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  1. Highly doubt this is all there is (remember the "multiple Sonic games for the 30th" press info?) but if it is the only thing they reveal I think that would make me laugh my ass off.
  2. Do people really think the tan parts on Sonic are bare skin and not lighter colored fur like real hedgehogs have on their tummy and snout?

    1. Wraith


      I always thought it was skin. It's textured simply enough that it's up to interpretation. When they want details like that to stick out, they do.

      Whether they think so or not, that color is called "flesh" so it makes sense as a shorthand.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Boom Sonic and Movie Sonic's arms are blue as a result of them not bothering to shave them

    3. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Or maybe it's like Polar bear fur where the paler fur is a cover for darker fur, and in reality the lighter parts of their bodies are the outer fur while the rest is the inner fur.

      /joke if it wasn't obvious.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I mean... What do you think Sonic's spikes are? Big, fleshy masses covered in blue fur? Hundreds of small quills arranged into several larger spikes? Individual giant quills?

      The movie suggests that it's the second option on the list. But the games never really show it and it's not a detail that you're meant to consider too much, just same as with hands and and feet. FWIW though, the games and 3D renders give Sonic textured detailing on his blue parts and leave his tan parts totally smooth. That implies that his blue parts are fur/quills and the tan parts are skin. It's very much just open to interpretation though.

      And just so you know, I'm obligated to post this:



    5. Jango



    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I've posted that picture several times before. It's not my fault you hadn't seen it.

    7. Jango


      It is now!!

    8. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      You're welcome :)

    9. Natie


      Cartoon hair is drawn in bigger "clumps" rather than every individual hair being drawn and several cartoon animals are drawn with light brown "snouts" akin to real animals so i go for it being a bunch of fur and quills grouped together really stylistically. Same reason I say his eyes are two eyes close together.

  3. It's what people say they should be doing, not what they are lol, we all know they haven't even gotten Sonic right yet.
  4. This is sad. Evidence suggests Naka's only initial inspiration was "Let’s make a platformer" which can't really lead to much on it's own. Just slapping gameplay philosophies from previous stuff onto any ol game isn't a good idea either. It's not like Sonic where its all based around simply running and jumping and rolling through the world, its a slow paced methodical mario-type with puzzles based around a wide variety of function powerups. You just cannot do one-button for that and the absurd ways they try to make other functions happen make it painfully obvious. I wanna blame Square but it seems like Naka's just gotten confused. What was brilliant in Sonic and Nights is now being used out of context where it doesnt belong. At least we can safely say Oshima's art direction hasnt lost its touch.
  5. Guess it comes down to personal experience then lol cuz I had seen a lot of backlash so I assumed it to be the popular opinion
  6. "The FF can be changed to fit the game world, in fact they already were in reboot archie." This is a perfectly solid point, but am I remembering wrong or did most fans not despise the reboot FF for the express reason of them not being the way they were before? All the talk about compromising and re-imagining makes me wonder of it would feel worth it to the big sally-heads out there. The "they're just in a different area that Sonic can visit" is a good idea to not be redundant to the main resistance, but aren't their long standing childhood relationship with Sonic and Tails a big part of the appeal, you couldn’t have that as side characters. Either way I can see the angry tweets going "Really??? They only appear in (x number of) issues??? This must be an accursed MANDATE." or "This isn’t the TRUE (x character)" cuz they arent the exact SatAM setup then the outcry will have never really been met or solved. I'm just wonder is simply seeing Sally Acorn enough for the majority of people rallying for this? Compromise is very finicky.
  7. lol the hell? The McElroys are writing a Sonic comic?
  8. Re: Eggman, I was talking more about how he's presented tonaly, rather than what he's actually doing. I think of Eggman from like X and the earlier games as this guy who does terrible things but is so lighthearted about it. He grins and chuckles when he hits you, creates adorable robots, poses like he's a beloved entertainer, calls himself a romanticist, ect. The latest games feature him as a more common cartoon villain where he's always seen scowling, yelling and ranting at his minions, brooding, strategizing like a warlord and grumbling about how much he hates that hedgehog. IDW's version essentially just looks deeper into that kinda thing, making him come off more dark and SatAM-like (especially with stuff like him chokeslamming Starline). I just find it a wee bit less interesting than the comedic yet sociopathic Eggman. That being said the stuff with Mister Tinker and that being buried in his subconscious, only to come out when he's forgotten his ego, or his affection for Metal Sonic is great and leans more towards that older Eggman.
  9. You have a fair point, I was a little miffed that IDW Eggman is still just Ian writing his angry SatAM Robotnik instead of going for the gleefully egocentric Eggman from the games, considering that's what the comic was trying to go for with its world. But I guess he's a grouchy fist waggling despot in the recent games now, too, so eh.
  10. I'm not sure I get all this clamor to make IDW into "Archie 2" that's been going on since the thing first came out. Is it wrong for a separate comic to be... separate? It's shitty how Archie got cut off without any sort of ending but after like 25 years worth of comics I personally felt pretty satisfied and ready to move on.
  11. Exactly what I was thinking. They're exciting and can be learned in seconds so I doubt most players gave a shit about any imposed game design rules. That's the reason they keep getting put in Sonic games, they're well-regarded anyway. I've certainly seen many platformers use worse context sensitive gimmick segments than one bonus finale.
  12. In general they're fine as a cartoon goes. The old designs might of had been a bit better balanced with it but the whole point if the Adventure redesign style was to exaggerate everything. Looks better in the 2D art tho (as most things do). Also not sure why you'd use Knuckles as an example as his big bulky boxing gloves are his design's whole point.
  13. What are the odds this time they aren't constrained to adhering to a set generic Hollywood plot? It seemed like in the later part of development of the first film they realized people actually want Sonic to feel like Sonic and started throwing in references to compensate.
  14. You know, all this blame gets shifted on classic fans but all I see these days are modern fans making all the same mistakes, whereas the "Green Eyes >:o" era has long since gone away. Hell there was this angry outrage about a fangame changing to classic style on the creators own free will. Tons of bitter pessimism and paranoia any time the old hedgehog shows his face anywhere. If history is repeating itself then does that mean Forces is the modern fan's Sonic 4? Hope to god they get their Mania soon should we all survive so long :v
  15. We did, in a sense. (box art, promotional stuff, and the Fighters model best of all) but it certainly didnt reach it's full potential. From what I've seen, the prototype SA1 model basically had that design.
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