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  1. But he said that they just got a new writing team.
  2. But it's true. They just found out about a new writing team and it's like they're part of the new writing team. Let's stick to just that. No exceptions.
  3. But I still say that Twitter user was telling the truth about Sonic Boom and that new writing team. Let's stick to just that.
  4. Speaking of Sonic Forces, I get busy with lots of stuff, so I don't know when I get a copy of the game or the soundtrack on vinyl...
  5. But superjake364 is telling the truth... Sonic Boom might have a better chance of getting a season 3 now that we have a new writing team.
  6. Not exactly... The series isn't actually over yet, just look at this tweet from superjake364 on Twitter.
  7. Just to let you know, the Sonic Boom DVD called Go Team Sonic will be released in 24 days.
  8. No need to worry, guys. With Sonic DVDs that I have like Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic SATAM, Sonic Underground, Sonic X, and Sonic Boom (which might get a season 3, hopefully), we'll be alright.
  9. Aww man that's sad. I don't use Hulu, though.
  10. Like I said, It's SEGA's decision that season 3 of Sonic Boom will happen, not our decision.
  11. You know, just because I really want a season 3 of Sonic Boom doesn't mean the show is done forever. It's up to SEGA to decide if a season 3 might happen or not.
  12. It's done for now, until season 3 gets announced someday.
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