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  1. I might not have put that across the best way, but what I meant by my post was the gameplay, tone and settings of the games as Modern Era Sonic changed things up from the DC Era. I am sorry for the confusion
  2. If Forces was to take the control style of Adventure it might be good, but updating those mechanics for the Hedgehog Engine 2.0 will be tough as the original members of ST are not there anymore, and SEGA might not have the coding still Yeah. Taking inspiration from Rush and Advance for the third playstyle. completely 2D, no transitions
  3. If that was going to happen, then a remake would have been made. I found the first Adventure to hsve reasonably OK control for its time, but after playing colors and Generations its hard to say anything good now. Forces could just incorporate maybe some of the style from Adventure but not all
  4. But SEGA hired Taxman for the IOS ports of Sonic 1&2 then CD, so that says something about being a good company. Shenmue 3 is being licesenced off to Suzuki-san by SEGA as they still hold the IP rights. Mania is no different to what the remake of CD was like. SEGA know this team sells games
  5. All this from the 30 seconds of gameplay shown off from Aaron. Impressive, really
  6. Yet Sonic was onrails and used a sword. I think gutsy flew out the window, xD. If anything, the robot idea does seem plausible
  7. When Aaron gets the A-OK to give us details he will do via twitter or a twitch stream. I agree with you on the news update, though
  8. Aaron has the job of promoting the franchise as a whole on social media, giving fans updates on twitter/facebook etc if there are other means not to see them. He takes the feedback from attendees at conventions, then passes it back to SEGA/Sonic Team. His intern Sergio also does the same, so in a whole, Aaron has a major influence on Sonic
  9. So for the last few months, online comic reading sites and comic shops have not been selling the comics due to potential internal legal problems or the Riverdale TV show taking the team who do Sonic to write the prequel series. It is unfair not to have an update SEGA or Archie themselves
  10. To be fair the core group of Sonic Team USA left in 2006 with Yuji Naka to form Prope join other companies.
  11. Yeah. OK. I find that hard to believe. Seriously, that is just not true
  12. It will most likely be mid July for the reason of fine tuning might not amount to much other than frame rate and maybe texture smoothness. When SEGA delayed Fire and Ice that was for nearly a year with nothing to show. Mania is a love child for fans, as Iizuka-san said in an interview
  13. I think Iizuka-san said that they were chosen for that reason. I know the game wont be anything short of stunning. The delay might be for the team to fine tune the switch version to run the same as the PS4 and PC
  14. The reason SEGA hired Taxman and the other dev team members was for thier work on CD and the IOS remakes. The amount of devotion from them is immense. They know more about Sonic than SEGA themselves at times
  15. Clearly you have no idea how to see when a Sonic title is deemed on of the best in the series. Colors felt like the Sonic game we were waiting for after the day stages in Unleashed. Forces is continuing that trait because it works so well.
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