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  1. HywelAtTheMoon

    Sonic Mania Adventures (Part 5 Available Now)

    When the splitscreen of everyone attacking Metal came up, I'm sure Tails' attack was a callback to the Champions arc of the Archie comics. Same kick, anyway.
  2. HywelAtTheMoon

    What if Sonic pulled an Infinity War?

    Genesis Portals (much like the Worlds Unite saga, only this time Eggman can open and close them at will, trapping his victims (could open up some interesting spin-offs)). The draining machine in Lost World (he could use up the energy much quicker, leaving his victims drained forever (OK, technically they'd be dead)). I'm not sure about the others. Much as I'd love to write for the series, I have hardly any experience in this area. I'm just the ideas guy.
  3. HywelAtTheMoon

    What if Sonic pulled an Infinity War?

    You could say I'm taking what's worked before in displacing or disabling characters, but ramping it up.
  4. HywelAtTheMoon

    What if Sonic pulled an Infinity War?

    You don't have to kill anyone off necessarily. You can use something like the Genesis Portals from the Archie Comics to make some of them vanish. The Phantom Ruby or Chaos Control could also be a possibility. The desired effects, but a bit more family friendly.
  5. HywelAtTheMoon

    What if Sonic pulled an Infinity War?

    Also, Eggman briefly drained the life out of everything except Sonic, Tails and the Zeti in Lost World. For all his showboating, he's capable of something like the snap.
  6. HywelAtTheMoon

    What if Sonic pulled an Infinity War?

    They did it a couple of times in the Archie comics. Most of the non-games characters were wiped from existence. Partly for copyright reasons...
  7. Jet is now available. He's a Rare.
  8. HywelAtTheMoon

    What do you think Seaside Hill looked like in Forces?

    A huge oil slick in the ocean. Possibly a ton of plastic pollution on the beaches too. Only one part is unspoiled, and that's Eggman's private beach. Prime real estate.
  9. Just saw the latest update about the new Sky Sanctuary track. Take a close look at the video. Something green, and something too small and fast to be Vector. Needless to say, you may have to watch it like a hawk... Failing that, have a look at this:
  10. HywelAtTheMoon

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The Archie comics had the dry sense of humour down pat. I think I already said it here, but Shadow reminds me of John Rees (Jim Caveziel's character) from Person of Interest.
  11. I can only imagine Sticks' car if she ever made an appearance here. It would be her "stealth" car from Boom, which would be immediately rendered useless due to her screaming and shouting. Either that, or a ton of tin foil cladding.
  12. HywelAtTheMoon

    Sonic Mania Adventures (Part 5 Available Now)

    Nice to see that Mighty has his short temper from the Archie comics. Also good to see him stop and think about Ray's welfare.
  13. HywelAtTheMoon

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I think the closest we got was in Scourge's last arc (the prison escape one). There is an alternate universe version of Rouge working as the prison shrink.
  14. HywelAtTheMoon

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    It has been shown in other comics and media that Eggman cannot be locked up for long. He always finds a way to escape. 1. Sonic the Comic - broken out by Knuckles. 2. Archie Sonic #200ish - goes nuts and is incarcerated. Regains faculties soon afterwards. 3. Sonic X - creates hacking devices in jail. Eventually breaks out. They keep forgetting that Eggman has a 300+ IQ. Maybe next time, they'll stick an inhibitor on him. IDW-wise, looks like the Sonic version of Civil War is brewing.
  15. HywelAtTheMoon

    How would I direct Sonic Forces if I was in charge

    Looks like the "Shadow wants to kill Eggman" thing is already happening in the IDW comic. It's in issue 5 by the sounds of it.

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