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  1. Or Tails accidentally drops him, but grabs him by the leg at the last second.
  2. Bebop and Rocksteady with Rough and Tumble. Could be a fun combo. On the hero side, Amy and April. Casey and Whisper (both mask wearers)?
  3. True. It might make an interesting one-shot in the comic where an ex-Empire lackey tries to explain their actions.
  4. The only exception to this may have been the Jackal squad that Infinite belonged to. I guess he has a bit of a track record for monsters and organic lackeys betraying him eventually.
  5. I can see that the virus would have lost him a few followers. Before his war, some may have signed up, either willingly, or otherwise. The Sonic Forces promos even had an Eggman recruitment audio. I guess another question would be what would've happened to them between the defeat and the virus.
  6. Interesting that we've seen some unnamed Resistance/Restoration members throughout the run, but hardly any Eggman Empire rank and file (apart from the Egg Pawns). Would any civilians have joined up, and for what reasons?
  7. Back to her fan-fiction. Sonic Boom did this.
  8. Probably the super boss battle that stuck me the longest was Knuckles vs. Mecha Sonic in Sky Sanctuary (S3&K). Purely because Knuckles is severely underpowered compared to his opponent, who can harness the Master Emerald. You actually have to dodge his attacks long enough for his energy to run out, then attack. A boss battle where the enemy gets to use the ME or the Chaos Emeralds, not Sonic, would be a far better test of the player's abilities. It might be a good showcase for Sonic's quick wits too (and I don't mean his mouth). He'd be on the back foot and vulnerable the entire time.
  9. Me again... Pastel Coast Zone Think of this as the Sonic version of Miami. Art Deco buildings line the boulevards, expensive-looking sports cars on the roads and (hopefully) less homicides. This could be a good parody of Miami Vice and CSI Miami if this was a Chaotix game. Most of the voice lines could be nods to those shows (Vector putting on sunglasses as he delivers a one liner, only for everyone else to stand there with a blank look). Boss: Scarfoot This guy has been dealing Eggman tech to unscrupulous types for too long. Time to break into his mansion and put him out of business! He's pretty weak by himself, but you will have to take out his Egg Guards in order to get him to appear. He's armed with a rifle, and will fight like a cornered beast. A couple of hits will knock him out. Yes, I did base this guy on Scarface.
  10. Sounds like a way of getting the Tails Doll into the continuity. As for Whisper, and as why she isn't with Tangle in the next arc, I suspect she'll be getting another visit from Mimic. It's already been shown that he can't be caged for long, so would she have to actually kill him?
  11. Just a few basic effects on Audacity, making it sound like an old Talkboy/Dictaphone. He doesn't even need to record any new dialogue, just use previous lines and cut them together.
  12. Got the idea from Ryan Drummond doing Neo Metal's voice in Sonic Heroes. It would be a nice "data has been copied" reference. Of course, now that I've put it on here, it can't be used (US legal stuff). If anyone from Paramount or the writers are reading this, feel free to use this idea! You have my consent in writing! My initial idea was Robotnik speaking through Metal via a speaker, but firing Sonic's words back at him would be more effective.
  13. Another possibility is that Metal could record what Sonic says to him, cut together a response, and play it back (much like how Bumblebee communicates via radio in Transformers). It would be Ben Schwartz's voice, but slightly distorted, adding to the creepiness.
  14. Only two references to the Sonic Band actually made it into the games. 1. Vector (originally the drummer). 2. Sonic using a microphone in the credits of the Master System/Game Gear versions of Sonic 1. The Archie comics did feature a couple of the other members in Mina's band before the reboot, I think.
  15. Shadow won't be up for quite some time, but when he does, I'd say Jim Caviezel (Person of Interest). He practically played a character with the same sort of voice and temper. Joe Pesci or James Marsters for Nack (going for the more likely obscure classic characters). Not sure who have as Bean (needs to do a ton of accents). Keep Bark mute.
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