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  1. HywelAtTheMoon

    Create your own Sonic Boss

    I had a thought about having the Death Egg turning into a huge bi-ped mech in the style of various Tokusatsu series. Sonic would have to attack various points within in order to bring the beast down.
  2. HywelAtTheMoon

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    A Sonic Team-Up comic, much like the Marvel Team-Up comics would be great. I suppose we got quite a few of these in the old Sonic Universe comics, and would've done again before the cancellation. Bring in some unlikely pairings!
  3. If he put as much effort and passion into his work as he has into his Twitter rants: 1. We wouldn't be making fun of him here. 2. We'd be a few issues into his "project" by now. He's falling into obscurity, save for hanging on by his fingertips. One only wonders how long his grip will last.
  4. HywelAtTheMoon

    Sonic Mania Adventures (The Complete Series)

    The comic's one looks like a reference to the Dragon Ball radar that Bulma carries (with an antenna instead of a button).
  5. I think Tails or other characters from the franchise will be introduced in a post credit sequence. If they had speaking lines in the first place, we would have heard the casting news by now.
  6. HywelAtTheMoon

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    He says it himself during Worlds Unite. One of the robot masters accompanying him thought he was a fox or a wolf.
  7. HywelAtTheMoon

    The Blue Sphere Challenge

    Another idea for a Blue Sphere challenge, and one that should see how well you know the stages... Play them on a black and white TV set, or on the black and white TV mode. I did this once when I a kid. Trust me, it will test you!
  8. HywelAtTheMoon

    Who else do you think could be a good voice for Silver

    James Arnold Taylor, possibly using the same voice as Ratchet.
  9. I suspect she may have to go around showing the world that she's no longer a robot. I also suspect that she remembers what she did during her robotic days, and that will play on her mind for some time. A few sleepless nights are coming...
  10. HywelAtTheMoon

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Love that second cover! It reminds me of the "Fight for Freedom!" cover from the end of the Archie comics.
  11. HywelAtTheMoon

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    All this, plus at least explain how Sonic and Co. found her in the first place. Half the time, she's just there.
  12. HywelAtTheMoon

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I remember the Japanese version of Sonic X had Sonic saying "shit" when trying to break Cream out of Area 51. Not to mention there were quite a few innuendos in all the animated series over the years: Bunnie's "one-eyed monster" story (told to Tails) in SatAM. The infamous "Pingas" line from Adventures. Quite a few in Boom. "Polishing my schnauzer", etc. They got away with quite a lot.
  13. HywelAtTheMoon

    What If Dr. Eggman Teamed Up With These Villains?

    Overwatch crossover? Eggman's nearest counterpart would probably be Moira, but the thought of him having Wrecking Ball, maybe as part of his mech, sounds amusing (taking orders from a hamster). There'll be a slight rivalry between Sonic and Tracer too.
  14. Seeing as the first season is on Netflix, I'd love it if the second one (and third, if it ever comes up) appears there too.
  15. HywelAtTheMoon

    Sonic Headcanons

    When escaping from Prison Island, there should've been a cutscene making fun of Indiana Jones. Sonic (panicking): Tails! START THE ENGINE! TAILS!

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