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  1. *birthday jingles and mingles* happy birthday

  2. This is my main issue with Dark Gaia, it's broken up into SO many segments which makes it way longer than it should be, IMO! That and dealing important blows requires QTEs, of course.
  3. Oh god now I feel so silly for buying all three games on XBLA... I'm so happy they're doing this, ever since CD I'd hoped they would keep going! Also Backbone hates me so.... fuckyea
  4. As great as rontu is, this isn't pixel art as it doesn't have a pixel-by-pixel level of refinement. But yes, he is awesome, I especially love his hydrocity image-
  5. I fucking love Del's artwork! So expressive and funny. http://noseshark.deviantart.com/
  6. He's def. got some drawing talent. The shading looks quite nice!
  7. I actually kinda do too. Makes them feel more like hedgehog quills and less like funky hair. But as said, I can't image that would be anything less than awkward to animate, and Sonic is fine as he is imo. It's nice to see so many people fond of his current look. :3c
  8. All this Zelda talk actually makes me interested to have a sonic world with all the more cartoony and whacky Zelda NPC style, i.e. the Happy Mask Salesman and Tingle. It's one of those styles that are distinctly Japanese but don't sacrifice emotion for the sake of it!
  9. I fucking love all the jazz incorporated in SA1's OST. I think that and CD JP are tied for me.
  10. I was one of the people who really liked Unleashed, and I kinda 'left' the fanbase for a bit after getting frustrated at the constant complaints that I just didn't see in the game. Never really lost interest in the franchise itself.
  11. Y'know, to be the honest, the only thing that truly bothers my about the model was the need for them to add what appear to be lips... I don't understand why people keep doing this with Sonic. I don't think it's possible to make something like that look good on such a simplistic character; and it seemed like all the ads for this had them!
  12. B-b-but South Island /= Angel Island? I dunno I think Tails would've been way less confusing!
  13. Does it really make sense for Knuckles to be there if it's a prequel to 1, though?
  14. Speaking of SA2, it kind of bothers me when people say that Shadow and Maria were love interests to validate Sonic and Elise. They weren't?? It's the Dead Little Sister trope.
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