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  1. New Sonic Forces Zone revealed: Casino Forest

    The way I see it is that things from the Classic Sonic Dimension are being warped into the Modern Sonic Dimension. Green Hill zone gets warped into a Desert. Casino Night zone gets warped into a Jungle. It's not that Eggman is rebuilding weird things like a copy of Casino Night in the modern world, but rather that original zone (hence why the slot machine uses CLASSIC ICONS) are being merged into the modern dimension in weird places. It's also why there is giant spikey vines attacking the casino in the background later in the act, as clearly it wasn't BUILT there, but rather landed there and nature is trying to tear it down. Classic Sonic, along with many things from Classic Sonic's Dimension being pulled into this dimension and just dropped places.
  2. New Sonic Forces Zone revealed: Casino Forest

    Sonic seems to like to glue to walls in this game when in ball mode (as shown in the gif many times) It looks like as sonic is falling, he's against the wall, and as the wall ends, its actually a curved edge (rounded corner) Thus, as sonic is glued to the wall, and he hits the curved corner, his vertical momentum converts slightly into horizontal momentum to stick along the curve. Since Sonic isn't glued to ceilings, he de-attaches at 45degress through the curve, and upon hitting the ground uncurls, but still has a good amount of horizontal momentum thanks to that split-momentum rounded wall/ceiling corner. At least that's what it looks like.
  3. The Sonic Mania Soundtrack thread!

    When ordering the Vinyl it clearly stated that there are only a select 16 tracks that Tee Lopes personally selected from the OST for the Vinyl. Im guessing its due to size limitations on the Vinyl? Either way, if you read the description you would have seen it clearly state that there would only be 16 selected tracks (not the entire OST).
  4. Sonic Mania Modding

    Yo, how do I extract it? I downloaded retrun and every time I run: retrun x Data.rsdk -2 I get an "Error creating directory during rextraction! Invalid argument" Can't find anything online for assistance.
  5. Sonic Mania Modding

    It looks like not even a day past the release of Sonic Mania for the PC and modding has begun (these videos were posted on the same day of the game release lol) Sonic Mania - Chibi Sonic Release: Sonic Mania - Knuckles w/Tails (+Knuckles has Drop Dash) Sonic Mania - Sonic has Tails' moveset Lets hope the modding expands to more than simple character sprite swaps Let the modding, begin! (Post any other Mods you find here!)
  6. About time we hear the official thing
  7. Did you somewhere sign up for a review key? How'd they even know your email? Did the code work?
  8. Sonic Mania Vinyl - Now Pre-Orderable!

    According to the Data Disks twitter it looks like Tee Lopes chose 16 particular tracks he wants on the Vinyl. Updated OP to mention this. Guess this isn't much of a hint anymore
  9. Hi everyone, Just a friendly reminder that the Sonic Mania Vinyl is now available to order! https://data-discs.com/products/sonic-mania It comes in 3 versions: -Classic Black -Translucent Blue -Limited Edition Color Splatter NOTE: The limited edition is only available for the next 52 hours (this was posted at 00:00 PST Saturday 7/22/17, so it ends at 04:00 PST Monday 7/24/17) Price: £19.99 + (£9.80 International Shipping or £5.00 Local Shipping) International Price in Dollars: ~$38.79 Total EDIT: The Vinyl comes with 16 Tracks (not full OST). They are all hand-picked by Tee Lopes Enjoy!
  10. The Sonic Mania Soundtrack thread!

    Wow, wait, one thing to note in the description of this Disk: "The Sonic Mania LP features 16 new tracks by composer Tee Lopes" Is it possible that this Vinyl will only include New Zone music? Or New Act Music? (i.e. non-act 1 of returning stages) 1 MiniBoss 1 Hard Boil Heavies 1 End Of Zone Boss 1 Final Boss 12 Remaining Tracks That either means... -1 track per act (2 per zone), but only 6 new zones or -1 track per zone, but a total of 12 zones?
  11. Hidden Rings in Mania - 50 Rings to Enter?

    It is very heartening to see how much people love Sonic Mania and discuss things without being at each others throats *coughcoughSONICFORCEScough* Everyone knows this game will be great. Fantastic at the very least. I genuinely can't be more excited! I will be speculating every last possible angle of this game before it releases Im glad you find pleasure in that too!
  12. Hidden Rings in Mania - 50 Rings to Enter?

    Sonic 1 - Need 50 rings to get into Giant End Ring Sonic 2 - Need 50 rings to get into Sign Post Sonic CD - Need 50 rings to get into Giant End Ring Sonic 3/K - Need to find hidden Giant Ring It didn't seem far fetched of an idea, as a game that's supposed to take elements from all of the classics, to think it might be a combination of needing 50 rings and finding a giant hidden ring. In fact I thought it would be a cool extra layer of challenge. And we all know it's a wire-frame for the builds that were shown off in the demos. They didn't want to show the special stages yet. But, from a programming standpoint, wouldn't it have been simpler to just NOT put anything in those areas rather than create a new mesh, and add it to these beta builds of the maps for the demo? I am a game programmer, and that just seems like wasted time. But I can't speak for everyone, as everyone programs differently. I had thought exactly as you did, its a placeholder wire-mesh, but if you watch the video i posted in the OP, it sounded like that guy got to play a special review copy and he explained it as though you unlock access to the giant rings if you have a certain amount of rings (as he made it sound like he had a more recent build that might have had special stages activated). I don't think it was a "crazy" speculation. It seemed fairly reasonable and the guy in the video threw me (and a few others) off. At least we know its like S3&K for sure
  13. So this is an interesting video. The person talks about Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces, but when talking about Sonic Mania he brings up that he's played either 5 or 6 levels. Seeing as the only publicly available levels are: Green Hill Zone Act 1/2, Studiopolis Act 1, and Mirage Saloon Act 2, that's only 4 stages IF he got to play all of them across the different conventions. He also said that the Sega individuals TOLD him what to not play (in the demos you can't pick and choose any levels that you SHOULDNT be playing, you could only pick the ones displayed in the demo screen). This makes me think that he actually got a more complete version of the game to test out. Now at 2:58-ish he brings up one interesting thing: "There's the massive ring you find during the level and its an outline unless you collect enough rings before you find that" Having played a bigger build, maybe what he witnessed is true and those HIDDEN RINGS aren't as easy as "find it", but also have that Sonic 1/Sonic 2 mechanic where you need 50 rings to enter? Clearly that isn't the case in the demos that we have seen before, but maybe that's the way it works in the legit builds? What do you guys think?
  14. I completely agree. I sure hope this user just accidentally went across the most boring path and that, just like Green Hill, there is some "underground" or just alternative pathway that looks unique that hasn't been seen yet.