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  1. I would say ranking conflicts with the Sonic philosophy of offering exploration and experimentation if you get told off for going through how you want but the games that feature ranking are so straightforward in level design it doesn't really matter. I say Boost gameplay gels with it the best, being a style thats all about optimization and not much else. They sure made the system work for NiGHTS though, so much that its nearly essential.
  2. I have them all, unless you count Wacky Worlds or standalone MBM. Sadly they're all cartridge-only as I got em at trade stores and stuff. You've tried the ol' alcohol q-tip trick, right? It could even be the genesis as my old model 2 doesn't read a lot of carts well without forcing it, but my other two models read them perfectly.
  3. Eggman doesn't exactly see himself as evil, he just has delusions of grandeur and feels he deserves to be praised and that the world would be a better place full of lifeless machines that he can easily control. He surely admires Gerald in the sense that he was a brilliant inventor, but doesn't care about his humanitarian aspects and just wants to have his way through whatever means nessesary. He's always been a bit of a cracked egg from the start.
  4. A - Jump LS - Move RS - Camera RT/RB - Crouch or Roll in motion RT/RB + A - Charge Spindash (I never liked just having it mapped to a single face button) A + A - Homing Attack / Air Dash Thats all I really need, any other buttons are open for any extra abilities that don't particularly mesh with jumping or rolling like the light dash or whatever.
  5. *inhale* Better physics, improved level design tweaks and additions, extra levels for the shorter stories, reassess Big, Gamma and Amy with more fun and engaging takes on their gameplay, Tornado levels for Tails only, cutscenes animated and directed very well, dialouge rewrites that flow better and are more clear about the story, models and animations that invoke the dynamic Sonic Adventure artwork, and not erasing the aesthetic and color design of the original like DX did.
  6. I might have been able to buy a Roger Rabbit-type dynamic of cartoon characters next to real humans if it werent for the series' most notable human, Dr. Eggman. Even when the other humans are at least anime or even pixar-like in Unleashes, he looks like a big weird freak next to them. I think, in that case, humans were probably first considered to look stylistically in line with the other characters. Not looking just like them, but folling the same philosophy the Oshima used (strong and bold use of shapes, less detail, mixtures of circles and triangles, bright colors and rubber hose limbs). A style that, when told to make a comedic fat scientist, would make perfect sense to draw him that way. Given it's very japanese interpretation of old cartoon, the closest fit would be the human designs in 60s-80s gag anime.
  7. Hard to say, I think the PC tracks are more fitting and consistent with the rest, while the Genesis ones are more interesting. I lean more on the Genesis as they're the ones i grew up on. Gotta say though, hearing the proto FM versions of the PC tunes made me appreciate them a lot more.
  8. Glad you agree on the tragedy that is Chaotix, it was one of those games like Sonic CD where its team was more artists than game designers, but CD at least had decent gameplay. Chaotix is at all times either frustrating or super boring. I really wish we could have gotten a game with both the all-out stellar imaginative presentation of CD and Chaotix AND the tight design and gameplay of Sonic 2 and 3.
  9. When I was really young I would somehow clip into the girder walls of Chemical Plant so often and easily (usually on the moving block sections) that I would assume they were just some of those secret walk through areas. For some reason every time later in life I was never able to replicate going into any walls ever again no matter how hard i tried and it makes me wonder if I was even remembering correctly.
  10. I also don't think Sega would release every game together in one from a business standpoint, instead of making individual re-releases for more profit. Even if it were possible. Games collections are usually reserved for retro titles which are smaller in size and old and short enough to be considered less worthy of full price individually.
  11. ^Yeah I was thinking that. Since there's tons of detailed analysis now and proof of concept games that show exactly what it should be, rather than just the usual complaining of what it it is. This is pretty different than before and it shows by the fact that most fans are learning from all this available information where Sonic needs to go. Sega currently has the clearest opportunity ever. Hell, just watching Sonic Spitball would be enough to give them a clear idea. It really was pretty vague back in the day, reviews and the common repeated opinions of fans reflected that, we knew something was wrong but didn't have the clear answers. Add that to Sega's crunched business standards and it's no wonder they're floundering so much. If they did try to make a movement based 3D Sonic, I would still expect some of their usual design blunders, but with an actual focused core that strong, it could still come out pretty fun to play regardless.
  12. I'd like to point out Sonic Team usually bends to the biggest criticisms, only now, people are analyzing the nitty gritty of how 3D Sonic gameplay should work more than ever before, as opposed to before, where they only had "green eyes!" "Shitty friends" and "sonic isnt fast enough" to work off of before. I say this to imply there's a tiny shred of hope to hold on to that they might try to make the 3D sonic they shoulda made 20 years ago. Everyone and their dog knows about freeform 3D momentum gameplay's importance to sonic now, and there's like a million different fanmade engines for it.
  13. the official excuse was that the moon was simply rotated on the not-broken side in other games, so I guess I would have to add it to the lore that their moon spins on it's own axis? lol, that has got to make for some wild tides. Oh yeah, Big was one of the major things that really confused my theories, given why i just listed 3 possibilities lol. Yeah, I was noticing some fan made maps and threads in my research, but I didnt want to rip anybody off so I just wanted to but the locations together in a simple list and connect them from scratch.
  14. Honestly I'd like to see something similar to the IDW comics but as a cartoon, seems like the best stories being told in the cannon world right now. I'd like to see it fully come to life with sound and animation.
  15. from the few art we get, it seems to be a base he attached to the island by a road/bridge and so i assumed they were connected enough to count as one island. Though i could very easily be wrong and Isolated Island was the place they were hanging out on at the start. I'll address this.
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