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  1. Too soon as well. We had Sylvanian Castle in Sonic 4 Ep. 2 only 5 years ago. Has Taxman explicitly said we won't be seeing anything from the 8-bit games? I see a couple of nods to Green Hill and Bridge Zone. That new zone teaser looks a little like Sky High Zone 1 (with added gears). Crystal Egg would go quite well in here. Just saying...
  2. If I remember correctly, Eggman (or Robotnik as he was then) held Tails to ransom in the GG/MS Sonic 2. I believe the manual said "If you want to see him alive again, bring the chaos emeralds to the Crystal Egg Zone!" It's implied that Tails dies if you fail to get them all. Watch the end credits. Probably the darkest ending in the franchise.
  3. I played a lot of Sonic Heroes with the audio off back in about 2007, while listening to Barenaked Ladies' Barenaked Ladies Are Men album. Frog Forest with Something You'll Never Find go very well together!
  4. I've always had a thing for creepy, overgrown theme parks. Knowing that one such place was a deathtrap, maybe Eggman could use it to his advantage. All he has to do is rig up a few generators and replace a few bolts, and we have a zone! Derelict Funland Zone Boss: Egg Clown Located in a dark ride building, Eggman's warped park mascot mech is as creepy as he is lethal! Use what's left of the tracks to get near his head and attack. However, Egg Clown can lash out at the tracks to destroy them. He may even hide, only to jump out at you when you least expect it! Second zone idea Mecha Midway Zone More clowns (not creepy though, just Egg Pawns dressed up)! Partly inspired by the 19th Century Barnum and Bailey Circus tours, Eggman's circus is in town. Act 1: The train leading up to the circus. Expect tons of animal robots: lions, snakes, etc. The boss for this act would be a strongman, armed with his fists and a dumbbell. After being defeated, he slams into the engine, derailing the train. Act 2: The midway itself, leading up to the Big Top. Eggman is inside as the ringmaster (and suitably dressed for it). Boss: Egg Ringmaster This mech features whips and a flamethrower. However, this is his weakness. As he's charging, attack the flamethrower mouth to close it before it fires. As the fight goes on, the armour is slowly stripped away. Eventually, the curtain will fall!