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  1. Things you'll never get tired of in Sonic

    Going so fast, the camera has difficulty keeping up.
  2. In the Collector's Edition, take a look at the back of the metallic card. There's faint text that reads "Fun is Infinite". Nothing more beyond that, sadly. Here's the shot. The text is really faint.
  3. Sonic Mania CE delayed in EU?

    I contacted them a couple of times before they dispatched it. Give them an email, they reply pretty quickly.
  4. Sonic Mania CE delayed in EU?

    Update: just got the dispatch notice. Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow.
  5. Sonic Mania CE delayed in EU?

    Same as Spring. It will despatch later today, and will arrive tomorrow. It better had, or angry emails will follow.
  6. I had Pauley Perrette (Abby in NCIS) in mind for Honey. Both are somewhat cheerful, but goth.
  7. I guess it's a throwback to Knuckles being put in a microwave in the Archie comics? Yes, that was a thing...
  8. Sonic Mania CE delayed in EU?

    Here it is. Please ignore the spoiler tag, I hit the button on my phone and can't get rid of it. Not sure if they are telling me the truth, or just fobbing me off. I have the message as evidence anyway.
  9. Tim Curry as King Nigel Acorn. No ifs, ands or buts...
  10. Sonic Mania CE delayed in EU?

    Got a reply saying that the order is processing normally, and that it will arrive on time. I hope so. X1 version here.
  11. Tara Strong or Anna Torv (Fringe) as Nicole. James Marsters using his Spike voice for Nack (he's always struck me as a pissed off Brit). John Noble as Dr. Ellidy. Ed Robertson (from Barenaked Ladies, also was in Red vs. Blue) as Gemerl, possibly Bean.
  12. Sonic Mania CE delayed in EU?

    Same here. I'm going to contact them in a minute. Luckily, I'm planning to download the Switch version too.
  13. Just had a wild thought. The 100th episode is near the end of this season. Maybe the game character appears here.
  14. Sonic Mania is Approaching: What's Your Plan?

    I'm treating this like Game of Thrones. No spoilers until I see the entire thing! With that, I will see you on the other side... Hywel At The Moon, out!
  15. Hasn't it already been said there's another type of item in this game. I can't remember who said it, but I saw it somewhere here. I doubt this was added just for fun. If that was the case, we'd have the gumball machine again.