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  1. Also, based on how the sneak peek plays out, I'm wondering if this cartoon series will focus on some of the ways Robotnik was able to "take over" in Sonic's absence. Not to say it'll be like Forces but maybe without Sonic to defend the animals, Robotnik was able to once again roboticize a lot of them (then again, isn't that the plot to every classic sonic game?) and it'll be up to Sonic to restore order
  2. So, I have a theory about "Sonic Mania Adventures" I couldn't help but notice that a big chunk of this panel dedicated to "the future of Sonic" focused on Sonic Mania, whether it was the physical release or this short cartoon series. That makes me think this series may end up leading to an eventual Sonic Mania 2. I feel like they'll release these once every couple of months meaning the last one would probably release around the end of the year and may serve as a surprise announcement of the next Mania game, with this series filling in the blanks of what happened after Mania/Forces. I could be wrong but I feel like this panel pretty much confirmed that, for the most part, the "Mania" direction is the one they're going to be focusing on going forward. I'm sure they'll still make more modern games in the future but I think for 2018/2019 they're going to keep riding the wave of success from Mania, as well they should so I wouldn't be surprised if the end of this series ends up teasing/heavily hinting Sonic Mania 2 (or heck, maybe the next game is CALLED Sonic Mania Adventures)
  3. I actually found Game Informer's review of Sonic Forces to be among the most odd. They gave it a 6.5, usually a not so good score but actually said they had fun with the game and said it was a step in the right direction for Sonic's 3D outings. Similarly, IGN gave it a 6.9 and had more or less the same sentiment. And honestly, I agree with the scores for once. I don't feel like the reviewers are being overly biased because it's Sonic and it feels more like they're just reviewing this as a game instead of a Sonic game if that makes sense. In past Sonic game reviews, I've detected this hint of "ugh another sonic game" from the reviewers and this time, even though the scores aren't great, the criticism feels justified but not over the top and the praise seems honest and not one of those "it's pretty good for a sonic game" backhanded compliments.
  4. Yeah I know, and the whole thing seemed odd for a villain to do. It was just a way for them to merge common level themes
  5. Well he did make the forest into a casino. That seems like something kind of glitzy.
  6. It would be interesting to see a secret ending/boss for a modern Sonic game. It's something that's usually done in the 2d/handheld games with the 7 chaos emeralds but Modern has never really tried it, since the emeralds are usually just part of the story and you get a last ending. Sonic Heroes is really the only one who did this in the 3D games. So it'd be interesting to see a secret finale based on the red rings or some other objective. Again, I highly doubt it'l happen but we'll see
  7. I didn't mind the whole "friendship" thing in Sonic Heroes but when the stakes are as high as they are in Sonic Forces, it does seem to contradict things. You can't have it both ways which this game tries to do. It tries to be this dark edgy game while also shoehorning in the feel good, saturday morning cartoons ideals of "friendship" and I know that's not unprecedented but even in some other media that uses this, thats not the sole reason the good guys win. I feel like in this, Sonic and co. overpower infinite and robotnik because of how good of friends they are and Infinite loses because he's all alone (or whatever Sonic says to him in their final fight) There's just a weird conflict between all these things, between the militaristic assault on Robotnik but then the feel good "friendship" approach
  8. Why do I have a feeling that this "deep origin story" is just going to amount to the same as Metal Sonic being revived in Sonic 4? Robotnik shoots him with a laser and there ya go. I have a feeling Robotnik will kidnap some generic creature and put him in a containment tube, expose him to the phantom ruby energy and he'll transform. Boom, there ya go. I'd be shocked if the story is any more complex than that for Infinite's origin.
  9. Speaking of egg robos, who else feels ripped off that we never got a boss fight between the giant death egg robots attacking "City" and modern sonic? I mean that was literally the first thing they showed us as far as this game goes and yeah you fight a death egg robot at the very end but it's just not the same. I also liked the way the giant robots looked in the initial trailer compared with how they looked in the final game. I wonder why they decided to make all the robots black and white in this game
  10. True, and I realize that many of the members of Sonic Team may be completely different from the 2006 days (hell, many were probably let go after that disaster) but at best, they're just tone deaf and at worst, they're purposely trolling us with reusing Green Hill Zone so many times.
  11. I've seen this mentioned a number of times and I have to say I do get the feeling that Sonic Team's whole attitude was "let's get this over with" when it came to this game. I believe SOME members may have been passionate about certain ideas like making up Infinite or some of the stage ideas but for the most part, it just looks like so lazy. I mean, the "City" area is just called "City" and 3 of the other stages are named after classic Sonic zones (Green Hill, Chemical Plant, Death Egg) so I mean, were they even too lazy to NAME the zones? Call it "Central City" or "Super City". Anything's better than just City. Also, maybe I'm wrong but I didnt see any interviews or anything with members of the team when it came to this game. I know Aaron Webber had a couple interviews about the game but I can remember quite a few panel discussions or interviews with Christian Whitehead and members of Mania team and they always seemed very excited about the game they had made and I didn't see anything from Sonic Team or any members that exuded that same excitement. I could just be biased here though because I was always on the Mania bandwagon and only about 50% enthused about Forces. I still wanted Sonic Adventure 3 but Iizuka said in a recent interview that they wanted to 'evolve' the Sonic gameplay rather than go back. Yeah... some great evolving you're doing there.
  12. I'm honestly starting to think they don't even look back at their past scripts for games when they write a new one... I mean, more power to them, I guess. There doesn't nessecarily need to be a continuity with this type of game. The games could be as simple as Sonic is trying to defeat Robotnik for whatever reason and thats it. They complicate it by trying to give each game a specific story in a way that fans try to tie it to other games. Granted, Colors and Generations do reference each other but that was largely unneeded. I actually found Colors' story (at least the premise for it) to be a nice, simple narrative to move things along. It was remiscent of the old days of "stop robotnik from turning the animals into robots" except with wisps and an amusement park setting. It worked well and they were able to get some good original ideas out of it level wise. This game has a convoluted story but a definite lack of variety level wise
  13. That's the thing that annoys me so much... Yknow I get that it's funny to mock Sonic 06 for its loading screens or point out some other ridiculous occurrence or troll people about "Big's Big Fishing Adventure" but these are REAL THINGS that happened. They put out mediocre games (or parts of games) and they're joking about it now, yet they fail to see why these things were dumb ideas in the first place and I could definitely see some of the Sonic Forces ridiculous moments being memes in the future and it really makes me wonder if they're just trying to make some ridiculous cheesy stuff because they think that's what we want. In some of Aaron's livestreams, he's pretty much acknowledged that we're all sick of Green Hill Zone. Sega pays attention to feedback and yet we still see the same things happening. At what point is enough enough?
  14. True, it was kind of like Sonic Lost World where the game focuses on the deadly six being the main villains but then Robotnik still pulls a fast one at the end and is the final boss. In this game, the focus is squarely on Infinite, including that scene where he even mocks Robotnik in front of classic Sonic and Tails (saying he beat Sonic his first time while Robotnik lost to him for 'decades')
  15. Is it just me or does it seem anticlimactic how relatively easy Infinite is to defeat from the boss videos we've seen? Hes suppose to be this all powerful being and yet he's damaged by homing attacks?? I would've liked to see a more creative way of damaging him, even something simple like you have to damage the phantom ruby first or some kind of force field you have to break but nah, you just run up to him and do a homing attack like any other badnik or enemy. Just found that odd and makes me wonder how Robotnik got as far as he did when his whole "plan" just seems the same as the other ones, just with a different thing he's created. If infinite can be defeated by sonics homing attacks, why did they need this massive resistance to win this very odd war??
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