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  1. If Zooey was in the episode, I think Tails wouldn't hurt her since she's his girlfriend.
  2. In different countries episodes are in order differently
  3. I don't think it's Bill fault. He said that he wasn't in charge of changing the show to a different channel. But then again thats how society with tv shows
  4. Pretty understandable. Why don't you like him @Miragnarok
  5. Since Bill Freiberger is leaving Sonic Boom, what did you guys think of him. I honestly think he was an hilarious guy. Lady Walrus is acutally one of my favorite characters! He was a good man of humor.
  6. So I just got finished watching the racing episode and notice something. I'm not sure which twin is it (Perci and Staci), but the top is white in the episode
  7. that picture is photo edited, sorry to burst ur bubble.
  8. I think it wasn't a bad episode. It kinda shows how social media is in the real world and the political things happening. If you think about Sonic Boom has truth bombs in a few episodes.