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  1. Happy birthday, Jesus.

  2. Happy 21st birthday, Nick! *sniff* They grow up so fast ;u;

  3. tumblr_ogprew8Ifg1vkzl08o9_250.png

    Merry early Christmas!

  4. yo is this joker

  5. didn't realize this was you Pink, happy belated birthday my dude!

    1. Klinsy


      Better late than never, thanks dude!

  6. hey, any of you nerds that play FFXIV online and want some free stuff, go here https://www.ffxivredeem.com/amazon and use this code 5Q3V-1JXG-A46K-VV3Y, one time use only so

  7. Happy Birthday, dork

  8. hap birth frend


    1. Speederino


      Thank you NG the w00d

  9. top kek

    1. Celestia


      That's it, I'm banning you.

      Super-banning, even. You'll be banned so badly you won't be able to even think of SSMB without feeling your blood burn

  10. im gonna need you to change your avatar because rey is my favorite character and she cant be yours thanks


    love nick

    1. Brad


      go back to ur hole NG u don't deserve rey

    2. NGw00d


      rey is my love fuck off brad

    3. Brad


      I called dibs

  11. Happy birthday you dumb dork

  12. Happy birthday!!

  13. Happy birthday NERD B)

    but no srsly happy birthday man

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