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  1. SONIC: (in shock) Well... Have to admit...
    (changing it to a positive approval) That's a pretty good ultimatum. I LEGIT have NO easy way out of this. It was SO LONG since you've bothered to turn your egg for a brain on that I've forgot how capable you can be sometimes. Nice going, Egghead!

    EGGMAN: Tch.
    (annoyed) Trust me, Sonic. If you expect what's coming your way "to be a breeze", then you're as wrong as those who thought that shoving Tomatopotamus reboot for Christmas without a delay for polishing was fine.

  2. If I'd ever decide to include a joke about Boom's cancellation in, it would be like this:

    EGGMAN: He has as much chances as the show coming out of cancellation and receiving a third season. Man, that was one oversight. 

    I doubt I'll actually put this in the game, though. 

    1. SonicWind


      While I fully realize it may be what you were getting at with this joke, it would be a cute way to reference the final line of the series, especially since it was spoken by Eggman himself: "Well, there's always next season."

      ...In retrospect, that being the case is a really cruel irony to me as a fan of the show.

  3. 👀

    It was awhile since I've entered this site, ain't it? But no, this Boom-related project of mine is still very much alive.

    Combining old assets with hand-drawing can legit do wonders with the right use.


  4. The second act is one-third complete.




    1. SonicWind


      This is my first time hearing you're making a Boom fangame, and I love the idea (especially since I've almost never seen a single Boom fangame). Can't wait to try this.

  5. I want to integrate sprite-animated cutscenes between boss fights instead of animating them in-game due to restrictions. Here's a WIP of one.


  6. Clickteam Fusion is quite fun to work with. 

    I'm in the process of making a Boom-related Classic-styled fangame. The very first level is basically done. By today, I've managed to complete HUD. Gonna post something else about it today.


    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      I love how this looks. It's very much like something I would dream about after a long time of playing Sonic Advance. I like games that are like that. One game I played like that was Doom 2

  7. I bet this is going to be a localized version of 25th-anniversary Sonic Channel Comics. For comparison: http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicChannel/comic/25th/
  8. "Eggman: The Video Game" two-parter MAY air as a whole this week. http://www.adultswim.com/adultswimdynsched/servlet/BoomerangServlet?action=selectBMDay&theDate=11/11/17&timeZone=EST
  9. I watched the prologue... and right now, Infinite's presentation is the only thing that keeps him back from being the mockery-villain in the Boom-related script. EDIT: I apologise for repeating my comment. It was accidental.
  10. I watched the prologue and... it feels like the only thing that holds Infinite back from being a Boom villain is the presentation around him.
  11. It didn't. They have aired "Lighting Bowlers Society" instead. They were at Cotober 4th in the first place.
  12. All of season 2's remaining episodes are uncovered.
  13. Recently finished Puzzle Agent 2. Recommendable stuff. Didn't play the first one, but considering they're essentially the same and the story of the first one is subsribed in the journal, I didn't miss anything.


    The art style and story are good, puzzles themselves can take some time without the paper and pen(cill), but they stlill were enjoyable. Fucked up only five of them (the ones that are NEEDED for completing the story mostly relied on deduction, the ones that DON'T were more challenging and difficult).

    Had a tendency to crash, mostly when I tried to replay the puzzle, but it wasn't that common to care about.

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