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  1. ...huh, that actually worked! Everything is running the way it should be now! Thanks a lot!
  2. So I finally got around to trying out mods on my steam copy of Generations and for the most part I've been following the instructions pretty carefully. But whenever I try to use the Unleashed project mod I keep coming across the same issues. First off if I do a new game, I automatically start Windmill Isle Act 1 as Classic Sonic with no way to progress past that homing attack spring because he is not equipped with a homing attack. So I either have to load up a saved file or use the 100% clear file they provided to actually enjoy the rest of the mod. Except when I try to on any stage other than Windmill Isle Act 1 or 2, the game crashes before I'm even a minute into the stage. On top of that, enemies don't seem to exist in any of the stages. The most I saw was some Egg Pawns in Arid Sands, but that's about it, they're all barren and crash within the first 30 seconds of playing. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, these issues rarely ever come up in any discussions or videos I see of this mod. Can anyone tell me what I can do to solve these issues? Because I really REALLY want to enjoy this freaking mod, it's the whole reason I'm even bothering to put up with all of this PC gaming confusion nonsense in the first place (I'm more of a console gamer at heart, and this is only pushing me further back into that camp now).
  3. Gotta say, I'm really excited by this. A return to form with the Boost formula is exactly what I've been wishing for ever since Lost World...happened. The use of LW assets kind of has me skeptical, but I'm still so overjoyed to see a return and refinement of the gameplay style I've loved so much. It's honestly what I felt they should have been doing this whole time, keeping what works and refining and adding to it in ways to make it even better. I also love the return to visual flare the Hedgehog Engine 2 seems to promise, I can't wait to see both the graphics and the gameplay in a much more proper resolution in the coming months!
  4. Odd, could have sworn it said March originally. Oh well. Summer still sounds more likely at this point, but I guess we'll see in a few hours.
  5. Half of my whole point was that Amy doesn't really act like that anymore, her infatuation for Sonic has been pretty toned down, so changing her age wouldn't really "ruin" the point of her character. And no matter what age that's at, she hasn't reached true "creepiness" levels at all. People see the fact that she chases him around everywhere and assume it also means she follows him home, into the bathroom, the doctor's office, etc, when you can tell right off that bat she's not that crazy. XP
  6. So basically "here's the general idea", but headcanon still works just as well?
  7. Sigh, well I care about little details like that, so it's really hard for me to "just ignore that and enjoy what's there" when they put it out there in the first place. How exactly would I cope with that, just ignore whatever kind of "official" bio there is about such things and enjoy the rest of the franchise with my own interpretations and impressions unless Sega releases bios that agree with how I view things? If it's really that simple, I guess I could live with that, but it would still be nagging at some part of my head.
  8. At this point I'd rather take intentional vagueness of age rather than clear specificity and then blase attempts at perpetuating the age while also including events that would normally signify an advancing of age. If they had just described Sonic, Amy, and the rest of the cast as "teenagers, kids, young adults, adults, etc." without making a number up for each of them, none of this would have ever been a problem for me. They could have even said that Amy was a "tiny bit younger than Sonic" and I still wouldn't have a problem because I would still have no real number to work with. Why even bother being specific about these characters' ages anyway if they aren't even placed in settings where that would even matter, nobody seems to go to school or drink or anything (and yet seemingly they all can drive...). Again, she still looks a little too close in physical age to Sonic, a 15 year old, to really be passed off as a character meant to cater to that kind of a niche crowd...if that was ever even the intention in the first place (really doubt it was). Those kinds of people are attracted to a body type, not a number.
  9. Okay I'm gonna have to call bull on that. That only works convincingly if you never gave a character's age to begin with, like Mickey Mouse. How else is anyone who knew of Sonic's 15 year old age prior to Generations supposed to interpret that scene? You don't explicitly need candles on a cake to signify you're a year older, it's just an optional ornamentation you can do to that end. I can agree that they never tried to be specific about his birthday details (No "Happy 16th Birthday Sonic" or anything like that), but you're trying to suggest to me that they're trying to maintain this illusion that Sonic can literally have his cake and eat it too? How is anyone supposed to buy that? You could pull that off with characters like Mario cause you never put an age to that name, but as soon as they gave Sonic an age they should have seen this as a possible problem later down the line. If that really is the case though, then they seriously DO need to change how they feel about that, cause that honeslty makes me feel more used than catered to. XP
  10. Well again, not that I disagree with the change in her behavior, I just wish her age backed it up better, at least from a more global perspective. I'm well aware that 13 is the age of consent in Japan, so if it's a matter of cultural difference I supposed that makes a little bit of sense. But everyone's personalities are largely based off of more Western interpretations of these character models (the cocky teenager, the boy genius, the bossy fangirl, etc), these days more than ever. If it really does come down to a matter of cultural differences, it seems really odd that that's the one Eastern thing left in there that isn't shared with the West. But on that note I must ask, how many 12-13 year olds get to live on their own in Japan, because unless I'm mistaken you have to be either 15 or 16 before you can do that?
  11. Actually I don't believe they ever gave Amy's age back in the classic days. It wasn't really until Sonic Adventure when every character had a profile that stated their age at that time (I think Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles were the only ones with any sort of facts/profile thing before Adventure). The only time an age was placed on her back then was in the Archie comic series where she indeed was the same age as Tails, 8, before an item in the story was used to artificially age her body 4 years (again, still pretty developed for a 12 year old, but whatevs). As soon as she was officially inducted into the Freedom Fighters as a full-on member, her age was pretty much never brought up, referenced, or even relevant again, and that trend has carried on into the post-reboot era of the comics. Well if that's the case and I shouldn't be taking the age thing seriously, then why can't I just ignore any un-updated profile and assume all the cast members are meant to be 1 year older than their bios originally said? Kind of weird to suggest I should disregard the meaningless trivia and then suggest that I should believe the trivia over the franchise's one reference of a character getting older until the meaningless trivia agrees with it.
  12. At the very least Sonic and Knuckles, I could understand if Sticks was meant to be a bit younger (actually, is she the only one not given an official age. I guess she can be anything she wants now). Honestly it feels less like this show was made for kids and more like it was made for fans my age, with the snarky witty banter, fanbase jokes, and again the way that most of the characters act feels more reflective of college students. But maybe I'm just stuck in my bubble of college friends who talk like that and love to keep making references to video games, shows, and movies from our childhoods, and for all I know the stereotypes of ages below me have changed. But I kind of doubt it.
  13. Again, that may have worked in the early days, but it's just not as convincing to me anymore (especially when that same stereotype can be applied to a lot of older teenagers anyway). They've heavily toned down the fangirlyness, or at least have been heavily inconsistent with it as of late. And again, anyone can be a brat at any age, Sonic even acts bratty at times, I don't think that can really be used as an excuse anymore. I like how they're writing her to be a little toned down in the fangirly-girly department, but I just wish that the age supported that better. And in what part of the US is a 12 year old expected to act like how she does in Boom? She acts more like girls around my age group, and I'm 23! The only time I've ever seen her act in any way that was considered "typical" of 12 year olds was in the episode where she and Sticks are freaking out over a Justin Bieber parody. To be quite honest, I don't think the Boom team was ever even considering her "official" age when writing the material, they just wanted to get the character and interactions down in a fluid and entertaining manner, which I appreciate. The only drawback is that they still have to adhere to Sega's rule and if questioned, answer that she is 12/13.
  14. Really it doesn't make much sense when you think about it. Her official profile always listed her as 12, and Sonic Generations' age boost would make her 13 by now, but does she even remotely sound or act like she's a tween? Maybe in the earlier days of the Adventure era you could argue that, but even then she still sounded and acted like what a "typical" teen would be stereotyped as. Not to mention the way she's drawn and how she looks physically closer to Sonic in terms of age (as opposed to say Cream who would be about half her age), and the way she's always paired with him, it just never made sense to me that they would have that much of an age gap between them. It's certainly a lot more noticeable these days in both the main and Boom franchises, even with the early use of the "Minnie Mouse voice" Cindy Robinson still made Amy sound significantly older than you'd expect a 12-13 year old to sound, and Boom Amy? Hahaha, yeah no, there is no way that girl is 12, the way she talks, acts, and sounds it feels much closer to that of a young college student, a mid-high schooler at the very least. It's clear that with everything they do with Amy her age is never really a factor in anything, so why even bother with such a bizarre age anyway? I know most people run and hide when the word "retcon" is even thought of, but for this sort of thing, it would be the one retcon I would welcome with open arms. She's acting as mature as a teenaged girl can possibly get, why not just cut the pretenses and make that her age, or at the very least be the same age as Silver or Blaze, one year younger than Sonic? I don't know, is anyone else bugged by this, because this always confused me. Whether you ship her and Sonic together or not, you got to admit the way she is portrayed these days in any context heavily contradicts what Sega decreed should be set in stone. And in the event that you do ship them (like me), the age difference is kind of a weird thing to address. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, age really is just a number, and as long as you aren't dealing with the society of school or are both above the legal age threshold, 3 years really doesn't seem like that huge of a gap. And it's not like I'd expect the two of them to start banging right away anyhow, but at some point at least one of them is going to have to wait 3 years bored out of their minds. But at the same time, the levels of maturity between them doesn't really support the "official" ages Sega swears are sacred. I get that girls tend to mature faster than boys and this can sometimes lead them to be interested in slightly older boys that would be on that same mental and emotional level, but there are plenty of times where it seems Amy out-matures Sonic (again, especially in Boom), and to suggest that a 12-13 year old can be more mature than a 15-16 year old? That's...a really rare, bold, and bizarre thing to suggest. I don't know, would anyone else be fine with this being the one thing they would ever retcon in the franchise? Because I swear, it confuses me so much that SEGA's name has taken on a whole new meaning to me. "AGES" spelled backwards, as in their perception of how ages work is all backwards. XP
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