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  1. Paramount literally does nothing but private screenings for their Sonic trailers and wonders why nobody's enthusiastic for it.

    They'll be wondering even harder when it comes out with zero fanfare and bombs.

    1. Thigolf


      The comments underneath the "Here's the date and nothing else" and the "That's all from us for today" tweets from Paramount are absolutely hilarious to look at

    2. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      It's just weird. The movie comes out in November and the only official reveals we really have are two teaser posters and a teaser trailer. No official character reveals, no full trailers despite Paramount clearly having them done and ready...it definitely seems like they're hesitant to reveal anything after all the backlash they've had so far.

    3. Enderwoman


      this is all normal for movies

    4. Adamabba


      We still have quite a few months to go. I don't think it's weird that we don't have a trailer yet

    5. Stasis


      The new Annabelle movie trailer came out a few days ago and the movie is out in June. Dora not too long before that and that's out early August. Sonic isn't out until November so there's plenty of time. 

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