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  1. You're neglecting that in Sonic Adventure Amy had her own unique levels, as did all the characters. In the classics all the characters need to be able to progress through more or less the same stage. Getting this balance right is difficult. This is part of reason I loved Mirage Saloon 1 as Knuckles so much. After trudging through all these levels designed mainly for Sonic, I finally get a level specifically tailored for Knuckles, and everything just feels so much tighter and... better. More unique paths / stages are the way to go if you want to differentiate the play-styles. I for one am curious to see how / if a potential Mania sequel would address this. I imagine a sequel would have more resources to work with so we may see some experimentation in this regard hopefully. I just hope we don't see things devolve to what Heroes did where each character has like three abilities and you are forced to use all nine of them multiple times to progress, plus the abilities are copy / paste for each character type. I might also want to add that elemental shields feel a little useless when not playing as Sonic. That may be something they wish to address as well.
  2. Let's be real here: the unused animation does look a bit weird, and the new animation looks 10x better. The unused animation didn't make it in because it wasn't up to scratch - simple as that. Now you can be all antagonistic to SEGA, but the fact is there simply was not enough development time to polish everything to the standard the team wanted, and so things got cut. This is normal. This happens all the time. Please stop bashing SEGA; without them we wouldn't have Sonic Mania in the first place! SEGA even let the team delay the game, so cut them some slack. Now, there are other reasons you may wish to beat SEGA up (*cough* everything else *cough*), but doing it because some content got cut from Mania due to time constraints and then improved upon and re-added in a free update to the game really isn't fair at all.
  3. Move the HUD for P1 to the left and P2 to the right. Include total rings and items boxes broken.
  4. Next game should be fully 3D. Boost formula needs to die - its had its time in the sun. 3D Sonic desperately needs innovation. Develop a new control scheme which delivers momentum, speed, platforming, and exploration. Playable Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. If you wanted, you could call it Sonic Adventure 3 ahahahaha.
  5. Honestly I don't care what direction the modern series takes, as long as we get quality titles. If the adventure formula is revisited -great! If the boost formula is continued - great! If a new formula in the vein of Sonic Utopia is developed - great! The key is that the resulting games are quality. This is what I want from SEGA. I don't care who develops it for what form it takes, as long as it's quality. Sonic '06 had many things the fans wanted but wasn't quality. What you should want from a game is for it to be good, not for it to follow a specific idea. Because when SEGA eventually 'listens to what the fans want' and follows that idea (Sonic 4) it turns out rubbish because they really don't understand what you truly want because they are trying to realise your dream instead of their own dream. Similar thing with 2D sections in Colors and Avatar in Forces. All successful Sonic games developed by Sonic Team have been ideas from the dev team. If you want them to follow fans' ideas they will not really 'get it' and screw the whole thing up. With Mania this wasn't a problem because the team were actually pursuing their own ideas which happened to overlap with what the fans want. In this case a 'Mania' for the Adventure series would be nice, as long as it gets a AAA budget and Sonic Team stay clear of the whole thing - unless its something they really want to do and are putting a real effort behind designing and researching what made SA1 great (I don't care much for SA2 - kill me).
  6. Here is a possibility that some people are ignoring: Some of the Forces team were so ashamed by their work that they refused to be credited. Well... probably not... still, wouldn't look too good on the CV.
  7. SA1 and SA2 are VERY different games. The level design and mechanics of SA1 felt like a logical evolution of the classics, which is probably why it's the only 3D Sonic game I truly love. The visuals I also thought were a downgrade in SA2. While the art is more detailed and the models are higher poly, geometry and assets are reused throughout stages a lot more, making the levels feel very repetitive and bland - particularly the shooting levels. SA1 doesn't have this problem at all, with unique art all over the place (see: Twinkle Park, Sky Deck, Speed Highway, Lost World). Lastly, while the story of SA2 was more complex and felt more 'epic', it just wasn't executed anywhere near as well as SA1's story. In SA1 you felt like you were Sonic going through an 'Adventure'. The story slowly built upon itself to reach a satisfying climax and all the characters felt important in their own way (yes, even Big). SA2 story was a mess - on paper it sounds nice, but the way it was integrated into the gameplay and paced was really all over the place. On a side note: I wonder what people want when they ask for SA3. A sequel to SA1, or a sequel to SA2? If you want an SA2 sequel, you have Sonic Heroes which is honestly a straight ripoff of SA2 in many aspects (Rail Canyon - > Sky Rail, Green Forest -> Frog Forest, character cast).
  8. The most disappointing thing for me is that it really looked like Sonic Team were starting to 'get it' with Sonic Generations. That game is genuinely very well-designed. Seaside Hill in particular had amazing level design in both acts. Act 1 had a nice branching path structure and Act 2 was mostly well-designed 3D with only a couple 2D sections that flowed well with the rest of the stage. Why can't they just design the levels in Forces the same way they designed those levels just a few years ago? Clearly Sonic Team have good designers in their ranks. Did they all just get sacked or something? Same thing visually. Generations (and Unleashed) looked AMAZING back in 2011, so clearly they know how to make nice looking games. I have a feeling Forces had a much smaller budget than Gens (since they seem to be obsessed with reusing assets from that game) and that the wrong lessons were learnt from Lost World, namely that they can cut cost on visuals without people minding. Level design is the biggest confusion though. How can you go from amazing level design to garbage level design with the same studio so quickly is beyond me. I can only hope that the later levels are better designed, but that hope is not very high. "2D games are easier to get into" I think this may explain some of the linear level design decisions for the 3D parts as well. They are trying to emulate this attribute of 2D while completely missing the point. Cuphead is 2D, well-received, and not 'easy to get into'.
  9. Sonic Stadium exclusive. Infer from that what you will.
  10. (a) Yes, it is... (b) He is credited under 'Previous Staff', just like the artists who drew EHZ. I really don't get what's so hard to understand.
  11. Toni Leys did CPZ2, HTZ2, Boss, Drown, Options. The rest are by Lopes (including EHZ2, which he made before leaving the team to work on Mania).
  12. What purpose would that serve? The reason the tracks are limited is due to the small storage capacity of vinyl. Plus, we know that Studiopolis Act 1 is a standalone track.
  13. Don't think this has been pointed out, but we may have just got a big hint of the number of zones in Mania. The LP will have "16 new tracks by composer Tee Lopes"! If we subtract miniboss, boss, hard-boiled heavy, title screen, menu, invincibiliy, final boss and credits, we get 8 new zone tracks, which would indicate either 8 or 4 new zones. Of course, how 'new' is interpreted changes everything. For example, new could mean an unheard track. We can also safely rule out there being only 16 tracks on the album, since that just doesn't make sense mathematically. EDIT: Turns out this has been spotted in other threads. Man, I wish we could just go back to the megathread system...
  14. Don't know if anyone's mentioned this, but the JP Sonic Mania site has been updated with a new hard-boiled heavy silhouette. http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicMania/sp/index.html
  15. I could easily see them taking one from CD and treating S3K as one 'game' with 2 levels taken.
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