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  1. I completely agree. I sure hope this user just accidentally went across the most boring path and that, just like Green Hill, there is some "underground" or just alternative pathway that looks unique that hasn't been seen yet.
  2. Lol i was just about to post this. Hmm, interesting to see. I do worry about the feel for this game when it constantly jumps between "this level i pretty much the zone you remember, now this act is something completely new. Now this act is what you have always known, now this is something new". I had thought it would be a progressive less and less recognizable setup as you go through the zones. They keep mentioning that the ACT 2 is where things get real crazy, but i also feel like it will just make each ACT 1 kind of... not that exciting? Whatever, the game will still rock
  3. When you defeat him (as he did there last second) he explodes and destroys the floor right under him. I didn't think there'd be a space for him to land on lol
  4. Any idea what stream to watch to get Mania news?
  5. Probably eventually, But just go here: Then go back in the stream to reach where they talk about Mania (right now its about -10 minutes)
  6. Well that was disappointing.... But they did say they were working on a lot for E3, so i'm assuming tomorrow there might be something?
  7. where will it be streamed?
  8. I agree with this. Although I will jump into the pools of spoilers myself, I know and respect other people's opinions to keep under wraps. Things will be spoiled, and it would be nice to have the policy be that Thread Titles do not contain spoiler information. If people are curious to see what it is, they can open up the thread. If they don't want to know it, they can avoid it without having the title spoil it already.
  9. It was just a random train of thought to explain why CD wasn't on the elevator and why we are getting specifically PAST Stardust Speedway. But hey... that's just a theory. A GAME THEORY.
  10. Maybe little planet (because of the time stones) ages and changes at a different pace? I mean, it's been clear that eggman can build a lot of shit REALLY quickly... it wouldn't be surprising if he managed to whip up that place in a matter of months.
  11. Hold up... so according to the elevator we got Sonic 1, 2, 3, K, and then M (for Mania). Sonic CD isn't shown on there... and its timeslot in the timeline hasn't ever officially been confirmed. Now another interesting fact is that we are getting Stardust Speedway PAST. Or, at least what CD considers past. Here is my theory (and feel free to weigh in if you got comments): Sonic CD happens AFTER Sonic Mania. Thus, visiting the Sonic CD stages you play in the "past" versions BECAUSE the past IS THE PRESENT. 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> K -> M -> CD Could that be why CD isn't even on the elevator? Because it hasn't happened yet? It would make sense why we get zones from CD but in their PAST version (and then the time-travelling mechanic wouldn't be needed to be implemented). Opinions? Thoughts? Likes?
  12. The new Chemical Plant footage shows that hitting the green liquid bounces you hella high and makes that Wacky Workbench BOOP noise... so I think that's not coming back either.
  13. I don't recall anywhere specifying that 2 stages per game is guaranteed, but I do remember him saying that a zone from each game will be represented (S1,S2,S3,SK,SCD). Maybe there was another confirmation that I missed, but I believe that it was only confirmed that each game will get its own zone, not 2+ necessarily.
  14. Yeah that's what I'm thinking. As for the "building seen in the background", that existed in the original Sonic CD Past so I kind of doubt that it would be any form of hint towards a new level, but I don't know so anything could happen.
  15. No one has confirmed a stage count. This sounds just like a guesstimate. People like to hope (including me) that each game will get equal representation. 2 Zones per Game = 10 Returning Zones. To make that nearly a 40/60 split, there should be 6 New Zones. The sillhouette LOOKS like 5 Hard Boiled Heavies but I could see how a 6th might be there (in the messy part). Even if it is just 5, there could be 5 New zones followed up by a 6th new zone that doesn't have a hard boiled heavy (the final zone). 10 Returning 5 New w/Heavy 1 New w/out Heavy (Final Zone) It's all speculation, and I personally hope that's the way it turns out