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  1. I quite enjoyed Color Splash, but Sticker Star was awful. It was exceedingly non-intuitive to the point I ended up having to look up exactly what super-sticker was needed for each boss and when to use it, because a lot of things that seemed reasonable to do big damage did little to none. And, of course, once you used it, it was gone, and you had to finish or quit the battle to go fetch another one if you used your super weapon at the wrong time. Color Splash I finished with only one or two instances of having to look up something - and one of those was my usual, 'But that's exactly what I was doing!' I never actually played the original, but I adored TTYD and Super Paper Mario, and while Color Splash wasn't as good I found it extremely enjoyable.
  2. Starter Paper Beast on the PSVR - I've been waiting for it since it was supposed to come out in October (Oct 2019, that is). Wonderful surreal creatures in an abstract environment with puzzles that I have twice spent large amounts of time trying to solve incorrectly. (e.g. Huge pile of sand with 'jeweled crabs' moving it around in a cave. I spent half an hour trying to get them to pile the sand so that I could reach the exit . . . only to finally realize it was the wrong 'exit'.) I understand that the actual game playthrough is relatively short, but there's also a sandbox mode to set up your own paper critter-infested world. Paper dog-likes, crocodiles, paper and shell tortoises who produce sand, a guide creature like a multilegged wire sauropod and another like a paper ragmop. The downside is teleport movement only (which actually doesn't bother me much in this game) and click turns (which DO). But they should not be reasons to skip the game if you have VR. Also bought Panzer Dragoon on the Switch but haven't started it quite yet. Am keeping up with my Ring Fit, which just got jogging and rhythm games added.
  3. Bought inBento on the Switch. Clicked right along through almost half of it before getting stuck. Now it's taking me several brief sessions to get through some of the puzzles. (I got it because I don't currently have time for long game sessions.) Basically a short game, but was on sale when I got it, and very cute with the kitty-cat family photos unveiled as you progress. No Man's Sky and Elder Scrolls Online continue alternately on the PS4. Just earned a Living Ship in NMS, white with Metallic green trim, and got my first freighter on my day 1 save, so I can run frigate missions and bring in more cash. Mostly, I still just ramble like an old-timey prospector - no intensive farming or mining, just wander around exploring, collecting and selling what I find, plus the frigate missions and occasional trips to my small farm to harvest, construct and sell. I can now expand my mechanical ship's storage space to max for a whole lot of units, so I'm occasionally adding more storage space.
  4. I am skeptical of PS3 compatibility, based on all I've heard, but would be thrilled to have it. I still have several PS3 games that weren't finished when the old unit died.
  5. Having finished Link's Awakening, I'm on to Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Luigi's Mansion 3 on the Switch, Elder Scrolls Online and No Man's Sky (still) on the PS4. DQ2 has a lot more in it than the first one, which I really enjoyed, to the point I managed to totally forget what I was supposed to be doing when I returned to the game. LM3 I got a delayed start on, because I had to go back and finish LM2:Dark Moon. (Typical me - I'd gotten to the last set of levels, and stopped one level before the Final Boss fight Had a lot of fun over Christmas playing LM 3 with my niece (12), who played Gooigi. Gave her Link's Awakening and my brother Super Mario Odyssey for Christmas, both by specific request, after they finished Breath of the Wild together. I gave them the Switch and BotW last summer.
  6. Multiple Toads got turned into paintings in Dark Moon, so not only Mario in the past.
  7. I've fallen into Elder Scrolls Online, on the PS4, with a side of Skyrim VR and Fallout 4 (still working on platinum for those, but NOT for ESO). Elsweyr and too long with no main series game finally got to me. On Switch I've got Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Link's Awakening, which I had halfway played on the 3DS. PSA - if you have an expired bonus code for ESO it may still work. I just got a mount and costume with a code that supposedly expired two years ago.
  8. I have one TV and a husband who plays a lot of (and only) PS4 games. So as the one willing to play PC, Switch, and/or 3DS games, I have to cede the TV most weekends. Now, when the Wii U gamepad got a better battery, I bought one and replace the old battery, which was wearing out at that point anyway. I do not like that I can't do that with the Switch. But I need those controllers. Go Gators! (with a blue one ) and Arrrr! Pirates with purple and gold! (I do not need more controllers, I do NOT need more controllers . . . .)
  9. Got a PSVR to prepare for NMS Beyond in a month or so. Now I'm a bit swamped with Moss (which I'd just finished when they expanded it), Astro Bot, Skyrim VR and Fallout 4 (not VR) which I'd only just finally gotten a chance to start. Since I'm having to do Skyrim in small segments to keep my stomach happy, it's not as bad as it could be. (I did not know you could get VR-sick after the fact - as in several hours after playing. It was NOT fun.)
  10. I've always wished the Pokedex would include method/level of evolution, even if you had to do it once to get it entered. The incenses should never have made it out of that particular generation; subsequent Generations should simply have had Munchlax hatch automatically from Snorlax eggs, etc. No explanation would even have been needed. Not sure why trade evolutions would be behind a paywall; can you not trade directly between Sword and Shield?
  11. Currently trying to platinum Ni No Kuni 2 on the PS4 and playing Hyrule Warriors on the Switch. Getting ready to restart Breath of the Wild when the VR comes out at the end of the month. (I 'd about decided to restart anyway as my game got bogged down somewhere and I don't even remember what I was doing int it anymore. I do remember the only really bad shrine I found I couldn't actually complete, so I'm not losing anything to restart.)
  12. Have you tried the second (Switch) one yet? They've replaced the Micross (where famous paintings are broken down into a series of Picross puzzles) with a 'clip art' series where certain parts of a larger picture are earned by doing the regular puzzles, each part being random sizes and when you finish the last one it gives you the rest of the picture. I just introduced my mom to these on my last visit (she has a 3DS), and I expect I'll be buying her a new game each time I visit - the change from 'I'm not sure I understand this,' to 'Just one more then I'll head up to bed,' was exceedingly fast. She's been repeating the Brain Age sudokus on the DSi forever, so I thought it was time to introduce her to something new. On topic, I'm working Captain Toad on the 3DS and No Man's Sky on the PS4. Community events have arrived if a bit unevenly, and I had a player actually wander onto my planet this week. Such a strange thing to have a spacesuited figure run up, wave 'hi' and go running off into the distance.
  13. Yay, you got ColecoVision on there! That was the only generation, to my mind, where the graphics truly mattered. People who came in and saw us playing Donkey Kong would say, 'Oh, Donkey Kong!'. People who saw our friends playing Donkey Kong on their Ataris looked puzzled and finally asked, 'What's that brown blob at the top of the screen?" (Yes I exaggerate, but not as much as you might think, who call Nintendo's recent graphics "unplayable" vs the equivalent Sony or MS versions.) My brother, a few years younger, bought an NES with his own money after they came out and that was the only game system we knew of at that time. I bought a Genesis after college (because of Sonic the Hedgehog), but fell out again during vet school and didn't return until late Gamecube -which I got because it had 'all' the Sonic games on it, plus I could now go back to Mario and Zelda. For the last two generations I run Nintendo and Sony, and all four consoles still get fairly regular use. (I wasn't DONE with my PS3 and Wii U games!)
  14. Having finished three playthroughs of Last Guardian and still not gotten the Intensive Care trophy (have to remove all spears from Trico immediately after battle, but in every case at least once when I load up a spear is suddenly present where it hadn't been, no matter that the last battle was 20 minutes before I left off and I'd searched all over the beast for any damage) I decided to table that until my husband finishes his new game, so I can maybe not have to reload the game every single night. So I went back to Tokyo Jungle(PS3) and decided to go for broke and storm the hidden lab to try to get the last two Archives and unlock the final part of the story. My last several attempts ended prematurely thanks to the labs being full of sabertooths, mammoths, cheetahs, and dinosaurs. So I battle my way as usually to the sewer entrance and through the sewers. Here's the lab! Get ready to die . . . . big empty room. Well on through the next door . . . another big empty room. I got to the penultimate archive without seeing a single foe. Hm. Well, let's go on and try for the last one, which will probably be better guarded. On through uninhabited corridors until I found a crocodile! Okay, the monsters are starting here, get ready for battle! Next room, two mammoths who completely ignore me. Next room, is the archive, unlocking chapter 14. I take the back exit of the lab and die; not certain if I fell prey to old age, hunger, or the ostrich that I had been trying to kill to relieve the hunger. So now I can finally get the trophy for completing the story, as soon as I play through the last chapter. On the Switch, I'm bouncing back and forth between Hyrule Warriors and Splatoon's single player (need to finish that before the expansion comes out) but Splatoon doesn't play so well on the go, and at home I have so many other things going on. Trying to finish up Miitopia on the 3DS and free my brother from being the Darker Lord.
  15. Got the Platinum for No Man's Sky, and am about halfway through Aven Colony's trophies while 2/3 of the way through the (nine) missions. Got the Labo Variety kit yesterday and teased the dogs a bit with the RC 'cars' - and drove one around in the pantry a bit to try out the IR camera. Then I built the house and have been having fun playing with the basic keys (you start with three but there's apparently one other set based on an off-handed reference and the fact that there are pieces left to punch out of the 'house-D' page) and the critter. The instructions are done a bit tongue-in-cheek, very clear, and you can stop/start, rewind, and speed up the progress, as well as rotate the pieces on the screen if you can't see well. There's a section on each completed item to explain what it does and how it works, and suggest some other things to try, and I haven't gotten to half of the stuff yet, even for the two pieces I've built. I'll probably do the fishing game next; there's an aquarium associated with it evidently.
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