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  1. From the looks of the trailer, it looks like it is all in-game vinyls. No external sources. By this I mean people will not be able to import their own custom vinyls. I think it's just a pre-set bunch of vinyls that you unlock and get to apply. Modders will probably find a way to plug in their own custom ones, but that will be a very round-about method that isn't part of the game infrstructure that the common audience will ever utilize, so I don't think it's worth worrying about
  2. Well... then this confirms that Green Hill zone isn't in this game, since that's before sonic 3 right? And how come Death Egg and Sky Sanctuary are the only 2 options? Just cause they used them in previous games? As for the lava stage. Yeah, fair observation in the fact that they have the mountain in the background of multiple stages, but again: How does that confirm a lava stage? It might just be there to keep consistency and make players feel like they are in different locations of a single world rather than completely different places. It's a thing in the background. You guys are counting "details" that exist in the background/doodads as confirmations of different zones? I'm just lost how that CONFIRMS anything.
  3. So reference to a place = confirmation of in-game zone? I feel like it would be kind of unnecessary to reference other zones within zones. That's like if Sonic Generations Rooftop Run having signs about Crisis City. What's the point of bleeding one zone into the others? Personally, I feel as though these signs are just for reference to make the world feel more like a world rather than a set of levels. And as for the Famitsu scan, (if im thinking of the right picture), it's just Sonic on a beach for a "cutscene" of dialogue. Does "on a beach" = "Seaside Hill confirmed"? Is there anything specific on that beach that indicates its Seaside Hill and not a different beach level? I can understand speculation if they might be "hinting" something, but i think its a bit dramatic to just say "oh Green Hill Zone is confirmed because theres a sign with the name on it in a different stage and Seaside Hill is confirmed because i saw a picture of a random beach". That's almost like looking at the new ice-themed level they brought and saying "wow look there's a patch of snow right there, I guess IceCap from Sonic 3 is confirmed" Just kind of a leap and i was curious if there was solid evidence or was it speculation. Heres to hoping they are just references and not official ❤️
  4. Ummm... where were those last 2 stages confirmed? I just looked around and see no sources that those 2 zones will be in this game...
  5. But... they aren't delaying the game... If the projected release window is "This Winter" on a video that came out in 2018, then they have until March 19th 2019 to release without the need of a delay. Doesn't sound like a Delay in my opinion, just a misunderstanding of the community.
  6. Huh, I disagree, personally. I really like the old design of Amy. Current Amy is just... boring with nothing unique/special to her look. At least back then she had a cute outfit that made her stand out. It gives her personality. That's my swing on it at least.
  7. I noticed that the original post has been edited to now omit the information about the new series... I totally don't think we were supposed to know about it lol ORIGINAL POST SCREENCAP:
  8. Thanks man! Really glad to hear it! I will consider a potential mobile port of it post-initial-release if possible, but due to the way the game controls (mouse location on screen affects the direction and impact of certain abilities) it might be difficult to implement for a mobile port. But post-release it might be worth it Currently, plans are to have the first Public Beta Test around the Winter Season so be sure to be following the Facebook/Twitter pages (description of the video) to stay on track for when the game is playable. Thanks again for your input and excitement. It truly means a lot!
  9. GMStudio (Though none of the drag/drop crap, all coded and done by me)
  10. Gemster312


    Hi there! I am a Indie Programmer/Pixel Artist. As a long-time fan of the Classic Sonic series (S3&K childhood fave, but the others are dope too), I have always been inspired for one day wanting to make an awesome 2D platformer. I have been working on my latest game; Dimension17 for the last half year and just this weekend (August 26-29 2018) my project was showcased at a gaming convention (RetroFX) and was met with a lot of great feedback! The game is a 2D exploration-based platformer that allows the player to explore the multi-dimensional world of "Virtuality" with a plethora of unique movesets to help you get around. At its core, it's fundamentals of design are heavily inspired by Sonic: -Anyone can play through and beat it through a slow and casual playthrough -But as you learn how to maneuver the world around you, your different movesets will allow you to speed-run through the world and have a thrill of skill and speed to conquer the game in unique and fun ways. The game controls via keyboard + mouse (unique controls for a platformer I know, but that's half the point of this project ), so it will be a PC exclusive (possibly Mac too). Release: TBD Hope you stick around and see it develop Social Media links for following the project can be found in the Description of the video! Thanks for reading/watching, and have a Wonderful day! Love, -Gemster312
  11. No they wouldn't, you get rid of them and the list is a clean 5 to 5: 3D: Colors Generations Lost World Lost World 3DS Rise of Lyric 2D: Colors DS Generations 3DS Sonic 4 II Shattered Crystal Fire & Ice And either way the 3D list is 100% Main-Line Sonic titles, while the 2D list is either 3DS ports or spin-offs. Every main-line Sonic game has been primary 3D with 2D in it. Most spin-offs are 2D games which are typically met with mixed rep.
  12. Yeah its really interesting because wasn't Super/Hyper Knuckles in S3&K faster when climbing walls?
  13. Not sure where to post this, but Sonic Discovery (original game title) logo was revealed today. Origin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmWjL2rUNlg&feature=push-u-sub&attr_tag=G1r9dZCAFjYbQ0Ri-6
  14. I just got my copy and there was no poster. Was the poster you could purchase separately?
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