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  1. We've already seen a Hill Top road sign. Maybe there too?
  2. Sonic & Tails (Yes, I nicked the Japanese title for Sonic Chaos)
  3. It would be funny if the first thing anyone hears of Tails in Green Hills comes from the ramblings of Carl. "It's the two-tailed devil!"
  4. That last line of Season 2 now seems like a cruel joke. "Well, there's always next season..."
  5. Possibly, as a bonus, have Tails (if playing as him) use the Tornado in walker mode (Sonic Adventure 2) for an extra Sentai reference! He could be used to take down any missiles launched by the boss. Glad you like it!
  6. Sound Stage Studio Zone Style: Adventure/3D A mix of Studiopolis from Mania, and the studios from an episode of Sonic X. Sonic speeds through various genres of TV and film (even putting in a guest appearance in Chao In Space!). With Eggman in the director's chair, there are no second takes! As you make your way through, you are attacked by larger super badniks, as well as regular pawns (themed to each genre). Boss: Hyper EggRobo You stand in a city set, but you're the same height as the skyscrapers. The previous super badniks you fought all form up to create the Hyper EggRobo. Yes, I'm saying this is a Super Sentai/Power Rangers boss fight. Avoid the robot's fists and missiles, and use the springs to attack. Each hit results in a shower of sparks. As a final burst, Sonic uses the buildings to build up momentum and unleash a final strike (much like in Sonic Movie). He lands, does a pose to camera, as the Hyper EggRobo crumples and explodes. The theme song should play during this too.
  7. I also saw Rouge and Nack in a jailbreak scenario. This would be a good lead in for how Rouge started working for GUN, as Nack double-crossed her, and left her to deal with the authorities once they'd escaped.
  8. Rouge and Vector. They've only really interacted once in the games (Sonic Heroes), and even then as part of their respective teams. Plus they tried to throw each other off a skyscraper. I can see this working as a "private eye meets sultry female fatale" scenario, updated for the games.
  9. One I did long ago was play the Blue Spheres stages on a black and white TV. You could try it on Sonic Mania now.
  10. Get Knuckles introduced in the second film. Start the Chaos arc in the third, but have a build up to Perfect Chaos through the flashbacks that were in Sonic Adventure. Maybe reveal the location of the Hidden Palace. End 3 with the disaster. Part 4 forces Sonic and all to redouble their efforts to find the Hidden Palace, but they're hounded by Eggman. The palace gives Sonic his Super form. Meanwhile, Tom is trying to help out in the destroyed city. Final scene: the massive battle between Super Sonic and Perfect Chaos. I'm no writer, but that's how I see this going.
  11. I've been thinking about doing a "no-Badnik" or "pacifist" run on any of the games. Might be easier on the classic games (except 3D). Taking out Eggman is still a requirement, obviously.
  12. If they do use Perfect Chaos in this, it would work best as a two-parter. End the first with Chaos getting the last emerald, then turn the second part into a huge disaster movie. It would be a good place to have Sonic picking up his hydrophobia too.
  13. Her tarot cards have been alluded to a few times. Sadly, the only magical ability away from this was at the end of the Archie comics run, where she used the Mystic Melody to get a long distance reading on the Master Emerald shards. Away from magic, I seem to remember Amy being described by her Sonic Boom VA as "Bi-polar". I think it was more of a "putting up with Sonic's s*** constantly" thing.
  14. A lot of this isn't just down to the actor. Most of Bristow's lines were interpreted as serious not just because of his acting, it was how it was written, as well as directed in the studio. Same for Mike Pollock later. If it says it's a comedy, that's how it goes. We see quite a few comedy Eggman games because of the script, not just Mike. The same went for Baldry, Cummings etc.
  15. You might have to zoom in to see this, but one of Robotnik's playlists is "Heavy Metal Bombing Over Babylon" (it's to the left of the Crush 40 lists). Possible nod to Riders?
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