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  1. Four months of "talks" is quite a lot of talking. Is someone only checking their email once every 2 weeks?
  2. I don't see it mentioned here yet but something to note: The number at the end of the each screenshot's filename is a UNIX time stamp. 1492046832 for example is Thu, 13 Apr 2017 01:27:12 GMT. I doubt it's the build time but at least likely the date/time they were screen captured.
  3. I think putting GHZ in Forces is more about marketing than for us. It's so casual Sonic fans glance upon this game and go oh, I remember green hill zone from Sonic! Maybe I'll pick this up. Why they feel this now and not the 100 other times, who knows but I bet it's for marketing.
  4. Sonic Forces VR.
  5. Has it been suggested yet that the 3rd style might be future Sonic? Past (classic), Present (modern), Future :0
  6. 5120 x 2880 size screenshots:
  7. Aaron has said that SXSW won't officially be streaming and they're looking into alternatives. I'm assuming they'd still stream via their Twitch channel regardless.
  8. Reminds me of the Tails from the first Archie Sonic Mega Drive cover. Comparison: