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  1. Still looks like a random villager. I can't make it out due to the resolution. It just gets blurry when I try to zoom in.
  2. Gems was also the first time I ever played CD. I believe both CD and R were the PC ports, the latter threw me a bit considering I played the Saturn original to death back in the day.
  3. Just looking at the "missing Chaos Emerald" bit in Gemini. They spelt "damn" wrong (or "bleep", as it was said during the Twitter Takeover).
  4. Fighting games aren't the only games in eSports. Why not expand on some of the sports games in the Olympic spin-offs (tennis is already taken)? Football could be sort of Fifa Street 5-a-side game. Rugby 7s.
  5. I remember one of these turning up at the Bristol Balloon Festival as late as summer 1996. I remember seeing a CG vid of Virtua Fighter 3 where Jacky finally broke Sarah out of her brainwashing.
  6. If they went with a fighting game, would you go for either an all-Sonic cast, or an All Stars roster (other Sega characters)?
  7. I'd pay double to see this if Wiseau was involved! This would make so bad, it would actually be good!
  8. Just looking at the SatAM Season 3 crowd funding thing on the main page here. How long do you think it will take before Penders sticks his 2 cents in?
  9. Nickel Mint Zone Eggman has taken over a mint in order to supply currency for his latest attempt at an empire. The coins and cash here all bear his face and logo. The zone itself is laid out like a "How It's Made" episode, starting with rolls of sheet nickel, going around blank presses, and finally quality control. Act 1 boss: Rail Gunner Taking a cue from "A Certain Kind of Railgun", this piece of artillery uses electric and magnetic pulses to hurl coins at you. Luckily, the turret has a low rate of fire, and can act as a grind rail to hit the main cockpit. Act 2 is a fleet of vehicles transporting the currency to various parts of the world. Shout outs include the casino zones! Find and disable the lead vehicle, and permanently devalue Eggman's cash grab! Boss: Egg Driver Basically Eggman driving a massive lorry (like his one in the Sonic movie, but loaded with cash). Take out the turrets, and then the cash pods before taking out the windscreen.
  10. Bryan Adams - Run To You Stray Cats - Built For Speed or Rev It Up and Go. Deep Purple - Highway Star
  11. The Sonic 1 Special Stage music, for some reason, puts me more on edge than the drowning music. The same for Sonic 4 Episode 1's Special Stage music. They're supposed to be relaxing, but they have the opposite effect.
  12. Stuck in a different dimension still won't keep him down for long. Forces' Null Space (somehow escaped, but took a while to regain his memories (looking at IDW's story here) ), and Generations' White Space (possibly had help eventually from the younger Eggman) are good examples. I'm thinking of a cryogenic approach, similar to Shadow's origin story, or the Triple Max containment in Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. The only issue is that someone would break him out sooner or later. Maybe into a future where Sonic is no longer around to deal with him.
  13. Some media have shown Eggman being captured/arrested. However, it isn't long before he breaks out, or is broken out. How would you show a more secure way of imprisonment?
  14. I guess I'll be watching this anyway. Not because I want to, but my nephews will demand to see it. Kids...
  15. I just found the image. I stand corrected. I thought it was a fan render as it looked a fair bit thinner than most of the official stuff. Sorry.
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