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  1. From the looks of the video (and these screenshots) there was a good chunk of changed content. About 90% of it is nearly identical, but then the changes come in bursts rather than scattered throughout. My favourite of the pallete swaps that we've seen so far has got to be Chemical Plant, Hydrocity, and Oil Ocean.
  2. Screenshots from Encore Mode (sorry the video is down so i only got crappy lil screen grabs) Green Hill Zone Chemical Plant Studiopolis Flying Battery Press Garden Stardust Speedway Hydrocity Mirage Saloon Oil Ocean Lava Reef At Act 2 of Lava Reef the stream was killed and no further content has been seen. Enjoy
  3. I think the trick used on the stream was to use Debug Mode to skip the transitions. I think the scripted transitions break the Encore connection. Try that maybe?
  4. Looks like Mirage Saloon Act 1 is now a full non-plane stage for Sonic now in Encore Mode! So technically not a new zone, but still a brand new full act.
  5. Someone is streaming encore mode. In case you want to see it, Edit: <Stream Taken Down by Sonic The Hedgehog>
  6. Introducing new DLC to Sonic Mania! Sonic Mania Minus (& Knuckles)
  7. A new article/interview was posted with a few new screenshots (i dont recall if the angel island one was ever 100% cleanly visible before): https://www.famitsu.com/news/201805/01156313.html Plus lookin more and more amazing with each screenshot!
  8. Sonic Mania Plus: Official Trailer

    Hmm, looking at how Aaron Webber specified that its the final "gameplay" trailer, I think we still got one more trailer going for us? (like, them getting out of the elevator all together much like the Intro Scene to Sonic Mania?) 100% Animated, 0% Gameplay style? Sure hope so, it just seems weird that he said final "gameplay" trailer...
  9. Some changes I noticed that others haven't really pointed out: The Oil Ocean Act 2 boss seems to have had A LOT of changes to it: -When platforms are pulled down, you don't get insta-killed. -Rings slowly float down the oil -The lazer-shooting gun ONLY shoots 2 times (rather than 3) -The LavaReef "shooters" no longer focus on the player, but shoot AT Robotnik, then with each shot aim higher and higher -One of the LavaReef "shooters" moves to be on the other side of the middle platform to sink back down Overall, it looks like the boss is now A LOT easier, less Cheap, and not so much of a "waiting" game by a little. The Metal Sonic Boss fight had a few changes to the Middle-Phase of the battle: -The mini-sonics now, upon death, shoot out 4 "bullets" into the air -Those "bullets" can actually HURT Metal Sonic -Metal Sonic only takes 3 hits to defeat during that phase -When Metal Sonic "powers up" to shoot you during this phase, he has a new effect Overall, it looks like this phase has a new method to hurt Metal Sonic so players who don't know the "spin-dash into the minisonic" method don't get stuck and it lasts a lot less time. These changes are all super welcome Maybe I won't dread these parts of the game now!
  10. I think you're off by an hour. SXSW isn't going by EST, its CT. 2:30 hours remaining as of this minute.
  11. Oh I know, I never said that there CANT be a reveal. I just know that a lot of people (including that video up above posted by Soneez) claim that "last time at SXSW they revealed Sonic Forces and Mania!" so im just reminding people that it wasn't SXSW where it was revealed.
  12. Okay, i am just as hyped as most of you all, but everyone keeps bringing up this INCORRECT point as a "reassurance" that something big will be revealed. SXSW WAS NOT THE REVEAL OF SONIC MANIA/FORCES. SXSW 2016 was this: No reveals. They announced that there will be the Sonic 25th Anniversary Event on July 22nd. AT THAT ANNIVERSARY PARTY, they revealed Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces (on July 22nd, 2016). SXSW 2017 revealed Sonic Forces' name (so it wasn't just Project Sonic 2017) and Flying Battery Zone (+some more tiny bits) for Sonic Mania. People are mixing up SXSW with the Anniversary Event, and you need to remember that SXSW (for the past 2 years AT LEAST), has had NO game reveals. So remember, SXSW is NOT where the 2 games were revealed, so please keep that in mind when you think "oh they revealed Mania and Forces here, so they must reveal a new game here!" Just saving the potential disapointment down the line. Regardless... HYPE!
  13. New Sonic Forces Zone revealed: Casino Forest

    The way I see it is that things from the Classic Sonic Dimension are being warped into the Modern Sonic Dimension. Green Hill zone gets warped into a Desert. Casino Night zone gets warped into a Jungle. It's not that Eggman is rebuilding weird things like a copy of Casino Night in the modern world, but rather that original zone (hence why the slot machine uses CLASSIC ICONS) are being merged into the modern dimension in weird places. It's also why there is giant spikey vines attacking the casino in the background later in the act, as clearly it wasn't BUILT there, but rather landed there and nature is trying to tear it down. Classic Sonic, along with many things from Classic Sonic's Dimension being pulled into this dimension and just dropped places.
  14. New Sonic Forces Zone revealed: Casino Forest

    Sonic seems to like to glue to walls in this game when in ball mode (as shown in the gif many times) It looks like as sonic is falling, he's against the wall, and as the wall ends, its actually a curved edge (rounded corner) Thus, as sonic is glued to the wall, and he hits the curved corner, his vertical momentum converts slightly into horizontal momentum to stick along the curve. Since Sonic isn't glued to ceilings, he de-attaches at 45degress through the curve, and upon hitting the ground uncurls, but still has a good amount of horizontal momentum thanks to that split-momentum rounded wall/ceiling corner. At least that's what it looks like.
  15. The Sonic Mania Soundtrack thread!

    When ordering the Vinyl it clearly stated that there are only a select 16 tracks that Tee Lopes personally selected from the OST for the Vinyl. Im guessing its due to size limitations on the Vinyl? Either way, if you read the description you would have seen it clearly state that there would only be 16 selected tracks (not the entire OST).

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