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  1. is there no one that can help with a gamesave of sonic adventure 2 100% done with all 180 emblems ps3?


    1. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      If no one has answered yet on here, I doubt it. Dunno if anyone on here even has that version, tbh...

    2. amber10


      darn i been all over even tryed youtube an no one getin back to me. its like no one plays sonic or is to lazy to help lol only takes 1 sec

    3. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Dude, what makes you think anyone on here even HAS a save file like that? And frankly it seems like you're essentially asking people to do the work for you and take it for yourself, and you have the nerve to call US lazy?

    4. Kiah


      Well after multiple status updates, you inquiring several members directly and even making a topic about it, it's more than likely there isn't anyone here to grant your request which absolutely no one is obligated to do.

      And that said to be quite frank you are pretty much spamming at this point doing this and that isn't allowed here at the SSMB so please stop and enjoy the community here if you are going to actually be an active part of it going beyond what you are currently doing.

  2. some people on here are mean  the people that was nice to me god bless you / also do any one have ps3 game save of sonic adventure 2 100% done with all 180 emblems im in need show some love please

    1. Boomer


      Well that was a smooth transition...

      Also we get it, you want a save.

    2. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      Uhh...who was mean? If you see someone behave wrongly, please report it to staff. Vaguely alluding to inappropriate behavior does no good and can sometimes cause drama.

    3. amber10


      will do thanks

  3. hello every one is there any one with a kind heart out there that haves sonic adventure 2 hd ps3 that have's 100% done with all 180 emblems  game save ill give a copy of my sonic adventure 1 that have 100% with 130 emblems  in a zip file an a link to it for a copy of that save the website i use for is called https://www.sendspace.com/ an free an easy to use I'll be so grateful and very much appreciated for your kind heart and God bless for your help

  4. im in need of ps3 save thats 100% done with 180 emblem ps3 gamesave if any one so kind an send me a link to a zipfile sonic adventure 2 of your copy most greatful an god bless

  5. wheres that im new where do i find that im new
  6. hi do you have Sonic Adventure 2 100% completed 180 emblems savefile for ps3? if so do you think i can have a save copy in a zip file please  ?

    1. Milo


      @amber10 ...@thedarkknight hasn't been online for years. You will want to try asking someone else.

      (btw no, I don't have Adventure 2 on PS3)

    2. amber10


      thank anyway

  7. hi everyone i tryed all over this my last hope do anyone have a sonic adventure 2 save file with 180 emblems that is completed please send me a link to zipfile please an thank you very much ps3
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