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  1. Regarding the music, one thing nobody seems to be bringing up - When it loops about 1 minute and 29 seconds in, it's actually slightly louder than the first loop. It could very well be a placeholder, fingers crossed.
  2. That... wasn't bad. There's been better, but the Direct made it look much worse than it actually is. Why the Direct decided to use the most automated sections in the level is beyond me.
  3. I'm hoping for Modern Sonic running through the first 20 seconds of the city myself.
  4. How you manage to suffer through it for years is something I'll never comprehend.
  5. The main theme playing throughout parts of the game has me concerned because then you're going into Secret Rings territory where most of your playthrough was hearing Numblebee screaming "MAKE BELIEVE'S REBORN" every time you finished a level.
  6. Because watching someone play a Sonic game isn't as fun as actually playing it yourself. Isn't this the same stuff you people give the boost games shit for? Just watching Sonic run around with no input from the player?
  7. Ah, so the player can't interpret his thoughts and feelings. I guess that means every game with Eggman in it would be bad because Eggman would have dialogue.
  8. CD had the Japanese art style, the American art style, the Toei art style, the title screen art style, the in-game art style and the special screens art style. In Mania, there's only the Japanese art style, (potentially) the Tyson Hesse art style, the title screen art style and the in-game art style. So if anything, Mania has the problem less than CD does.
  9. Have you ever heard of a man called "Masahiro Sakurai"?
  10. Okay so Heavy WhateverHisNameIs came out kind of sort of shit. But instead of abandoning the whole thing because of that, here's the finished version of just Sonic as a consolation.
  11. Sonic's mostly finished. Here's a thing of progress so far. Heavy WhateverHisNameIs is going to be a doozy to colour, to say the least.
  12. I could try and do one frame but there won't be a background for obvious reasons. I'll put it up here if I finish it.
  13. If only Ken Balough was still around to remind us that the new level is not inspired by Green Hill.
  14. It's not Green Hill Zone, it's Rural Vicinity Hosting Vertically Extending Landforms of a Bright Emerald Likeness. Completely different.