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  1. Guys you don't know the future of Sonic Boom. Plus Sonic Team have other projects remember that.
  2. Can somebody remind me why this feed was created?
  3. Um yes they do have to say something.
  4. Umm they didn't say Sonic Boom is over
  5. There is still hope for season 3 they're not just gonna drop Boom like that especially if it keeps getting nomination . Let's not forget it got the Jimmy Kimmel Censorship thing too.
  6. I noticed in some episodes everytime in Amy's House I see this picture. @SpongicX @RedFox99
  7. Actually she was good in the Modern Universe
  8. For some reason I think Infinite took over because remember he disappeared into the tower after finishing him off. Other than I like how the sotry arc is so far.
  9. http://abc.go.com/shows/jimmy-kimmel-live/video/featured/VDKA4371888
  10. They used a clip from Sonic Boom Season 1 Episode 1 - the Sidekick. It wasn't in a rude way though it was for a joke.
  11. So Sonic Boom was on the Jimmy Kimmel show as part of the Unnecessary Censorship.
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