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  1. The State of Sonic Team

    Well saying bad things about them isn't going to fix Sonic's reputation either now is it?
  2. The State of Sonic Team

    To be honest I think eveybody needs to lay off Sonic Team. I can tell they're trying very hard to give us the stuff we want, and they want impress us. They're trying their best.
  3. yes it is there's one episode Don't make me angry
  4. My favorite villains are Eggman and T.W Barker.
  5. Loved it!! Eggman ends it off with there is always next season
  6. We're moments away from the season finale!!
  7. But other than tht u enjoyed it right? @SSF1991
  8. I mean there could be other caves
  9. Here is first sneak peek Second one
  10. Alright how about some good news. Sonic Boom Season 2 got reviewed
  11. They are voice actors for Tv Shows so maybe they're schedule to go and work on different tv shows
  12. Too adorable. And I think I know why sometimes characters are absent