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  1. HywelAtTheMoon

    Eggman's Danger and Lethal Force

    Stuck in a different dimension still won't keep him down for long. Forces' Null Space (somehow escaped, but took a while to regain his memories (looking at IDW's story here) ), and Generations' White Space (possibly had help eventually from the younger Eggman) are good examples. I'm thinking of a cryogenic approach, similar to Shadow's origin story, or the Triple Max containment in Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. The only issue is that someone would break him out sooner or later. Maybe into a future where Sonic is no longer around to deal with him.
  2. HywelAtTheMoon

    Eggman's Danger and Lethal Force

    Some media have shown Eggman being captured/arrested. However, it isn't long before he breaks out, or is broken out. How would you show a more secure way of imprisonment?
  3. I guess I'll be watching this anyway. Not because I want to, but my nephews will demand to see it. Kids...
  4. I just found the image. I stand corrected. I thought it was a fan render as it looked a fair bit thinner than most of the official stuff. Sorry.
  5. Not to mention he used a fan's render here, not the apparent official one, with no credit. How's the comic selling? (oh, wait...)
  6. It looks like Sonic got stuck halfway during his Werehog transformation. I'm getting used to it, but the eyes are still bugging me.
  7. Elise did have a shield in one stage of 06, but as far as we know, it was only to prevent you from dying in quicksand. Not sure how good it was defensively. However, it did stop Sonic from spinning and running, meaning his primary mode of attack and movement were nullified. If it just Elise using her shield on herself, how powerful would it be...
  8. HywelAtTheMoon

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Ian said at some point that it was based on Bruce Lee in Game of Death. This was about when Tangle made her debut.
  9. I know they have the basketball and the air hockey (playing Sonic Rush's Back to Back!). I don't know if they have anything else planned.
  10. HywelAtTheMoon

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Never meet your heroes or idols, as the old saying goes. Starline may try to make it work for a little while, but will strike out on his own eventually. Either that, or get infected by this nanite stuff.
  11. I bet the next holiday outfit is Cream with a basket of eggs. Not sure what the costume will look like though.
  12. HywelAtTheMoon

    Why does the Sonic 1 & 2 victory theme sound so depressing

    I really liked the chirpier 8-bit jingles (especially Sonic 2 after a tough boss fight), as well as the epic Japanese CD clear track. The US CD track sounds like an afterthought in comparison though.
  13. HywelAtTheMoon

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Shadow and Silver. Two very different personalities. Shadow forbids Silver to say anything related to the future, as he doesn't want to mess anything up for him, but Silver knows something bad will happen to Team Dark very soon. He wants to say something, but Shadow being Shadow, threatens him into silence. Silver eventually says something when the circumstances arise, and saves the team, but Shadow attacks Silver for disobeying him. Rouge talks him down.
  14. I once played Sonic Heroes with a Barenaked Ladies album playing over it. This would work for lighter games, but the band's name could be an issue. Big the Cat = Primus. Heck, use John the Fisherman.
  15. HywelAtTheMoon

    Spinoffs for other characters?

    I'd second a new Shadow game, but make it a Team Dark game as well. My idea is to have them trying to re-establish GUN after the events of Forces, and trying to find any surviving members of Eggman's conquest. Maybe even mess around with the idea of Shadow assuming command of the new army. How would he use this new authority? Branches: a new force for good, or Sonic and the Resistance come to kick the door down. My apologies. I've been watching Power Rangers Time Force, and the Quantum Ranger reminds me a little of Shadow.

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