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  1. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    So, this is how it looks to me. Generations should be tossed away, cause it was confirmed to be un-canon and made solely for the celebration. Modern (1) and Classic (2). (past) - Colors - Lost World - Forces S1 - S2 - S3 - S&K - SM In the good Mania ending, he travels into the Modern universe. Bold-marked is a crossing point between the two and in the end of Forces, Classic Sonic comes back into his dimension. Have some corrections?
  2. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    Would be cool if it wasn't.
  3. Planning to start something Boom-related. :hot_pepper::wink:

    1. RedFox99


      Like a video or a story?

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      I see Boom, a chili pepper, and a wink . . .

      What are you blowing up? 

  4. You know, considering how Sam writes his episodes, I think Shadow episode will end on him lying on the floor, broken from losing to Sonic again, and then Sonic replying: "I need a cane" and leaving with no music in the background.
  5. It's time for me to bring my point of view. This episode was a nice thing. Eggman was showcased well in this episode. Having a weakness of ghost phobia, but being able to take the situation into his hands. The only things that hold Eggman back in this show are childhood and over-bloated ego. Barker was great as well. His actions were character-fitting and understandable. Using other person's weaknesses for gaining profit. Like it was with Knuckles in "Knine-to-Five Knuckles". I really like the way he relied on strategy in this episode. All of that inspires me. By the way, @SSF1991, what is your thoughts on the episode?
  6. Those aren't the votes. That is a number of people who have seen those tweets with votes. It's not that important now, considering that it's impossible to site-vote for the shows since the "AnimatedTVShow" section is gone from the site. Twitter is the only way to give support right now. Family Guy at this point has 29 tweets by 29 contributors in 9 days (and considering that voting begins in 12th, it's only 16 tweets). Rick and Morty are having 9 tweets by 9 contributors in 2 days. There are only three days left and I would recommend bringing some proactivity in Twitter if any of you is having an account in there.
  7. Decided to do Twitter analysis in-numbers for Teen Choice Awards for the sake of comparison. In a way to do it, I found TwitterReach.com (this site allows to scan Twitter activity for hashtags, users' names, e.t.c.). And here's the results (first 100 tweets).
  8. Sonic Boom RPG

    In this case, would recommend pushing on visual appeal: posters, promotional artwork, e.t.c.
  9. [84] Sonic Unleashed - Perfect Dark Gaia (music)

  10. Sonic Boom Animation to Receive Japanese Dub

    Does anyone here has an access to Netflix Japan? Outside from Eggman (Kotaro Nakamura) and Team Sonic, what actors voiced the other characters in the show (Dave, Barker, e.t.c.)?
  11. Or why do they still add new episodes on-demand, if they just could remove the page with the show from their site completely in this case? It doesn't feel like anything is stopping them.
  12. Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

    It's took a lot of time, but I've managed to find the Japanese version. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_bjXQPqEqmJQUhaeEEyQ0t3alE/view?usp=sharing
  13. By looking through the number of tweets with hashtags "#ChoiceAnimatedTVShows" and "#(nominee) or just (nominee)" made in these 2 days, the amount for Sonic Boom is surprisingly huge. Even in comparison with other nominees. Though it doesn't matter much in Twitter. It does in TCA cite. And the number of voters in there is unknown, so... yeah.
  14. I got into it with Sonic Boom the TV show. l was following Boom since the first episodes, and later, I got interested in the main canon on which (as I thought then) it was based. By that moment I was on episode 35. I've been watching cutscenes and playing the games, whenever I had the free time. About the old incaranations: this is what I got from playing the old games about Eggman and Knuckles personally: Eggman - a cunning and powerful evil genius, who tries to conquer the world and build his own empire in which he wants to rule. Knuckles - a last-of-the-kind warrior and protector of the powerful ancient relic called the Master Emerald. Most of the time he never leaves Master Emerald alone and does not allows anyone to abuse it's powers. Believes in truth and honesty.