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  1. I'm not entirely sure what the general consensus on Cream is, but I think she's neat. It's always just bizarre and funny to see such passionate hatred for her. According to Wikipedia, Thomas East of Official Nintendo Magazine ranked her as 5th worst Sonic character, Christian Nutt of Gamespy called her "dopey-looking" and Jim Sterling (at the time writing for GamesRadar) said "she represents everything wrong with Sonic characters" and said that her name was too random. This, to me, is so baffling! She's literally one of the most inoffensive characters ever invented! Hell, I'd actually take Cream over Silver or Omega any day. This is going to sound super harsh but I also think it's important to note that these critiques all come from fully grown adult men who seem to have underestimated the actual appeal that cute characters like Cream can have to little kids. One of my younger cousins is always telling me about how much she likes Cream in Sonic Dash. With that in mind, seeing adults saying things like "this innocent cute little rabbit literally represents everything wrong with sonic characters!!" kind of makes you cringe a little lol. There are so many worse characters to choose from. I also came across this video where this guy basically says that they should kill off Cream or relegate her to an extremely minor role on the same level as Froggy: I grew up with the Advance games so of course this character was always going to have a special place in my heart and obviously I don't think she's objectively the greatest thing ever haha. I was just really surprised to see this much hatred for a character that I always considered harmless. Is this a major thing? Is she really this badly hated or is this all blown way out of proportion? Maybe someone here passionately hates this character and I'd like to know why.
  2. Was born in '97 and grew up with the Advance trilogy and classics on Mega Collection & Gems Collection, but the first ever 3D Sonic game I played was Sonic Heroes. I honestly like both equally. 3D is nowhere near perfect though; there's still a LOT of room for improvement. 2D Sonic is still a strong foundation that can be expanded on.
  3. Well, here's a cool little cover of Infinite's theme. Featuring long time Sonic fanatic: Arin Hanson.
  4. I'm also expecting the whole typical 'new bad guy betrays Eggman so now Eggman and Sonic have a temporary truce until the bad guy is defeated' thing, but here's an idea: What if Infinite becomes good and actually teams up with Sonic to take down Eggman in the final battle? That'd be an interesting twist. Especially considering the theme "Fist Bump", I think they're trying to go with this idea of friendship or something. In the "Enter Infinite" trailer you can even see the custom character trying to give Infinite a fist bump so I think it's possible. I think people brought this up ealier but it would be nice to see. I'm gonna be honest, the only time Eggman being overpowered by one of his lackeys was ever interesting or fun was in Sonic Advance 3. Every other time has just felt so painfully cliché. If I see it in Forces I won't be surprised.
  5. Maybe the lower framerate and resolution make the game's fundamental flaws more noticeable? ??? EDIT: Actually that's pretty stupid now that I think about it
  6. Well I hope the SA3 people are happy, because this seems exactly like the kind of stuff they were asking for.
  7. Shadow is no longer the top edge-lord of the franchise
  8. More time in the oven won't do anything if you're following the wrong recipe.
  9. These previews aren't exactly spelling good news for Forces, but if Forces does end up bombing critically then I really hope we can end this whole "oh Sonic fans don't appreciate anything!" nonsense. If Forces bombs then it'll mean that people were right to remain skeptical. Stuff like this video just drives me crazy. How can anyone think that way? This video basically implies that Sonic Boom was something the fans had been asking for for ages and that SEGA delivered a quality product but we just threw it back in their faces and I'm just there like: "No...? That's not how it happened at all"
  10. Lol nevermind. Someone said it as a goof and I actually believed it, so that's 100% my bad. ? egg on my face...
  11. Don't forget this little gem: I have no faith in the Sonic movie at all. I swear I heard somewhere that apparently Will Ferrel was going to be the voice of Sonic. If that's true then I may physically breakdown. Just... no, pls no. EDIT: lol forget that Will Ferrel bit
  12. http://kotaku.com/sonic-forces-impressions-great-when-it-sticks-to-its-r-1796106738/amp Kotaku article on Forces. Surprisingly enough, the character creator got the most positive feedback. A big complaint was that you can't pick up rings after getting hit (which is really dumb, imo, I don't get why Sonic Team thought this was a good idea).
  13. What is the deal with this pose that Modern Sonic always does? Why's he giving himself a thumbs up? lol, I've always hated it.
  14. Footage of the PS4 version Shows Park Avenue in its entirety. Also, looks like there's another Sonic! Wow! 3 Sonics. The fun never ends.
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