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  1. More often than not, I find myself regretting that I went with the name "Depression Kong". There's nothing more disheartening than when someone comes up to me like "do you actually have problems or are you just meming"; I don't want to come off as the kind of person that throws real, serious issues like depression around like a joke.

    Would you guys be alright if I changed it to something different? Namely the name I use on places like Reddit and Discord and such.

    1. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      I say go for it. It's how you present yourself to others and if you feel like it is being insensitive and that it is time for a change then take the leap. Just make sure to let everyone know so there isn't any confusion.

    2. shdowhunt60


      I mean, I don't know. I like the name. I don't think it's really your fault that nobody can actually tell if something is a joke.

    3. MightyRay


      I'd give it a change, if you keep getting a lot of folks asking about your username for the wrong reasons and it's making you feel odd then perhaps it's time.

    4. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Name changing to something big is a hard decision, one I had to make for myself at one point. But just make sure if you go through it, its an identity you're happy with.

    5. SupahBerry


      "Distress Kong" might be a good enough of a toned down name, but it still might be potentially offesive to one who may suffer from/be in "distress."

    6. Tracker_TD
    7. Depression Kong

      Depression Kong

      Thanks for the input, guys. Wasn't expecting this many responses.

      I'll do it later since I gotta like, sleep and stuff, and I'll make sure to say it's me (for those of you that care).

    8. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Alright. Looking forward to the new you and hope you'll love your new username :D

    9. Blue Wisps

      Blue Wisps

      Sadness Kong confirmed for Ultimate.

    10. DanJ86


      Hey, I've been diagnosed with Depression and your username never bothered me. But you don't need to ask for permission to change your username either. Sure, it might take some getting used to, but it's your username, not ours.

  2. ok dark samus is nice and all but take that brinstar depths violin cover and   inject   it   into   my   bloodstream   please

  3. Say, do the guys behind the Smash CG trailers have their own studio or are they just in-house animators at Nintendo/Sora Ltd? Do they have any other non-Smash works?

    Google doesn't bring up any results.

    1. Strickerx5


      I thought Marza was confirmed to have been doing them. They actually do a lot of work for Nintendo nowadays.

    2. Depression Kong

      Depression Kong

      It's definitely super evocative of Marza's work, but looking through the Works section on their site doesn't bring up any results for Smash. They have credits for Mario Kart and Splatoon but nothing on Smash.

  4. The green blurred out mode on the main menu is actually alluring to Smash Tour 2.

    Sorry, guys, gotta represent all 5 games equally.

    1. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      S🛑 T O 🛑 P

    2. Diogenes


      it's porn mode that's why it had to be censored

    3. Depression Kong

      Depression Kong

      @Dee Dude Can't let all that work and time we spent on the mode go to waste!

      @Diogenes finally the luigi bulge will become fully realized

  5. If the Smash direct doesn't explain why Sonic never gets stage remixes I'm not interested.


    1. DanJ86


      Isn't this one?


    2. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      Even his victory theme is ripped straight from 06, everyone else’s is a remix.

      Let that tell you something...

  6. I like the idea of Team Sonic Racing on paper - kind of reminds me of Mario Kart Double Dash in some senses, but with a bit more meat to it - but I feel like those ideas might make it difficult to really get a grasp on. Especially for casual players, or people who are more familiar with Mario Kart than with the All-Stars games. I can see it being the kind of game where there's just way too clutter, way too many little things to juggle and accommodate for (passing items to teammates, collecting rings, watching your boost meter) that take focus away from the game itself.

    The reason Mario Kart is so accessible to everyone and so easy to bust out at parties is because of its inherent simplicity. All you really have to accommodate for in Mario Kart - besides staying on the road, of course - is drifting, using items, and occasionally a very slight change in control scheme (i.e. gliding, diving and anti-grav). All of these mechanics revolve around the core racing mechanics, and never take the focus away from it. Your eyes and mind are always on the road, no matter what you're doing.

    Team Sonic Racing feels like it's trying to do as much as it possibly can to set itself apart from Mario Kart (even though I think All-Stars's greater focus on pure skill over luck set it apart more than enough), but in turn loses that simplicity and accessibility that made Mario Kart reign supreme in the racing genre to begin with. My sister who really isn't a gamer at all loves Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to death, and let's just say I doubt she'd get very far into TSR before putting it down and going back to Mario (even if there is a more traditional mode, as I've heard).

    1. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Agreed, it sounds too complex for its own good just to differate from other racing games with its micromanagement. Strategy game? Yep but not a racing game where your eyes are on the road and need that concentration. Watch it get bad reviews because people found it hard to play. Sounds a bit like PlayStation AllStars where it was Smash Bros like but done everything to not be like that game and well people didn't like it as much.

      Even "simulation" based racing games aren't this complex with the exception of certain games e.g. F1 games when set to Full Sim and PC based games. In stuff like Forza and GT, at most you would have fuel and damage and even then its only select races. Oh and B-Spec in GT but that's more like a manager point of view.

    2. SupahBerry


      I feel like all this can be resolve if there is an optional game setting to remove the team play and be more of a traditional free-for-all.

      One would say that should be the default mode, but than it wouldn't be called Team Racing.

  7. so if someone could explain why spyro 2 and 3 needing to be downloaded is this big horrible game-ruining issue that made you cancel your pre-order that'd be nice

    1. RedFox99


      Yeah, it doesn't seem like you have to buy them separately.

    2. MegasonicZX


      Mostly just people who want the whole thing to be physical instead of having to download so much of it. I can see why people would be upset about it but I feel like the reaction to the whole thing is a bit much considering the fact that you install large chunks of game data from disks these days anyway so this, to me, is no different.

    3. Depression Kong

      Depression Kong

      Isn't the whole point of just Spyro 1 being playable from the start meant to be you can play that while 2 and 3 are downloading, though?

      Sounds like lack of patience to me.

    4. SupahBerry


      I belive it was Capcom who started the fire, no thanks to their Mega Man Collections.

      Physical copies of MMLC 1 + 2 only come with the first legacy collection; buyers must download the second one by a download code provided in the case. I think the same thing happened with the Mega Man X collections also did this.

      Now that Spyro has done this, people are raving that every "multiple games in one game" will start doing this. It's just a matter of using up space in your console.

    5. Depression Kong

      Depression Kong

      So space is the issue moreso than just having to wait? That makes a lot more sense.

    6. DanJ86


      Though it might be hard to believe, it's possible that not everyone has access to the internet. Although...is it possible to play an Xbone without internet? I always thought you couldn't.

    7. Biggs


      @DanJ86 they nixed the "phoning home"/always online shit before launch. Only launch consoles without the day 1 patch can't play offline I believe

  8. One of the things I always loved about Smash is how Luigi grows and evolves the same way he does in the Mario games.

    It's really fascinating watching him evolve from just "Green Mario" into a completely unique character that merely uses Mario as a basis. I like to see it as a bit of character development on his end, as he stops trying to merely mimic his older brother and adapts his quirks and setbacks into a fighting style he can rightfully call his own; Why try in vain to be an imitation of your idol when branching off from them and taking on an identity of your own will stand you out from the crowd so much more?

    ...Or maybe I'm just really pretentious and I think too much about fat Italian men beating up pink marshmallows and tyrannical space dragons.

    1. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      It’s funny since in Melee and 64, his voice was literally just higher pitched Mario.

  9. The fact that Tee Lopes had literally no input on any of the new tracks in Mania Plus whatsoever is awfully telling of how much involvement Mania's dev team actually had in the product.

    1. JezMM


      I don't think so.  Tee just had his hands full with Mania Adventures I think.  Plus adds an extra bit to the credits just for the "Plus Version" and the big names are all credited in their usual roles (while meanwhile, accurately of course, in this Plus segment, Tee Lopes is not mentioned under sound).

    2. Strickerx5


      I mean, I doubt Plus was ever planned to have any new music to begin with. In a perfect world they would've remixed each and every stage theme but that's really already a thing with act 2 and the amount of work that would need to go in for that extra of a feature is asking a lot.

      Besides, outside of insisting on keeping the instruments used in a "what if it was released on the saturn" style (limiting each song like a lot of other things in the game), the soundtrack is already damn near perfect as is.

    3. Patticus


      Why not just go to the OC Remix community for stage track remixes?

    4. E-122-Psi


      To the new guys' credit, I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't told me.

    5. JezMM


      I think it would've been cool if Encore had some kind of super simple remixing, like some extra beats or synths but the base track is still under there.  Just something that slightly changes the tone, to match the slight change in visuals.

      If they had access to the original project files, I guess I'm imagining something akin to the Act 2 remixes of Carnival Night, Ice Cap, Launch Base or Death Egg from S3&K.  Or say, Egg Dragoon from Sonic Generations.  Same basic track but with some bits tweaked.

      For those tracks in their original context, the "barely a remix" thing was lame, but I think that sorta thing would've worked for Encore mode.  Still a LOT of work though (I only suggest this in a "if time and money wasn't an issue" way), and I'm sure when listening to the soundtrack standalone, I would've been endlessly bothered by the inevitable "missing" remixes for Blue Spheres, Mirage Saloon Act 1 ST and Egg Reverie.

    6. Celestia


      ...The person (Hunter Bridges) who composed the new tracks was part of the team who worked on the original release of the game...

    7. Space☆Yeow


      Falk composed the new tracks, and he was responsible for sound mixing Tee Lopes' tracks for Mania's OST.

    8. Celestia


      Was it Falk? I remember hearing about that but I couldn't find anything backing it up.

    9. JezMM


      I thought it was a bit of both.  My japanese soundtrack download marks Falk as the composer for the Encore Mode File Select theme and Hunter as the composer for the Mighty & Ray cut-scene.

      It does however cite Tee Lopes as the composer for the other two tracks, which obviously isn't right.  I was under the IMPRESSION that Hunter did them, with Falk JUST doing the Encore Mode File Select.

  10. You could show me literally any song with an emphasis on bass guitar and I'd immediately say "hey, this sounds like a Sonic song!". That's just "the Sonic instrument" as far as i'm concerned.

  11. i can't wrap my head around the fact that this mega man cartoon is still a real thing that is happening

    1. Polkadi~♪


      You're on the first stage of grieving.

      It'll all be over soon.

    2. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      I'm on the final stage; acceptance.

      I accept that this show will be complete garbage and there's no need for me to watch it.

    3. Candescence


      I'm still angry that they didn't just adapt the Archie comic.

  12. just double-dipped with Mania for the first time and snagged the Switch version.

    The only thing I regret is I couldn't get the physical version because I'm broke af.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I've bought Mania several times to show my support, although only for platforms that I actually own. 

    2. Depression Kong

      Depression Kong

      I don't have a whole lot of consoles so Switch and PC are the best I can do. Maybe I'll get the Switch version again physically when I have money just for collection's sake (and, like you said, to show support).

  13. is it bad that my biggest issue with encore mode is that now they can't call a game "sonic encore" because that name's taken

    1. SupahBerry


      Encore means performing a song one more time, which makes sense in Mania's case.

      Sonic Encore sounds like another game that repeats older levels instead of moving on to newer ideas. You know, like they should be doing by now?

    2. Depression Kong

      Depression Kong

      i didn't think about it that much i just thought it sounded cool

    3. PaddyFancy


      That's won't stop them. Sonic Boom exists as a song, a cartoon episode, a convention and a game sub-series.

    4. TheOcelot


      How about "Sonic Stadium" for the name of the next game.

    5. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Encore means one last, special, repeat performance due to popular demand. I don't think the name "Sonic Encore" would really work for a new game, but "Encore Mode" is the perfect name for what it is.

    6. SupahBerry


      Sonic Crescendo

      Sonic Surge

      Sonic Alert

      Sonic Rift

      Sonic Syrum

      Sonic Wraith

      Sonic Strife

      Sonic Panic

      Sonic Avalange

      Sonic Festival

      Sonic Mileage

      Sonic Distance

      Sonic Pulse

      Sonic Collision

      Sonic Pop

      Sonic Whirl

      Sonic Doppler

      Sonic Tide

      Sonic Biscuits

      Sonic Cocoa

      Sonic Wax

      Sonic Carnival

      Sonic Inferno...

    7. TheOcelot


      Sonic Screwdriver

    8. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Sonic Verb Noun

  14. Where has Wario Ware been all my life? This is amazing.
    1. Forte-Metallix


      >Voice acting

      >amiibo sketching

      >Gamer and Ashley minigames

      >Make your own cutscene dubs

      >New microgames alongside the remade ones

      It's about time Nintendo made a good "compilation pack" again.

    2. Depression Kong

      Depression Kong

      Like, seriously, everything about this game just pushes all the right buttons for me. All the minigames get such good use out of the 3DS's capabilities and you have so little time to figure out what to do and even less time to actually do it, but very rarely ever did I ever find myself dying to the same game several times because the instructions were unclear. And all the characters look so well-designed and charming (and from what little I've seen of them, their personalities live up to their designs), and slot into the Wario aesthetic perfectly.

      I went in with low expectations (oh boy, another late 3DS game that owes its identity to its predecessors and consists entirely of recycled content) and came out flabbergasted the other side. Absolutely perfect game to get someone into the series.

  15. I don't see the point in splitting Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic into seperate franchises when you have absolutely no plans to continue Classic Sonic as a game series.


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