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  1. I've always thought it was cool that when you stand on it, it stops shooting the flames for a bit. I had hoped there was a puzzle where the flame was heating something up (so you couldn't touch it without the fire shield), but if you stood on it and kept the flames from flowing, the object you need to climb on quickly cools down and then you can run on it after you jump off. They also acted as buttons sometimes for secrets. Those are always exciting
  2. This screenshot i believe is something we haven't yet seen of Flying Battery (correct me if im wrong). It's not from the original at all. Completely new look. Additionally, this is a (google translated) quote from the article about Flying Battery: " In addition, FLYING BATTERY ZONE (Flying Battery Zone) popular in "Sonic & Knuckles" is recorded. In the original version, it is a stage that comes and goes inside and out of an aerial battleship, but "Sonic Mania" has a thrilling stage structure running around the outside of the battleship." That's kind of a clue about what the rest of the stage will look like (how it will stand out from the classic)?
  3. Dude, don't be such an ass. The guy stated his opinion, you attacked him and started calling him a troll. Now because he clears up that it was his opinion you act like a little prick with the whole "congratulations"? Chill, we don't need this negativity. People have opinions, there is no need to start "congratulating" them for trying to defend themselves when they get attacked.
  4. *Fixed In all seriousness though, this theory of yours is really good, but only if 1 detail is true: The comparison of game length between Sonic Mania and Sonic Generations is purely based off of ZONE COUNT. They claimed that Sonic Mania is longer than Sonic Generations, but people often mis-read that as "Sonic Mania will have more zones than Sonic Generations" Although it is very possible, I believe they were referring to game length via TIME. Like, how long the experience is. If Sonic Generations can be beat in approximately 2 hours on average, Sonic Mania could take 3 hours to beat (but does NOT necessarily mean its zone count has to be larger). Also, I think calling "boss stages" as actual levels inside of Sonic Generations is just trying to squeeze that number higher. 9 zones, 2 acts per zone = 18 acts. Yes technically the bosses occur in a "separate level", but for being a quick like 2 minute battle that really takes place in a very caged limited space, i don't think that should count as a "whole level" towards your act counter. I really wish we could get clarification whether the Sonic Generations comparison was zone count, playtime length, or general experience (as Sonic Mania will have a plethora of replayability thanks to the multiple characters).
  5. Although this does make it sound like they will "turn against him", I don't believe it's going to be like a "now you work with Eggman to defeat these foes", but rather like they become too power hungry and they become your primary threat, not Eggman. Sure they might not be "subordinates" to Eggman (what a twist), but that doesn't mean you necessarily will work with Eggman. I imagine it'll be like this: -Eggman makes HBHs, you fight them across the stages -You reach Eggman and take him down -You realize the HBHs get too power-hungry and become an even larger threat than Eggman himself (they take themselves over) -The final boss isn't Eggman, it's the leader of the HBHs So it's not a story of siding with the badguy, its a story about badguy makes something that he cant keep control over, and it becomes the true villain in the end. Does that make sense?
  6. Did you guys notice in that image that a lot of the letters looked like they were pasted on there (badly photoshopped)? Clue maybe? The letters are: DKUOCGNAU Maybe it descrambles to something? Or since the letters are next to some buttons, is there a cheat code in any game that uses those particular buttons, and then tying the letters to each button in that sequence spells something out?
  7. Wouldn't the ability to split paths and go different routes just encourage re-playability? Although i love all the zones and it's cool to get the entire experience in 1 go, there's something magical about making each run-through potentially different not just because of routes, but because of zones. Most likely they won't do this, as that's a lot of work to make enough zones with multiple paths to ensure a single playthrough feels WHOLE, and because most of the playerbase might not know there are branching zones so most people will end up missing big chunks of the game if they don't even realize they branch zones. It's a cool concept, but one that would take a lot of effort to execute correctly.
  8. I personally grew up with the PC port, so I actually grew up hearing the "alternatives" to the music and still really love them (probably nostalgia's sake). No doubt the Genesis ones are superior (by a LOT), I always feel bad that people down-talk the PC ones so much. They aren't as great as the Genesis ones, but they still are pretty catchy. I hope if they bring in some of the zones with MJ-related music, they can find a loophole to use the Genesis version. Either way, I know Tee Lopes would find a fantastic way to make an alternative that will still rock!
  9. A super duper secret underwater volcano base.... IN SPACE!
  10. Multiple people have been reporting this around. It is strange, as Amazon continues to say on their website that the release date is "August 31" as a placeholder for the end of "Summer". Yet September 04 is after August 31. I know technically Summer doesn't end until like September 22nd, but honestly i wonder if they truly are delaying it to the point of "5 months remaining"? Additionally, the 4th of September is a Monday. Not a Tuesday oddly enough. I wonder if the "4th" is just considered the very next business day POST-SUMMER (if you think of summer being June-August), to ensure they got a solid date? I would take that date with a grain of salt
  11. I get the feeling it wont be a "transitionary" animation between zones. I think it's like how Sonic CD did the very end of the game. It shows a bunch of cute random scenes from in the game in animation style. So this would be a quick clip of Sonic finishing studiopolis, then suddenly the next heavy attacks. Much like how in CD, you saw the battle against Metal Sonic even after he was defeated because the animation wasn't identical to what happened in-game, but a collaberation of clips at the end.
  12. Honestly never thought of it like that haha Regardless, I do feel like a "light-hearted" happy sunshine palmtree-like stage would be an awful setting for a final stage. Like, I get it, it would be funny to have the "happiest looking stage be the hardest", but it wouldn't fit well with the whole aspect of the game having to lead up to something more intense. Like Sonic 1, it starts at Green Hill (happy), end in Scrap Brain (dark/evil). Sonic 2, it starts in Emerald Hill (happy), end in Metropolis/Death Egg (dark/evil). Sonic 3, it starts in Angel Island (happy), end in Death Egg (dark/evil). It's like a progression towards Eggman. In my opinion it should have the same build up, to a final epic boss battle in the death egg or someplace Eggman built. Not a little summer resort. But its a cute idea
  13. I can't translate, but I am MORE than certain that they would not include: Green Hill, Palmtree Panic, Angel Island, AND Mushroom Hill Zone. Too many green zones. Also, they are all too easy of zones. Not sure why they chose Chemical Plant zone there, maybe it's the most iconic sonic 2 zone that even casual fans could recognize?
  14. You do realize that Sonic Forces is a much bigger budget title than Sonic Mania? Revealing content about Sonic Mania will make a much less impactful consequence than revealing content about Sonic Forces. Additionally, Sonic Forces is further away from completion and the polish required for the game might not be ready for people to see. Sonic Mania needs to prove that it's NEW content via old zones, so more is shown. Forces is a BRAND NEW TITLE that isn't just "revisiting 60% old stages", so it doesn't need to prove that the "old content" will be new enough for us to enjoy. And to top all of that, the marketing team needs to ensure the audience buys all the products they sell. If you advertise 2 products the same amount, whilst one releases before the other, you will steer away customers because they will be too busy looking at the second product, completely oblivious to the first one. You advertise the next thing in line. 90% focus on Sonic Mania to build hype, while low-key build small hype for Sonic Forces allows the audience to know of Sonic Forces and be excited, but still be more inclined and interested in the product that's going to hit the shelves soon. Once Sonic Mania launches, you can bet that Sonic Forces will have a LOT more content visible (because now they want everyone looking at the next product). It's a business and marketing tactic combo. "No one is forcing Sonic Team to only show small snippets of Forces." Both the business and marketing teams are forcing them to not reveal a lot because ITS NOT YET TIME TO SHOW IT. They want people interested in curious, but if they build the hype too soon, before even Sonic Mania is out the door, the hype will die out. They obviously aren't expecting everyone to buy the game based off of the very little we have been shown. They just want to give us an appetizer. Think about it, why would they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions even, on a project they "aren't confident about"? It's marketing. Not failure. Maybe to you, and everyone else here who is a die-hard sonic fan, but to the 99% of the population who is going to buy the game, this is genius because they won't even know what hit them when it does. So chill They are being forced. Sonic Marketing Force(d)