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  1. Doubt you will see a definitive soundtrack. They would need to pay more royalties to Nakamura if they wanted to put the songs on a soundtrack, which it looks like they don't plan too. Checkpoint was made by Hyper Potions and Nitro Fun, Nitro Fun will likely be the reason of its absence if the rest of the Hyper Potions tracks are there. Lastly I Can't see a combined Game/Cartoon soundtrack happening, If the Mania Adventures score does get a release it will be separate from the Game. The OST add on with the JP version will be the last release of the soundtrack, excluding being added to Spotify etc down the line.
  2. If i get the complete soundtrack (no missing songs & vocal tracks included) Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Generations & Sonic Mania could happily get by with just them.
  3. Pipe dream would be for Sonic 4 to be remade in Mania style, not only would we get a Sonic 4 that wouldn't get bashed, means every age more chance of a sequel game being called 5. While it is a petty thing thing to gripe about, there isn't much I would want added in a sequel. If they made 3 Mania's all with the same gameplay and mix of old and new and old levels, would be more than satisfied.
  4. I'll pass, I'll stick to the instrumental. Not a fan of the vocals. song doesn't need them, its awesome on its own. Can appreciate the effort put into it though.
  5. I literally just said it was pretty shitty, which if had it been true would have been. Moving on, need some Alex the Kidd
  6. Who says I was mad? Just said it was pretty shitty, would have not updated and been fine with it. Turns out that's not the case so all is well. Played a bit of Kid Chameleon last night, not a fan of the controls. If these were to somehow be available on the switch or 3ds I'd be a lot happier.
  7. Really? Glad I cancelled the update, pretty shitty on Sega's part.
  8. So I got this £450 ( I then got -£25 for first time buying ) you can also pay it over 9 months with 0% interest.
  9. Kind of gutted that this is my first and last SoS, glad I'll get to meet Naka tho can tick that off my bucket list, and seeing Crush40. I'll be coming down on my tod, and since I'm not that active on here I don't know anyone, tomorrow should be fun ? Taking the sleeper train from Edinburgh in a couple hours so should be walking the streets by 7am, woo for free train travel, boo for having to stay in a hotel ?
  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Currently watching One Piece, Attack on Titans, Hunter x Hunter, Just finished reading No Longer Human. TTGL is awesome happy its getting a blu ray release in the UK and not $500.
  12. I like the new opening, song is good,the animation is a bit lacky in certain parts but apart from that its a decent opening. 100x better than opening 12.
  13. Southe


    My favorite seiyuu is probably Nakai Kazuya (Zoro/OnePiece Hijikata/Gintama etc) Whole strawhat cast is good tho was shocked to learn That L was Usopp (Kappei Yamaguchi)
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