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  1. My favorite character to imitate is probably Charmy, followed by Vector. My best one is Cream. I wish I could do all of them better, though.
  2. Who's your favorite character to do an impression of? I ate a chili dog once before I became a fan of Sonic. It was good.
  3. That's cool. I wish I could do a better Shadow impression. Vector's voice is so much fun to do.
  4. Mephiles showing Shadow in restraints in Sonic 06 actually happened in an alternate version of the past. In that version of reality, humans did start to see Shadow as a threat, and locked him away. Although centuries passed, being immortal, he never completely died, and part of his consciousness survived in the form of Mephiles. Mephiles was trying to prevent the Shadow from the timeline we know, in essence, himself, from suffering the same fate.
  5. When no one else is around, I imitate various Sonic character voices, such as Cream, Vector, and Charmy.
  6. They mentioned Angel Island in the episode "Cowbot" as well. I'd like to see it shown, sometime, too.
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