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  1. Can't wait for the pre-order exclusive 25 lives pack DLC.
  2. No, I wasn't talking about shovelware. More the likes of any semi major Japanese release like Monster Hunter World, DragonBall Battle of Z, Code Vein or Kingdom Hearts 3 skipping it in turn of the oh so much wanted ports of Xenoverse 2, Fate/Extella and soon Dragon Quest XI.
  3. This isn't a port of a years old title already available on everything.
  4. I enjoyed Sun and Moon even if they did go a bit overboard with the cutscenes (if we can even call most of them that), especially during the first island. I appreciated what they did with Lillie, but wasn't satisfied with Hau as a rival when there was such a better character that could've filled that role in Gladion. Also, I preferred gyms to the waste of time that where trials. What I expected of what can be called the bosses of Pokémon is going through a "hard" area and face the boss at the end of it, not playing some mediocre ass mini-games like following rats or making food only to face one Pokémon with raised stats. By the time they actually let you face the Trial Captains they are already underleveled as shit. When it comes to stuff like Refresh/Amie, PokéStar Studios, etc. I agree with FFWF that they are useless. They just feel like something to entertain your little sister with when she begs to play. I mean, once you've petted or feed a Pokémon, you've basically done it to all 802 Pokémon. Something like the contests from gen 3 or the various battle facilities from the same gen plus 4 seem like a much better form of optional entertainment in a JRPG like Pokémon. Personally the way that I get attached to my Pokémon during any playthrough is through the battles we face, when X crits after it seemed like the battle was over, making your own Pokémon face the opponent's of the same species, having them evolve after a fierce battle against the rival, etc. and at the end of the day, after beating the Champion and having them registered in the Hall of Fame just looking at them and feel proud, like, yeah those are my boys.
  5. I would keep my expectations low, like, early PS3 low. GameFreak was already panicking when they had to actually move to the 3DS and we got this shit as an end product: Sure S&M looked much better, at least compared to the 6th gen games, but we did see that they where way out of their comfort zone by leaving sprites behind. The journey from actual reveal to release of their first in-house HD Pokémon title will be a damn wild ride to witness, way more than XY where, that's for sure.
  6. They're alluring to a main series game, that was the whole point of the announcement. If they where teasing anything other than that they wouldn't blatantly drop the word core, because games that haven't got a sequel in 12 years sure as hell aren't what I'd call core. If Nintendo never went through with the concept, GameFreak wouldn't have ever touched a home console with a core series game and if Nintendo moves on to separate home and handheld devices after the Switch, they'll absolutely go back to only releasing them on the handhelds again. Either way, I'm sure the masses won't be happy with the game. Most are expecting something like a MMO or something on the levels of Final Fantasy XV's graphics and open world gameplay while GameFreak is really reluctant to move away from their 20 years old formula.
  7. Core means main games. Colosseum and Gale of Darkness where spin-offs.
  8. I for one I'm happy to see them going back to those pseudo-edgy serious business stories from pre-Colors than have yet another sorry excuse for you to run around where Sonic taunts Eggman or has "comic" conversations with Tails before rushing to another stage.
  9. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory will be coming to Europe in early 2018 for both the PS4 and Vita, physically and digitally respectively. The original team behind Cyber Sleuth will be back with Kazumasa Habu producing, Suzuhito Yasuda designing the characters and Masafumi Takada composing the soundtrack. It will feature the original Japanese voices with English and German subtitles, have 18 chapters, 73 new Digimon plus 30 new maps on top of 60 from Cyber Sleuth. Here are some screenshots:
  10. I'm not so sure, Next 0rder's problems lied mostly on being an open world game on a portable, thus having to look like crap to run decently. The Story games are your typical JRPG, so I don't see Hacker's Memory looking much better on the PS4 nor having the need to N0 had, especially since both versions are being developed at the same time with the Vita's limits in mind. Cyber Sleuth also sold surprisingly well on the Vita in the west, so I wouldn't diminish the possibility of that version making it here even if it's digital online like in the case of the first game.
  11. Streaming app for Smartphones, so expect some major bad quality plus "camera" work.
  12. It also comes with a winning lottery ticket, a marriage certificate with your now real waifu and a Porsche. All thanks to the absolute miracle makers at Mania Team. And let's not forget a solid 99 at Metacritic while we're at it!
  13. His moveset is as generic fire guy as it gets. While I'm not familiar with the character at all, I'm pretty sure he has nuclear powers as a whole, not just fire manipulation. Either way, I can't really say I'm looking forward to the game anymore. Between the expected GOTY version with all the excessive DLC included down the road, the again boring Batman wank roster and the in my opinion abysmal "realistic" + overboard armored artsyle, I don't see myself getting it for more than 15 bucks.
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