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  1. There needs to be a "friendly rivalry" type game. Sonic vs. Tails or something. Nothing world ending, just pure silly fun.
  2. Bebop and Rocksteady vs. Rough and Tumble. Or at least, the former coaching the latter to be more than comedy bad guys. Maybe a one-shot?
  3. I'm saying it's Tails. Everyone in the Restoration knows that Sonic is infected by now.
  4. I guess you could count the time Eggman spent as Mr. Tinker in the early issues of the IDW comics. For those who haven't read them, the comics take place after Sonic Forces. Eggman vanished, but was found in a small village (issue 4), completely missing his memory. He would likely have stayed that way if he hadn't been subjected to a little "therapy"... Sonic says it himself. He isn't faking the amnesia for an ulterior motive.
  5. Sonic as the Werehog, and no-one's complaining yet? Shocker!
  6. Say if Eggman's Zombot virus did turn everyone, including Sonic. Be careful what you wish for!
  7. I believe he did lead Team Freedom briefly during the Mecha Sally arc. He chose to have everyone put out fires in a village instead of blindly running after Sally.
  8. Since Sony now own Insomniac, this myth is: BUSTED! If this is given to another studio, it'll be another smaller outfit.
  9. Cream would be better suited to search and rescue. 1. This would make her more interesting, whilst keeping her away from fighting, but still keeping her "eager to help" persona going. 2. Teamwork with Cheese and Gemerl. Cheese would be good for small areas, whilst Gemerl would deal with the heavy lifting.
  10. He should have an underwater base, almost like the Aquabase from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. He could use this to bait Sonic into attacking him, knowing full well that Sonic has Hydrophobia. It would be a good change from space stations.
  11. And I thought the Cats trailer looked horrific. This is way worse. Hopefully, it will stay in the 3rd Circle of the Uncanny Valley where it belongs.
  12. Still looks like a random villager. I can't make it out due to the resolution. It just gets blurry when I try to zoom in.
  13. Gems was also the first time I ever played CD. I believe both CD and R were the PC ports, the latter threw me a bit considering I played the Saturn original to death back in the day.
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