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  1. She got it pretty nice the first two halfs of this season. But recently it's just been, I don't know. The show is being overly mean to her like on season 1. I hope the last batch of episodes treat her good again. I also really hope she and Sticks get to kick ass in the big finale or at least be more important to the plot (since they kinda got sidelined in the first multi part as it was more of a Sonic-Tails story) that before.
  2. I'll just disagree on that. I'll take cocky and confident over arrogant. It makes him feel like a character with a cool attitude but not like a jerk. I don't feel like Sonic is supposed to be a jerk. My ideal Sonic is basically like the one in Unleashed and Adventure. And there wasn't much that you could say was jerk-y about those portrayals.
  3. I wasn't talking about that. I was saying that videogames and comics are not the same. So 10 years in games for characters it's not the same as 10 years in comics for a character. Comics are a monthly thing and they're all about dialogue and story and games release every few years or so and focus on gameplay and sidegames tend to not really be focused on having a story either. You see what I mean?
  4. Oh it is very much neccesary my friend. I could argue it's very much more needed now that in the last 10 or so years. It's just that it needs a reworking of what it's aiming for. An evolution of it. Because the way it tried to "evolve" back in the early 2010's was such a failure... But no, much like Social Justice is still needed feminism is still needed. And there is just as many if not more cases of women being harassed and men getting away with it. And sometimes they receive justice, and sometimes they just don't. Or are even rewarded for doing it. Pardon if this offends you but comparing a social movement to a "fandom" dedicated to entertaiment media is just... It's not a very good comparison. And i'm not much afraid of radicals as I am of scammers and criminals that use the banner of the feminist movement to gain power and money or as a shield to protect themselves from bad shit they've done. That's who you should really look out for. And opportunists trascend ideologies. I don't wanna argue about politics in a videogame forum (And this never goes well in videogame forums figures) but I just don't agree with what you said dude. Let's just say, I have seen some stuff that has made me turn more towards feminist and social justice. See I used to be one of those "Anti-SJWs" and all other kinds of jerks that thought they have enlightened themselves because they listened to a bunch of pretentious podcasts and subscribed to self-centered libertarian Youtubers. And I just realized, it's all a farse. And I've got fed up with 4chan and youtube and reddit and the way every fucking guy there absolutley explodes at the slightest mention of a woman doing something. Fuck it, let's just respect women no? It takes no effort to do so.
  5. Well mostly that Meta does have a point. Those characters have been around for a long time. For almost 290 issues plus some of the Sonic Universe ones plus all the other cancelled series. We have explored so much with them. They have been featured a lot they have had a lot of screen time, a lot of dialogue. I'm not saying "scrape them" no. Just because they have been used to death doesn't mean new life can't be breathed unto them. A new series could put a whole new spin on them. Hell we never really explored much of them outside of Sally and Nicole in the reboot and those two were really interesing, so maybe whatever the Reboot planned to do with the other three could have been great as well. They were different from their pre-reboot counterparts yet similiar enough to still be the same characters, Sally and Nicole that is. My point is that your comparison just isn't fair. We haven't actually seem much of the game characters outside of the core characters. Sonic, Tails, Eggman and to an extent, Shadow and Knuckles. Everyone else is still such a mistery. They have so much potential and yet they've been barely used in any way that really matters. Why would I want to replace these characters with newer ones when we've barely got to really know them and explore them and give them time to shine? And yet the Games have already kind of done that. Every new game since Colors has been neglecting the game cast in favor of introducing newer characters, and yet they give no chance to those new characters to developt before they jump to a new game and forget about them. It's such a mess that now that I really think about it if SEGA wants to manage the comics the way they do their games we might indeed not see the FF's or any of the new reboot characters. Why would they, when even their games ignore their own characters, lore and world these days? But with Mania and Forces there might be hope for the comics. Yes the games do look like a bunch of pandering. Mania to the classic fans and Forces to... Everyone. But at least it shows SEGA is finally willing to remember they have a vast and memorable cast of characters and a very diverse, colorful world that they have been neglecting. Maybe the new comics, much like Forces or Mania, could bring back the old elements from the comics (And by that I mean the FF's because everyone else is a lost case) so as to pander to all the demographics. Who knows.
  6. It's been seven years since Colors. And I just said since Adventure is when they started talking the characters have only really been around for 17 or so years. But if you take from that the years since Colors, they have only really been featured in relevant roles for like 10 years. From 1999 to 2009. And there's been a lot more that 3 games since 2010 too. Then why are you comparing prominence in games to prominence in comics? You know comics and videogames are completely different mediums. Comics are all about story, dialogue and visuals. Whereas Games tend to focus a lot more on you know, Gameplay. That often doesn't leave the characters with much chances to speak or for a large intricate story to take place. Of course there are the exceptions like the Adventure games that were story heavy or Sonic Chronicles since it was an RPG, but generally the comics have been allowed to go wild when it comes to story and dialogue far more that the games. Look all i'm saying is, 25 years of comics for the Archie characters are not at all comparable to 10 or so years of games for the game characters.
  7. Well I like him. In concept you know. In execution? Ehhh, could have been done a lot better. At least he was a decent foil to Shadow. But with Sonic it was just like. Boom, you're dead. And Sonic didn't even know who the heck Mephiles was... Then again I quite like Elise as well. People seem to be rather harsh on the Sonic 06 characters but honestly they weren't that bad... The point Meta was trying to make is that SEGA actually has a very large stock of Sonic Characters they could use if they wanted to fill spots in a comic or something. It's just that they tend to forget they exist, or refuse to use them due to one reason or another.
  8. Whoa. Companie hackings sure are common these days. Well that explains why that post got removed.
  9. To be fair it's not exactly as if they have all always been featured. And also they only really started talking when the Adventure series came around. So if you wanna play that card, it's more like, 17 or 18 years that they've been around as the characters we know. And then some of them were introduced a few years later like Blaze, Silver, Omega, Cream, Babylon Rogues, etc. Also, we haven't really seen the characters again in any way that matters since like, Sonic Colors? So you know, I don't think this is a fair comparison for the game characters. Also, Videgames =/= Comics/Cartoons I always hated the semi-realistic Sally as well as the other weirdly proportioned characters in the Pre-Reboot. It was so clashing with the style of Sonic and the other game characters. I much prefer the reboot style. Also, that second Sally looks like she's wearing a diaper and just looks very wonky in general (Yes I know it's an old fan design but still)
  10. Oh yes the Advance series is so underrated. I wish they got a re-release or a remaster. Or better yet, something like Sonic Advance Mania.
  11. That's pretty good. I wish people knew this more...
  12. The thing about Amy being kidnapped in Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, is that her friends don't even show that much concern over it (yet another case of the series being mean to her). Except Sticks. It's treated as a joke because she is paranoid yes but it's nice to see someone actually concerned and freaking out over it. Also Knuckles as more concerned too (well more that Sonic and Tails that is). I mean yeah there was a few jokes about it 'cause the trope is that he doesn't really understand what's happening cause he's "dumb" but at least he was worried.
  13. I thought the joke was that the VIP section of Meh Burger was supposed to be so secret that even if you were already there, you would be told it doesn't exist because you no longer have the money or fame to get in again.
  14. Sonic Heroes. Yes it might not be as story-driven as Adventure but getting to play as all the characters was really fun. And it has some of my favorite music and stages in the franchise.
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