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  1. Honestly, I'd love it if a fan could actually buy Sonic and the FFs and release things like this. I'd definitely buy some plushies and T-shirts with certain characters on them. Realistically though, you might have to save up longer than that. One thing most people tend to ignore is that Sega's actually worth billions, As for the situation at hand, I do hope they continue the comic in some way sooner than later. I'd prefer not to get another reboot, but it's what I'm expecting to happen if it goes to a new publisher. Goodbye Archie Sonic. We've had a love/hate relationship ever since my favorite characters were removed from the universe, but still, it'd have been nice for it to end on better terms.
  2. The announcement is going to be, the comics never went on hiatus or got cancelled. We've released issues every month, but only one copy of each. To those lucky enough to find it, they will be worth a fortune.
  3. I was at A-KON and didn't meet him....I didn't realize he was there.
  4. Anyone know what Ian said on Bumblecast 42-43 about the Sonic Comics? In a response tweet to someone he said Sonic comics aren't cancelled and it was covered in those episodes.
  5. I can offer to make everyone on this forum rich enough to buy the Sonic license and get all this stuff settled themselves, but it doesn't really matter much if I don't do it. His offering doesn't make him kindhearted at all. If he actually did it, then yes, that would make him kindhearted. As for compensation, maybe he should ask for it? Start a kickstarter saying if he reaches goals, x, y, and z he'll do chapters, a, b, and c for each goal. This being said, I do understand he is under no obligation to do this and I don't hold it against him that he hasn't done it. All I'm saying is, he mentioned it quite some time ago and it wasn't done. Same thing would probably happen in the case of what he said with Overdrive if that was his intention.
  6. Have you ever heard of Lost Hedgehog Tales? If it's any indication of how he'll tell stories without them being published in a comic, you may be waiting a while.
  7. You're correct. That's the hope talking. I myself think the comic's probably dead and gone given everything so far, but I'll be quite happy if I'm proven wrong.
  8. Actually, based on if they tell us what was going on and why this delay happened, I might add a subscription if Sonic comics manage to survive this. If the issue came from lack of sales, then I'll subscribe to help increase sales so that hopefully this doesn't happen again. If the issue comes from something else, I'll make my decision at that time based on what it is.
  9. I'm the exact opposite. I hate the reboot, though I will continue to read it. I much prefer the pre SGW universe. I found everything more interesting with better stories and characters. One of my favorite things done in the comics was the extended Knuckles Universe with the other Echidnas. Granted, Julie-Su is my favorite character in the comic. Which makes me like and dislike Penders at the same time. Though, I don't blame him for what happened either.
  10. I agree with you. On a side note, Ian's the only person of the three I know.
  11. I'm sorry, but I do not agree with you. It is not the customer's responsibility to make something right. It is the business's responsibility to the paying customer to make things right. Archie is wronging all who are currently subscribed to their comics that are being delayed with them not mentioning the issue or giving any details. I don't care if they have a new TV show they are focusing on or not. If they're not going to continue their comics, they need to tell subscribers and cancel the subscriptions. If they are going to continue then they need to let people know when they plan to do so.
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