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  1. It could work fine if they still had Knuckles keep the Master Emerald safe underground in the Hidden Palace. I assume that's how they explained him also doing treasure hunting at the time. No clue why the outdoor altar became the norm and why Knuckles would think its okay to leave it there.
  2. i'm really curious if you have any ideas of what should be added to this core to make a great game, other than like "make it a full game and not just a test map in a demo" which i see unfairly harbored at unfinished fangames as if it's that's all they intended it to be and weren't just figuring the core gameplay out first. the only idea i can think of rn is throwing in some slow bits for variety, but given the kinda criticisms sonic usually gets, i dunno how well that'd blow over
  3. I can't say I agree with a lot of these sentiments, I can do regular platforming in any other 3D platformer, but the "linear multi-tiered skatepark world" gameplay was a concept uniqely invented for Sonic and a lot more interesting and engaging for it. Most people chastise Sonic 1 for not embracing it's unique style but instead falling back on regular platforming too much. I think the translation of it into 3D is a worthy pursuit and still hasn't gotten old to me, but I've certainly gotten tired of automated spectacle setpieces that the mainline games are full of a long time ago.
  4. How do you feel about GT's compromise, where tapping the button gives you a halted homing attack, but holding it down makes you carry momentum in the homing attack? That really makes me sad if so cuz ive had more fun in these fangames than any actual 3D sonic
  5. I think the classic gameplay honestly works better in 3D, but you're right, it’s a lot more complicated to design than in 2D. You have to take a bunch of different paths/player choices into careful consideration, all while keeping it tight and paced well and looking good without being all spread out. This year's GT is by far the best execution of the level design I've ever seen, but even with the little environmental tells, i still got turned around a few times. Takes a loooot of careful thought and polishing, but it's worth it for how great it is to play.
  6. An issue that's all set-ups for the future, sure, but I'm just always happy to see a bunch of quaint little character moments. Man, Tangle and Whisper could not possibly get any gayer lol
  7. I've really wanted them to lay out the lore they have, even if it sucks or has retcons. There's just way too many unexplained "How’s" and "Why's" right now. Hopefully it has anything at all about lore and isnt just things we already know.
  8. That's not too controversial, I'd like that too, if only cuz I'm not a fan of the current satus quo. Granted, I hope they change the formula to something good. Honestly I really just wanna be able to freely control sonic again and not run down hallways.
  9. Sonic 1, cuz its a short game with a really simple final boss. I "beat" Sonic 2 and Sonic Advance before that, but that was from using debug mode and a used completed save file respectively, so i don't really count it.
  10. Looking at how things have gone, they’re either gonna try to reinvent 3D sonic again or go another round missing the point and doing the same thing. They always bent to criticisms a bit, we can only hope they've been given a much clearer idea these days than "shitty friends" and "not enough fast". I think 2D Sonic will stay the same, as they found out how to make it successful.
  11. His motivations were not to play God, but to create an invincible super being so he could unlock the secrets of immortality and cure Maria's illness. It's not confirmed, but the popular theory is that Gerald studied the Chaos Emeralds in the ruins of Echidna society and used that knowledge to try and recreate a being that could harness the power of the Chaos Emeralds. First trying Chaos (the Chaos clones in the Ark), then Perfect Chaos (Biolizard), until discovering the prophetic Super Sonic mural from Sonic 3, and deciding a hedgehog with upturned spines was the one.
  12. i was always under the impression that the end of SA2 was trying to say that Sonic was actually the ultimate lifeform. Shadow being a predictive imitation of Super Sonic that didn't quiiiite make it far enough to survive in the end.
  13. Sure. Any legacy game port is a good thing. Unfortunately that proposal is even more generous than what Nintendo was willing to give us today, so I wouldn't count on it. Also, reputation or no, having a big Sonic catalog be readily available on modern platforms is always a useful thing for bringing in new fans.
  14. I never hated Big, kinda just felt sorry for him in SA1. Poor guy just wants his friend back and he gets flung into scary, dangerous situations he knows nothing about. To answer your question, it's just cuz his character and gameplay make little to no sense being included in an action platformer, and the fishing can be either boring or frustrating, yet you need to get through it to win the game. That was well enough to spur up the ire of the reactionary and over-the-top culture that was early internet games criticisms.
  15. I don't mind the amnesia trope much here as I'm more curious about why Sonic seems to be acting like a totally different person. He's all smarmy and verbose, it makes me wonder if there's something more going on here than simply amnesia, or if I'm just looking too much into it.
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