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  1. The Archie version of Shadow reminds me of John Reese from Person of Interest. Just the right mix of grumpy and dry humour. That would make Rouge the equivalent of Root. Not sure about Omega.
  2. Maybe some propaganda. The Sonic version of 1984.
  3. Ah, OK. I understand. I guess no-one has any updates as yet? That said, there are still a few hours left of the working week in the US...
  4. Any news on the email? Seeing that only two of the staff have left (that we know of), I don't think it's a straight up cancellation, yet...
  5. I'd be very surprised if Knuckles got a super form here. Saying that, if each act has 2 special stage rings, a seasoned player could get all the emeralds by the end of the second zone. This leads me to think this new item/McGuffin is going to be like the super emeralds from S3&K. We'll find out soon enough.
  6. Looks like a retrospective. We already have Flying Battery from Sonic and Knuckles.
  7. It sounds like a rewrite of Late Fees. Hopefully the ending won't be as abrupt this time. The series has improved a lot though.
  8. In Sonic and Knuckles, the white stars sent you the gumball bonus stage. Maybe the gumball machine we saw in the early trailers is one of Mania's bonus stages? There could be others of course, like in S&K.
  9. Just play it like a Doctor Who regeneration! The time travel stuff is already in the series.
  10. I was thinking of Blaze here, but the boots are too flat. Looks like a rear view too.
  11. Sadly, the kanji next to 23 means years. I think this means that it's been 23 years since we had a true classic Sonic game. Sonic 4 and Sonic 3D don't count.
  12. Seems strange to launch a game on a Friday in North America (normal for Europe). They usually launch on Tuesdays, don't they?
  13. Seeing as Sonic Mania was delayed until summer, maybe it's to do with this?
  14. When the series was on hiatus last year, were any issues pulled from PreviewsWorld or other sites? This is starting to get a bit worrying.
  15. Sadly not. That says "Mega Drive" in the katakana script.