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  1. As if Sega would be willing to shell out for a hollywood celebrity in their games lol
  2. I do like the main continuity the best (at least the Magic Islands and Earth part), but there was an anecdote in Sonic X stating that the rings are shed from the Chaos Emeralds when they give off too much excess energy that would fit perfectly if stated as cannon. They give characters a moment of invulnerability, open portals to the Special Zone and keep Super Sonic going. Having them be intrinsically linked to chaos energy like that makes a lot of sense.
  3. This much marketing is much more standard for Hollywood films than it is for video games. We're just not used to seeing so much Sonic. The model is fine, Sega just makes the rediculous blunder of making cheap, lazy, standard animation with a character design that was built perfectly for expressive animation. Swapping the movie model in there isnt gonna fix it (plus I'd really prefer Sonic stays a rubbery cartoon character).
  4. It's a shame we have so much reason to be pessimistic, cuz the idea of a Sonic Adventure remake has a lot of potential. Compared to some of these HD remakes these days that try to update something that was fine how it was, SA is an appealing game that has a LOT of room for improvement. I agree with everyone's sentiment here to reimagine the game and exentuate the appeal it had while massively retooling it's problems. I find it really fun to imagine what those cutscenes would look like with good animation, direction, pacing and shot composition.
  5. Interesting to see everyone come to the realization that the extremely lazy and generic character archetypes seen in this film are not appealing.
  6. They were in a game that got a good critical reception.
  7. Given the acknowledgement of the 90's games still having happened in the modern timeline, I assumed the "other dimensions" thing was due to a new timeline split starting at the end of S3&K (probably so they could continue making as many classic adventures as they want) either leading into Mania or Sonic 4/Sonic Adventure. Maybe it's like Dragon Ball time travel logic and the timeline being fucked with in Generations made classic return to a now split off and separate universe lol.
  8. Seems like we'll be seeing more of Sonic's world (and its denizens?) than I expected.
  9. The Genesis games were on a series of secluded magical islands that eggman invades. They're like nothing else on Earth with surreal landscapes, a culture of talking cartoon animals, and an intrinsic link to the Chaos Emeralds that causes portals to their dimension and even whole planets to warp in and out wildly. After the first 3 adventures, they persue Eggman into human territory, and thats where we're at for a bit. Suddenly they retcon it to be on their own planet of surreal landscapes and chaos energy, so i can only headcannon the dots together in my head that the Chaos Emeralds originally warped major landforms to Earth, life cultivated there, Sonic and friends are born, then much later they somehow return to their home planet with Eggman obsessively following after them.
  10. May not be real but probably close to what we'll get. Now it actually looks like sonic but with some unnecessary details and body lumps, pretty much as good as you can get in this hollywood industry. It's funny how simple changes to the face reclaimed like 80% of the appeal. Makes you realize how important Sonic's appealing face is to his design!
  11. dont really like SatAM but good luck anyways, hope the kickstarter money goes to hiring experienced animators cuz the timing and movement in this trailer makes it clear that its people who like watching cartoons more than knowing a lot about what goes into it. Way too slow and full of needles sloppy inbetween frames when going from pose to pose.
  12. Giving a character flaws in a story is a great way to add a feeling of intrigue and humanity, but runs the same risk that this human nature does in real life, being that some people will just get pissed off by it. Create a character meant to please everyone and you run the risk of feeling ingenuine and soulless. It's up to you to pick your preference at that point. I personally chose flaws, but prefer it be believable. anyway the cartoon was good. helps i already love Ok KO for being a hilarious visual treat to a cartoonist like me.
  13. Sonic's has a very nomadic and "lone wolf" type of personality, I think it'd be more than fitting to have him run off on a little adventure by himself. On the other hand, Sonic's friends give a good contrast to his "free with the wind" nature.
  14. Sonic X adapted the adventure games into pure story pretty well. I think you could adapt even Sonic 1 in a way that works if you're a very skilled and creative writer.
  15. I really like how Metal Sonic is animated in this one. His movement fits his "personality".
  16. As well, I was not even referring to what you specifically were doing/saying rather what you seemed to be defending by jumping on my first post that was addressed to everyone else and saying "bein mad when we dont even have a trailer is bad too". But I am going to cut this off because you are an unshakable man with a plan and I wont waste ur time. Just don't like interesting discussion getting put down for bein' "too pessimistic".
  17. True, and I'm able to criticize your criticism and you can criticize my criticism of your criticism of... gee this kinda goes nowhere huh. Almost like an overly convoluted scapegoat. Bruh, all I'm sayin is these unwarranted assertions of someones character is unnecessary and unrelated to the actual topic. How about, if you dont like what somebody said about the movie, actually make a counter point about what you think and engage a debate instead of passive aggressively going "well u guys are all just blindly mad and love to hate things" which amounts to little more than saying "yeah well ur just stupid". It's not a counterpoint, its a cheap shutdown.
  18. "NO U" should be avoided as well. I really don't see what so unreasonable about stating honest negative observations about the information we have so far. If you're optimistic about the movie, great, just talk about that then, don't police others on when and how they're allowed to think what they think.
  19. Can we avoid the "you're just being blindly negative" shut down, please? That's really not constructive.
  20. Not too familiar with the concept of uncanny valley I assume. Sigh, this is what I was afraid of. Sonic's iconic design was made with the opposite intention of being realistic, and every attempt I've seen to layer realism over his cartoon frame has resulted in him looking like a horrible disgusting gremlin, its like trying to make water dry. The only way to pull off a "realistic" Sonic would be to completely re-do his design from scratch to accommodate it more, and at that point he wouldn't be sonic. I don't see why we even need it, the idea of sonic existing in real life is so silly, he might as well just be a cartoon. It would honestly be easier to suspend disbelief for that than a 4 foot tall, grotesquely detailed man-hog.
  21. If I were in control I'd tell em to grow a pair and make Sonic just look like a stylized cartoon character like he was designed to be. We're already suspending belief enough to believe there's a fast talking hedgehog person from another world in real life, wouldn't change much to just roger-rabbit an appealing looking character in there. Put away those fur textures you hollywood cowards!
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