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  1. In other news, I just finished watching Akira.

    what the fuck was that

    1. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry

      A f*cked up movie that I watched when I was 5.


    2. CottonCandy


      Yeah, it can be a little strange and gross at times. But, hey, the animation is phenomenal though. 

    3. Kuzu the Boloedge
    4. Depression Kong

      Depression Kong

      The fact that the animation is so good is part of what made it so fucked up.

    5. Joseph Henry
  2. >We will never get dialogue and character interaction this good in the actual games

    1. Lord-Dreamerz


      They need to hire Ian to do the games story.

    2. Dejimon11
    3. Lord-Dreamerz
    4. VEDJ-F


      Lan is from the same reality Lizuka resides in. 

    5. Ryannumber1Scarer
    6. Dejimon11
  3. Sonic Forces - Rental Hero Gameplay

    Man, you're right, now I can look at this boss fight in a whole new light. This is certainly the epitome of Sonic boss design, clearly Morio Kishimoto knows exactly what he's doing with the series.
  4. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    this is just pathetic
  5. Sonic Forces Twitter Infos Thread

    In the context of the game's world, I can see what they're going for - Now that Eggman's conquered most of the world, he's ditched the colourful and cartoony designs for something he can build and mass-produce faster. The problem, besides the fact that they use the same two robot types in every single level (at least in Colours all the Egg Pawns had different attire for each zone), is that their dull colours are an eyesore to look at, and look like ass in the environments they're placed in.
  6. Sometimes, I can't help but wonder where Sonic would be after 3&K if he handled the jump to 3D the same way Kirby did - 3D polygonal environments and camera angles, with small elements of 2.D sprinkled about (e.g. circular boss arenas like Rush), but ultimately still a momentum-based 2D platformer.

    Obviously that sounds like a great idea from a surface level and we'd probably be looking at a much more stable and consistent series were it the case, but my stance on it is much like my stance on making multiple Mania sequels - If they just kept making 2D games with no real changes to set each one apart, it would've eventually gotten repetitive.

    1. Sean


      I don't think Kirby has gotten stale; despite every main game playing pretty much the same way, each new game feels even more polished and fresh than the last. It takes a set of really talented developers to keep up the momentum that Kirby has maintained these decades.

    2. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      At best case scenario, it might have ended up like Klonoa or Tomba as in sold poorly/averagely but end up being cult classics. Worst case scenario like Bug or Clockwork Knight (both Sega series funnily enough) and the Sonic series becomes forgotten.

      Saying that in the mid to late 1990s, 2D platformers just weren't fashionable anymore and even in 2.5D it would have struggled so the sequel business wouldn't have happened after the second game. Lucky that Mickey's Wild Adventure and Hercules sold well to make it to Platinum. It took until the 7th generation where it became fashionable again outside of handhelds (even then before NSMB, Mario and Donkey Kong were at port mode with Mario vs Donkey Kong being the exception). People would have begged Sega for Sonic to go fully 3D no matter what and why Sonic was barely there during the Saturn era.

      I would have agreed with you had it happened.


  7. There's absolutely nothing wrong with making "Modern" Sonic and "Classic" Sonic into seperate sub-series/universes - Mega Man used to do it all the time and it worked fine.

    The fact that they're also referring to them as seperate characters is the problem.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I would much rather have no formal distinction between the two. For a main instalment with boosting, grinding and general modern Sonic elements, use the modern designs. For a classic style instalment, use the Classic designs. For a lame instalment with hoverboards and alien genie birds, use the Riders designs 

      Simple? Simple.

    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      There shouldn't even be different designs, though. If you're going to keep it to one character, keep that one character consistant already. People are just going to think they're different versions in the first place, otherwise...

    3. Blacklightning


      I mean even Megaman X was at least just Rockman with an airdash and a walljump.

      About the only thing linking classic and modern Sonics anymore is that they run fast. You need to meet somewhere in the middle with that shit.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I don't think there's a problem being flexible with the art style and designs. If you keep one design as the main design (Modern Sonic in this case) and just disperse the others on occasion where necessary, it would work fine. 

  8. Why can't all the presidents and ministers of the world just go on a picnic together and sort everything out?

    1. RedFox99


      Because sadly many of the world leaders aren't much for peaceful resolutions.

    2. Ferno


      there would be a foodfight and you know it

    3. TheOcelot


      because they're idiots

    4. QuantumEdge


      Now, where's the fun and monetary gain in that?

    5. A Zombie KING heavy engine

      A Zombie KING heavy engine

      They'll argue over who has the best sandwich, 

      Who's buying the food,

      The spot to have a picnic at,

      I can list a hundred more reasons.

    6. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      Shud just settle everything over a few rounds of Mario Party tbh

    7. Ferno



      do you wanna start world war 3 extra early

  9. Let's say Sonic Mania went with its original story of Eggman becoming depressed.

    How do you think the Heavies would've gotten their independence, and where do you think the story would've gone from there?

    1. Wisphead


      AI gaining independence and betraying their creators isn't something unheard of.

    2. Sean


      They gained sentience out of a desire to help Eggman and cheer him up

    3. A Zombie KING heavy engine

      A Zombie KING heavy engine

      But they tried too hard to cheer him up and his machines started going crazy.

  10. Just because Aaron knows that Infinite is ridiculous doesn't mean Nakamura and Ohtani do.

    1. Ferno


      Aaron used to be a regular fan just like us so he knows the mindsets from both sides.

    2. Lord Basil (Ogilvie)

      Lord Basil (Ogilvie)

      Ye olde West-Japan cultural divide. What we think is poor they think is awesome.

    3. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry

      Their logic is too advanced for us folks in the west


      ha jk, they are dumb


    4. Ferno


      too bad they gave us a chance to make western-feeling stories for the past 3 games now and we squandered all 3 chances with nosehair jokes and no stakes whatsoever

  11. Sonic Forces OST - Aqua Road

    Why would you want to hear Classic City Heights/Park Avenue/Ghost Town, though?
  12. The idea that Forces may very well be the first Sonic game where the story is the best part is both incredible and terrifying at the same time.

    1. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry

      I'm okay with that, if the gameplay is meh and too easy, I'm not gonna buy if it has no storytelling or interesting plot, but if the story is great, then I'm sold 100%. Sure the gameplay matters a lot, but is still not bad.

      JRPGs never had amazing gameplay either.

    2. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      First? Secret Rings and Black Knight both happened a long time ago and those are still easily the best stories in the games with the best characterization as well.

      It'd be neat if Forces managed to reach their level, though.

    3. Depression Kong

      Depression Kong

      The Storybook games had fantastic story too, but I'm talking main-series games.

      The fact that it's being written by the same guy that wrote '06 and translated by the same guys that wrote Lost World makes it even more mind-blowing.

    4. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      That's an extremely low bar being set.

    5. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry

      I though the ending of those games were great, but the story was overrall meh.


      i'm setting the bar to Archie comics levels.

    6. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Storybook is still main series, according to Generations, so~...

      Also, even then, the best part of Sonic Battle was it's story, too.

      Oddly enough, remembering Emerl makes me question even more why they decided that the Custom Hero had to be a mute...well, Custom Hero, instead of his own character with customizable weapons and options. After all, Emerl was just that and he turned out great.

  13. The rest of Forces's soundtrack could be the greatest music to ever come out of the franchise and I still wouldn't forgive Ohtani for Classic Green Hill.

  14. "Oh, Sonic? He's the guy that jumps on Goombas and saves the princess, right?"

    ~ Probably Morio Kishimoto, having been approached to direct Lost World

    1. Bobnik


      *after Lost World* 

      "Oh, Sonic? He's the guy that runs fast on a straight line with his best companions - him, but chubbier, and some villager guy, right?"