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  1. I'm sure the tweet is still around somewhere (first posted in April or May), but Steve Blum pretty much said exactly this. Even if they have a really good setup in their homes, they probably can't just send files over the internet for full film projects for security reasons.
  2. I suspect this may be more to do with the pandemic, rather than any cash grab. This would be easier to make with minimal crew and Jim Carrey (found footage would make it easier again).
  3. I like the idea that was used in one of the later Sonic Universe comic arcs. Knuckles used the emerald structures from the Hidden Palace (the Sonic 2 one under Mystic Cave) as decoys. The real ME is still above ground, but only he can sense which one is real. He would just need to switch them around in order to keep thieves (and Rouge) guessing. This freed him up for adventuring.
  4. The lead up to the goal ring in Mystic Mansion, nice! This would make a nice snow level (Quebec City, Canada).
  5. Hopefully not the guy who brought the metal virus into Restoration HQ...
  6. I imagine the Motobug would be the easiest one to do. Some flying ones could use a drone as a base, but you'd have to design the shell as not to obscure the fans.
  7. It's only a matter of time before a government group (royal or republic) has to be introduced. Eggman has lost pretty much all territory he gained after being defeated, and surely the Restoration can't act as an interim forever, no matter who is running things.
  8. There is the argument in 06 that she saved Sonic from Silver without even swinging her hammer or throwing a punch. If that's not toughening up, I don't know what is. She got angry, but this was warranted.
  9. I seem to remember Mighty using it to smash down a wall in the later Archie (post reboot) comics. It seems to be just an extension of Amy's arm. That said, Amy also had a crossbow in the Fleetway Sonic comics, but this was before the games had her use the hammer.
  10. The rest of the group may have winter outfits, but God forbid Sonic gets a scarf. I'm sure the licensing team won't allow it.
  11. There's always the winter outfits from Sonic Boom season 2. As Tails said there: "It's so cold, I almost had to wear pants." Or words to that effect. Still, they all had coats on.
  12. I suspect Sonic will hear of Tails through Crazy (or Very Observant) Carl. It would be hilarious if his drawing resembles the Tails Doll this time.
  13. This could be a good thing for Knuckles' or Rouge's hunting stages. Fully destructible environments, a la Red Faction. This could be added to other characters' stages in order to open up new routes, or open up new ways to destroy bosses (bring a rock slide down on Eggman). Another one would be to complete a stage without wrecking the joint at all.
  14. Bell Temple A rather dilapidated monastery set in the mountains. A slight throwback to Dragon Road in Unleashed. Ringing the temple bells could either open up pathways and doors, or cause floors and ceilings to collapse. Boss: Egg Mantis This is where ringing the right bells could help you. The ceiling is unstable, and can be used to break the Mantis's armour. You can dodge the claws too to get them stuck in the walls and pillars. Just watch your head!
  15. My money is on Longclaw, as well as someone else. I reckon she got taken prisoner after Sonic escaped, but was soon rescued by another person. Another what if. Tails didn't invent the detector he has in the film. He was likely born after Sonic escaped, but was recruited to find him after it became necessary to bring Sonic back home.
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