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  1. I'm guessing the footage we saw wasn't even the latest build of the game. There's still hope then that maybe certain aspects of the level have been tweaked since this gameplay footage.
  2. Okay, so here's a little story time: I've been tutoring kids for a while now and, just earlier today, 6 or 7 hours ago in fact, I was helping this 7 year old kid with her English work. My text alert tone on my phone is the ring sound effect and believe it or not she actually recongised it and said "hey, that's the sound from Sonic!". After that I was like "yeah it is and if you finish your work I might even show you a brand new Sonic game that's coming soon!" 'Cause, why not. Clearly it worked because she actually finished her work. So I decided to show her the new Sonic Forces footage (btw at this point this was the first time I actually heard the music, it was weird as hell) and after Sonic went through the S-tube for the second or third time, she says, and I seriously am not making this up: "why does he go so slow and then really fast, I can't even keep up" When the hell did kids become so woke
  3. I was trying to do a surprised face but it came out weird 'cause I'm doing all this on my phone, cut me some slack here haha 😤 But yeah I just thought it was cool considering the fact that we didn't get shields out of item boxes in both Generations and Lost World, so this is pretty neat.
  4. Anyone see this?
  5. Here's another pic that shows the new motobug. I really like how the badniks look in this and I especially dig the LED-esque design, it looks pretty cool.
  6. To be fair, I don't think he was a fan of Sonic in the first place haha Ugly? Nah, I don't think so. Look at it, it's a li'l cutie.
  7. Oh boy, what am I in for...? 😓
  8. I haven't watched with sound yet, but I dunno... That looks very nice, honestly.
  9. Well, that certainly goes hand in hand with all the connections people have been making between Sonic Forces and X-Men: Days of Future Past. To be honest, I kind of like this idea of Sonic Team using Forces to retcon the inconsistencies of older games. They're not gonna do it, but it's a nice pipe-dream. Can't wait for the Sonic version of Logan. That must be what cones next right?
  10. I really hope they do show the full modern level. I think with Generations we saw the full modern Green Hill not long after the initial gameplay reveal, so I'd say we're pretty much at that point now. I'd doubt that we'll see anything tomorrow, but stranger things have happened... 🙄
  11. I seriously hope this is the case. I think the whole 'Act 1 is Classic, Act 2 is Modern' thing was alright in Generations, but adding a new playstyle as Act 3 might just end up making this new character feel like the third wheel. Obviously, this all depends on what the third style even is.
  12. Did she really need to though...? The animators perfectly telegraphed her personality without the use of any spoken language and overall it was just great visual storytelling. If she spoke there's a much larger chance of her either becoming more annoying or drastically altering how people view her as a character.
  13. I think we are far from having Sonic be a silent protagonist at this point. He would've worked so much better as a silent protag, imo. I guess it would just be weird for Sonic to completely stop talking after having a voice for all these years. I don't think there's anyway they could get around that. I don't think people are saying to outright get rid of voices altogether, it's just that they need to dial things back in terms of what Sonic says. Especially when they make him say stupid nonsense; that stuff can seriously damage people's perception of a character.