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  1. Death Egg Sigma and Knuckles? Sounds interesting...
  2. Sam and Max. And Knuckles. The bit where the Chain Strangler appeared at the window scared the hell out of me! A good episode all round!
  3. It would be great if Haynes did a bunch of manuals for Eggman's and Tails' machines. Maybe for the 30th anniversary.
  4. Exactly. If they wanted a good adaptation to end the comic on (which I hope doesn't happen for a while), this would be a great, high stakes story to wrap everything up.
  5. Chemical or viral warfare. This sounds dark, but Sonic would have an almost impossible fight to win here. Eggman has the antidote, but it's on the Death Egg,which is primed to detonate. Edit: Ninja'd.
  6. I'd love to see some of the 8-bit zones return here. Underground Zone would be a great opener, with Crystal Egg as a wild card choice. Just don't use Tidal Plant Zone, it's probably the worst water zone in existence.
  7. Stuff they used in Sonic 3's Icecap Zone. Only you merely had to get near them to trigger the drop.
  8. Seeing that green pool of bouncy slime, anyone reminded of Flubber? Yeah, I'm old...
  9. I seem to remember Flynn saying he will get Overdrive out come hell or high water. I've a suspicion that the problem is because of both the Fulop case and financial issues at Archie. Both are possibly related, those lawyers don't come cheap. It's not just Sonic getting put on hiatus; Jughead is getting the same treatment.
  10. I seem to remember only one. It's been a long time, and I may have been on the main path through that zone. I may be wrong, of course, and I accept that.
  11. There's a similar section in Marble Garden. Shame they only put one of those in. I liked that pillar. Yes, I'm weird.
  12. He might not have legs (that we can see). Instead he moves like a spinning top, swinging the ball and chain as he goes.
  13. I'd be happy with maybe one more reveal (zone or boss). After that, I'm going dark on this to avoid spoilers. I want to keep the rest of it a surprise.
  14. It's probably a scarf. A little homage to the Shinobi series.
  15. I'm really glad they're not re-using the original Act 1 boss. You know, the capsule boss that you had to get it to hit itself.