts of merchandise. -Tails and Zooey are still together and have been ever since the end of Tails' Crush.
  12. The show isn't as big about continuity yes, but its there on some rare occasions, like in this episode, we saw that Eggman is still a huge fan of Fuzzy Puppies. Also, it is a canon fear Tails has, which first showed up in the Sonic OVA I believe.
  13. Did anyone notice that when the lightning struck Eggman the third time that Tails didn't really react? Normally he'd freak out and jump into Sonic's arms, or cower behind him.
  14. I have to say, I think the SM series is pretty decent. I'm warming up to the new style still, but I like how competent Ash still is in battle and his battle with Kahuna Hala proved that. I'm enjoying the plots and the cast also, though I think they overdo the slapstick to the point where it gets annoying seeing Ash knocked around every episode. I just wonder where they'll go from here on and if Ash will head off to do the Akala Island trials and battle Olivia next.
  15. Whenever I go out for a bike ride, I listen to Escape From The City, just so I can really get that GOTTA GO FAST feeling.
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