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  1. http://kotaku.com/sonic-forces-impressions-great-when-it-sticks-to-its-r-1796106738/amp Kotaku article on Forces. Surprisingly enough, the character creator got the most positive feedback. A big complaint was that you can't pick up rings after getting hit (which is really dumb, imo, I don't get why Sonic Team thought this was a good idea).
  2. What is the deal with this pose that Modern Sonic always does? Why's he giving himself a thumbs up? lol, I've always hated it.
  3. Footage of the PS4 version Shows Park Avenue in its entirety. Also, looks like there's another Sonic! Wow! 3 Sonics. The fun never ends.
  4. Can I get this image framed, this looks awesome
  5. Hot take: Sonic Forces looks pretty fun
  6. Okay they played the initial CG trailer again during the Pre-show and I noticed a few things: Compare this with the original version SEGA showed last year:
  7. Yeah the more I look at it the more it seems animated, which is totally fine.
  8. I think this game looks pretty fun! Also that wrecking blade has some nice physics going on. I wonder if it's just a preset that comes with the Havok engine or something.
  9. I think I found it! Is this the right one?
  10. and yet the Runners Adventure render looks so much better than Lost World's render. Seriously that was just such an ugly looking render, at least this new one shows off his spike silhouette. 🙉
  11. Brand new gameplay footage of the Custom Hero just leaked by the way
  12. I swear to God if the next remastered level is Sky Sanctuary, I'm gonna... be very happy because I would actually like to see how the Mania team re-invents that level, that would be pretty interesting.
  13. ...😓 Why does the UK have to wait until release date to get these cool themes?
  14. The new Sonic Forces trailer is #1 trending on YouTube at the moment. I'm not sure if that means anything to anyone, but there you go
  15. Why does modern Sonic look so sad in that thumbnail? Poor guy has to fake a smile.