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  1. why on earth would he show an autopsy scene out of all things, which is gruesome in itself, except if it is meant for a horror themed like HP lovecraft
  2. Its funny considering that he has made only a very few trickets for his upcoming app, which is not even close to finishing, despite his protests
  3. He borrowed "House Artreides" from DUNE, Dark side from Star Wars and Skyweb from Skynet, it appears to be straight forward, too straightforward. And introducing Robo and Evil Sonic/Scoryge especially Evil, what the hell is he thinking?
  4. I know some stuff media such as the Amzing Adventures of Gumball has stock photo backgrounds, but real images of surgery?? im relly horrified at that. even if it was free to use, he could still have drawn it up by himself and the ribcage looks like it is melting At least the History section for Sonic was in more manageable paragraphs
  5. I think it is right on the money that about Ken trying to widen the net so to speak because he knows he might get slim pickings if he only released his project in America, plus someone might be fooled into thinking it is not stemming from Sonic, like instead of just growing and letting the fanbase establish and grow the normal way, it seems like he is trying to make a " big bang" effect cause he knows it would probably might not be enough popularity or money and face the same result of his Lost Ones comic. Also i have a feeling that a possible reason for trying to release it to the world at once would give off the appearance that is is already popular in other coutries and "taking the world by storm", not to mention making it sort of gives off the appearance that there is no issue with it being a rip off of Sonic.
  6. No, IDW of all things. I think he's just literally sitting on his butt all day either watching movies or making rants on twitter about movies or politics.
  7. Have any of you heard about his recent tweet regarding that he claims people are quizzing him on getting back to the book and wanting to do the story with any influence of the execs even though they know Sonic
  8. RIP Robert Repas (BobR), when i was on Ken Penders forums he was very friendly, even though sometimes i have not been (coughas RutanRocks)
  9. In regards to him doing those sketch commissions, i don't really understand it in concept though, like you're expecting to know what to draw, and you can't be expected to remember every comic character, and it could be sort of redundant if you make it look like a sketched cloned version of the source. Like i can understand if someone wants to make one of those sketches of the customers, but even if i did become a great artist, it seems like a double-edged sword, it's my personal opinion, no offense to people who are able to do that
  10. I have a big feeling that its probably inspired by that Tribble race from Star Trek, which he is a huge fan of. Edit: To tell you the truth, the "pet" does feel out of place, it looks like it belongs to something else that is not adult oriented. And the pet was an experimental, and they let her have it?
  11. Is it me, or are the tendrils/tentacles does not look as though it is a part of him and looks more like a prop that was glued together from the head?
  12. at least with Dr. Eggman's glasses ("prince-nez" style, i heard?) had a defined shape, without any sort of rims. And yeah looking at that picture, its sparingly obvious that he is trying to pander to people, saying he is multi-cultural but with little effort.
  13. I think i may be repeating this, but the shading makes it look older and not in any good way. i wholeheartedly agree, although i didn't mind the actual reboot after it happned (although it looked like it changed whilst the middle of something - like it brought you in a story without the beginning )
  14. oh, ok, and true about that. i find it hypocritical that he would go all the way to reference any criticism when his movie wasn't any better. Also I'll try to only talk about Ken here, but in regards to Ken being hired to illustrate a book, doesn't it look a bit like he won't be launching his thing as soon as he was hoping?
  15. yeah, that was what i was trying to say, you can do repressive evil empires without referencing real-life stuff. And yeah, i agree that it is a stupid and unneeded thing to include into the comic. You can make a good comic without resorting to politics and real-life wars. who is using "problem" in the singular?
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