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  1. A little late... That depends on what the petition is about. Currently the petition to move Boom to Disney is around 250 votes. If that number doesnt shoot up its not going to happen. However the more votes a legal viable petition has, the more likely for it to have a big impact.
  2. Sorry. My bad. I'l work on my humour some more if you want. My favourite thing about it is the graphics. Its AWESOME
  3. I enjoyed the not so subtly hidden references about politics and racism, and also the way the Boom staff managed to foreshadow the US election, but what I really enjoyed most of all was the solidifying of Sticks and Amy's firm relationship. We have had plenty of episodes emphasising that Sonic and Tails treat each other like brothers, their relationship is that strong, and it was great to have an episode mainly based on Sticks and Amy. It would be nice to have some more episodes focusing on the way other characters treat each other, Tails and Sticks for instance, but on the other hand I doubt that it will happen for some reason. Tails/Sonic and Sticks/Amy are known to have a strong relationship, and I doubt that other sets of characters will be shown to have ones as strong.
  4. I joined! :P

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      Your background is different. Away from the lunch table with you.

    2. Sonic+Shadow+Silver=OP


      Lol, cnt be bothered to change that.

      Mite as well change back now.

      No, cnt even be bothered to do that :(


    3. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Excellent news nonetheless. 

  5. I've heard both. I know that Shadow is created, as a character, to be a dark version of Sonic. I have also heard that they have identical abilities and speed. However, although 06 shows that the three hedgehogs can all use chaos control to warp time and space, which does support the fact that Sonic and Shadow have the same abilities, Sonic cannot teleport and I have also read in character descriptions of Sonic that he is 'the fastest hedgehog in the world'.
  6. On one hand, at least they have bothered to air the show at all. It is better than nothing.
  7. I saw that video a couple of days ago, I was one of the first to watch and like it. I'm not really surprised that it got so many views, scenes like that don't come often. Also I really like that picture, it's awesome. On the other hand I don't think Sega and CN are going to stop neglecting the show, they will probably view it as a one off. They probably look at it from a statistics point of view, which is that views in the US are barely scraping 100,00 while in Season one they averaged about 1,000,000. (According to wikipedia), and they probably think its better to play reruns of other despicable stupid discarded matter.
  8. The episode also presents Amy quite a lot more shrewd and intelligent than I made her. I suspected that she had a inkling of what people though about her, but what she came up with was a far more accurate and true summary of her character than I could have come up with. Furthermore, it was quite funny how she describes herself as a tough little girl who 'eats her enemies for breakfast', I just wish she had a chance to give Barker a bash on the head, and his cronies too for that matter.
  9. Right. Since the probability of what his image is suggesting is virtually non-existent, I;m guessing that it's Knuckles daydream, or just Knuckles just caught Amy after she fell as a consequence of Knuckles doing something unadvisable, and nothing happened overall.
  10. Yes, but on 2D Sonic the different acts are virtually the same, with just different enemies and more pitfalls on the harder acts. The graphics are not really any good compared to 3D. I don't understand how you can find 3D boring and 2D not. With 3D, its more realistic and the storylines are more complex and interesting than 2D.
  11. Hello guys. Nice to meet you. I'm only 15 years old, which means I'm one of the younger ones here, something I admit I didn't expect. I first got hooked up by Sonic the hedgehog by playing the 06 game. Although people didn't like it, I loved it, especially the 3 main characters, as you can probably tell from my profile picture. I play rugby, and one of the fastest on my team, though Sonic is probably around 1 trillion times faster than me . I really enjoy debating, and I don't mind getting into heated arguments if there is something worth arguing about. To be honest, I only really like Sonic when the graphics are good, which is why I prefer Project Sonic 2017 over Sonic mania, and why I mainly spend my time on the forum talking on the topic concerning the Sonic Boom TV series.
  12. I wouldn't bet on it. At this stage in time, I have completely misplaced all my trust in Cartoon Network and Sega. My guess is that they will leave things as they are. I hope they don't. It would be nice to see myself proved wrong on this occasion, and maybe they will start to treat Sonic Boom with more respect.
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