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I've been a reoccurring visitor on this site for years, but now I've decided to properly "move in" so I can at least put a face to a name (well, as much of a face as a picture of Sonic will serve as, lol). Had to make a slight edit to my name (since I've been using "Hero" as a visitor name so much), so I'm the same Hero, just with a "0" instead of an "o" (thank you leet speak). I'd really like to use my fan character as an avatar at some point, but I don't have any particularly good scans at the moment, so that'll have to wait (I have one, you have one, no use in trying to be ashamed of it).

Anyway, obviously I'm a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. Classic, Modern, Boom, cartoon, anime, comic, other, you name it, I have at least some level of love for all his media (or at the very least respect). If I had a particular preference, I guess I would lean more towards Modern since, well, it's where the series is now, but it's also where I jumped onto the series and I since spent time playing backwards and forwards until I've finally gotten all caught up with everyone else by the time Generations first came out. Sonic Unleashed is my most favorite game out of the series so far (yes, Werehog included, don't judge me, okay?).

Favorite Sonic voice? Well everyone's got their strengths and weaknesses, so they're all likable to a degree. I think what determines your favorite is usually who you were exposed to first, and for me that was Jason Griffith. He'll always be Sonic to me, I always felt his performance captured the spirit of Sonic best, a cocky smart alec with a sense of justice, passion for what's right, a love of adventure, a witty sense of humor, a good taste for competition, and a touch of a sensitive side (I guess I would call it a "cockier, wittier Goku" if I were to simplify it, lol). Not every line he had was a winner, but then again he's not the one who writes the dialogue, now is he? Plus, I also like his Shadow, it's a voice you can both take seriously AND make fun of at different times (he literally based it off of his angsty poet friend, that's so gold XD). Of course I like Ryan Drummond and Jaleel White to a degree. Not as much as Jason, but they still did a decent job portraying Sonic in their given time period's (heck, White and Drummond were basically a foundation for how Sonic would be in later years). I guess my second favorite Sonic would be the current one, Rodger Craig Smith. The overly humorous tone of Colors kind of made him a hard transition for me, but after hearing him get to do a much wider range of tones for Sonic over the years, I can easily say that I'm very comfortable with his Sonic. I mean, I'm still not entirely convinced that a more mature-sounding snarkier Sonic fits that well outside of Boom, but it's at least done very well so no real complaints as far as Smith's performance goes (again, the writers just need to give him better dialogue).

Saying it now, LOVE the comics (really hope they don't end prematurely). The Archie comics to be clear, I could never get into the Fleetway series (sorry UK fans, I guess my tastes in humor and action are just a bit cheesier). I will confidently say that their story is much more structured than the games are, overall at least. But people get into Sonic for various reasons, so while it would be nice for the games to take some notes from the comic series (well, Flynn-era anyway, we know what happens when you try to mess with Penders' stuff...) where the events lead into each other a bit more organically and have a little more weight to them, it might not be entirely necessary when it comes to enjoying each game. But again, I'm one of those few who think story can be just as vital to great games these days as gameplay is (like the difference is 55% gameplay, 45% story for me), so whether you agree with me or not will depend on your preferences. Maybe some day we'll get an opportunity for a much more balanced story of humor, action, drama, and light nostalgia in the games that is similar in tone to the comics, but until that day we'll be alright (well, as soon as Pontac and Graff's contracts expire...).

I'll wrap up by saying that I'm into a bunch of other series too. Kingdom Hearts is the only other game series I would place above Sonic in terms of my favorites, and even then they're pretty close (here's hoping a Wreck-It-Ralph world will count as a loophole to get Sonic in KH3, lol...I know, wishful thinking). Metal Gear and Final Fantasy are also favorites of mine (even though I have yet to play through most of the main FF's games), and in terms of non-game exclusive series I've recently gotten back into Dragon Ball, as well as Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure, and on the American cartoon side I'm a huge fan of Codename: Kids Next Door (probably the third of my top 3 favorite things with Sonic and KH), The Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe, MLP: FIM (yeah I'm a Brony, get over it), Avatar (both Aang and Korra series), and now that I think of it a bit too many other shows to list at the moment. I love lots of movies, particularly super hero movies, action movies, animated, comedy, some tasteful rom-com (gotta be a balanced person when it comes to movies), and GOOD parody (none of that Scary Movie crap XP). Probably my first "favorite" film was the first Spider-Man movie in 2002, that changed my life, and I've loved every Spidey movie since then, even if it's a different cast and director.

I can get along with pretty much everyone, but I will put this out there as a warning, I don't tolerate over-negativity too well. Like as in straight-up bitching with nothing constructive, objective, or even one tiny little nugget of something positive to say as a counterpoint. I'm not against constructive criticism, and yeah obviously a fair amount of negativity is kind of necessary to explain a problem you have with a series or thing in general, but if you're going to devolve your point from a level-headed constructive explanation of your perspective to a curse-throwing rage-fest of "this is why Sonic SUKZ, and any of you whiny babies who disagree are dumb and stoopid, blah blah curse word X20, blah blah blah...", then you've pretty much decided that you don't want to have an intelligent conversation anymore. On the other hand, I can understand if you feel like you can be persecuted for expressing any kind of sentiment that isn't 100% positive, so I'll do my best to not "white-knight" all the time if you're trying to address something in a respectful manner. Again, most of us are adults here, so let's just all try to behave like it and try to get along and respect one another's views, whether we agree with them or not.

That said, hope to have plenty of interesting conversations with you guys on here!

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