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  1. It's sad to see Sonic archie comics has ended....And I just got into the series. What a bummer. Maybe they get to a better publisher, but I'm not sure about that. I'll miss these comics.
  2. I hope they move to a better publisher, I really hope so... I would hate to see it end forever. I had a little hope but with this confirmation it's gone.
  3. Jeez louise, there's some pretty great artists on here.I'll be posting traditional and digtal things here, mostly doodles. Anyways I have a knack for drawing Sonic and the others, I'm nothing special but I'm really trying to get there. I can really use some constructive criticism these days. I seem to really suck at hands.. I think I'm doing good for a 14 year old ^^.
  4. I actually look foward to the game. I love it expect for a few things like vocals or the custom oc thing. I really thought that would NEVER happen. I think for more casual gamers like me, I know a lot of people not the best at games and I think the difficulty is good where it's at. I mean, im pretty sure not everyone is good at games. I think it's going to be pretty good. There is a lot of pessimism and negativty about the game on this platform and it really makes me sad that I thought the majority of sonic fans would like it. Now I know you guys of course of have reasons for disliking it, but it would be nice to say one good thing about the game at least. It seems on other platforms sonic fans are a lot more accepting of the game. Loving every aspect of it, more than me. Its nice to see some positivity for the game. I hope the game just proves everyone wrong including me about it. At least i hope so.
  5. Im goona speak up for the first time on here, I was really scared because i thought some of you would get annoyed or angry at me or something. This forum kinda scares me a bit. ^^ I dont know what's all the fuss is all about this game. The game is not incredibly awesome, as I thought it would be. I think the game is overall pretty good. I actually think the songs okay, but they're not so bad that it's honestly unbearable to listen to. I think they could do away with custom character, but it's already implemented in, but its not that bad. Compared to some of the worse games in the Sonic series and others it's pretty average. But whats funny is that the majority thinks it's already bad, while everywhere else I've been to it's quite the opposite. The people who hate or just think its nothing good are in the minority. It seems weird how other sonic communitys in different places mostly, but not all, love the game compared to hear. Just something I observed.
  6. So....are the archie comics technically dead now? I haven't been keeping up with news. Did archie send things to the subscribers saying the book is cancelled?
  7. Maybe it's just me, but I never really hated the boost. Is that great? Well not really. But its okay by my standards. I think it looks pretty good in Sonic forces! I can't wait for what Iizuka has to say, i was sure we were going to have to wait a few months.
  8. Although I don't want to, there is literally no way to watch new sonic boom episodes without doung it illegally. Like on youtube or something. I know someone who is maybe going to upload ALL of the french episodes tomorrow. I look foward to seeing it.
  9. In my opinion, I really didn't like the pre reboot. All the Sega characters seemed off, especially Sonic. I kinda greatly disliked him in a few of the issues. The stories with Knuckles I never really paid attention to because to me they're so forgettable. I hated the love triangles too. I was just so happy to see the reboot is better to me.
  10. I'm probably the odd one out but, I really like most of the bosses in sonic games. They seem pretty fine to me, I'm not the best gamer so I think the difficulty is pretty good. There's a lot of people who aren't pros at it. There's a few I don't like but can't recall the name of them.
  11. I don't know what's happening, and I'm rather clueless about what's going on. I hope they don't end, because I was just starting to really like the comics and get into it just when this happens. I had high hopes they won't cancel it, but all the things I'm hearing don't sound too good.
  12. I have to agree for sure! The episode was okay but Ronaldo just gets on my nerves sometimes.
  13. Although I'm a sonamy shipper, I find that pic of knuckles and amy cute but hilarious! But whatever floats people's boat! I really can't wait to see this episode tomorrow!
  14. Im Reanna, im only 14, so still a kid. So i actually had the courage to join this site. I was kinda scared. I've been a vistor for two years now just looking at forums and the sonic news. Me not being able to hold nostalgia on specific era of sonic is weird...my first sonic game i played being sonic and the black knight. I hope I'll like it here and nice to meet you all!
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