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  1. i can't believe internet land is fucking dead

    1. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      press F to pay your respects

  2. A new Sonic game with music composed by Jake Kaufman.

  3. I will never get over the fact that Cowboy Bebop and Love Live! are both made by the same animation studio.

  4. You're in for a treat, so hang onto your seat. Anyway, as for intermission music:
  5. Rock's animations in Mega Man 11 are more inexpressive than in Smash, a game where he's supposed to be inexpressive.

    1. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      Mega Man was always inexpressive tho'.

    2. Froste-the-SnowMetallix


      After three decades of fighting wars he never wanted to, Rock truly has become a soulless machine.

    3. Osmium


      @Froste-the-SnowMetallix So Megaman finally has been shellshocked? 

    4. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      @ShroomZed Dont you mean ''shellrocked''?



  6. Should Sonic the Hedgehog be a silent protagonist?

    Have any of you guys ever watched Samurai Jack? Yeah. That.
  7. it's literally the only anime iizuka and nakamura have ever watched
  8. Thoughts on the Broodals in Odyssey, having played up to the Seaside Kingdom (Spoilers probably).


    Not a fan. I like their designs but their involvement in the story never goes beyond "they stole a thing, go to the other side of the level and fight Rango again", they have even less personality than the Koopalings, they never have any interaction with Bowser, and their boss fights are no more complex than something out of 3D World. That last one's especially brutal (heh) since they're juxtaposed against real bosses which are on-par with Sunshine and even Galaxy in some cases.

    I get that they probably didn't want to use the Koopalings for the billionth time since this game's all about originality and ambition, but this is one case I actually would've preferred the Koopalings. Not only because they'd require less explanation ("hey kids, go fetch some wedding stuff for me" "okay dad boss") and because they'd look snazzy as hell in tuxedo's and top-hats, but also because it would've excused the Boom-Boom-tier boss fights. Less Mario Kart fodder, too.


    1. Froste-the-SnowMetallix


      They get a little bit better in terms of boss fights and personalities. But I still don't like their boss, Madame Brood.


      She contributes nothing to the story, has even less personality than her underlings, and she's even more of a pushover.

      Also doesn't help that she's just so ugly.


    2. Depression Kong

      Depression Kong


      Holy shit. This is my first time reading that Madame Broode was their boss. The game itself cares so little about her that I never drew the connection.

      She's taken out literally as soon as the game starts up, and she never gets any screentime or interaction with anyone, not even her own underlings. The only reason she exists is because "guys how do we make Mario fight a dinosaur without being too difficult for the start of the game" "uhhhhhhhhhh".

      The Broodals don't even acknowledge her or her death the next time you see them, like "what the hell man that was our boss you just beat up".

      These fucking villains, I swear.

  9. It seems like MARZA just completely lost all their will to live after 2013.

  10. Reminder that Mario Odyssey's 2D segments replicate the series's first game's physics more closely than Forces.

    1. Candescence


      That's hilarious, because Odyssey's 2D physics are quite deliberately different from the original SMB's. I'm pretty sure Mario's running acceleration and deceleration is a lot quicker, and he has a lot more jump control. Granted, I can tell these are also deliberate design decisions to accommodate people who aren't hardcore players, especially since the 2D sections aren't meant to take up a huge chunk of the bloody game.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Much like with Super Mario Maker, the physics are updated to be much more in line with NSMB. NSMB controls and physics are more refined and accessible. Forces physics are horrible, regardless of play style 


  11. I want a Sonic game where Sonic pulls a slip of paper out from under his glove or something and reads out a "power of teamwork" speech in the most monotone robotic fashion possible.

    1. Ferno


      sonic boom rise of lyric 2: this time with the writers from the show

    2. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Make Eggman throw a play where Metal Sonic plays as Sonic, and he says the speech in the most disinterested manner possible.

  12. Got a Switch with Mario Odyssey as a birthday present (thanks for the birthday wishes by the way).

    why is this game so fucking perfect

    1. Ryannumber1Santa


      Happy belated birthday!

    2. TheOcelot


      ...because Nintendo know how to make excellent game.

      Happy birthday dude.

    3. JoyToTheWorld


      Happy Birthday!!

      (We really need a more obvious birthday section around here!)

  13. happy birthday friendo

    i got you a cake