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  1. Anyone hoping for Sonic X costumes for the characters?
  2. Bean Is NOT A Duck

    bean the Dynamite Woodpecker doesnt sound as cool
  3. Another episode where I feel 11minutes limits really limits the show. It wasn't really that good, I hope next week is better
  4. Things you'll never get tired of in Sonic

    Eggman being faster than Sonic on foot
  5. What YOU Think of Sonic Forces

    Can someone tell me why some people have a problem with chaos being a villian. I've never seen a appearance from him wheres he's not a villian
  6. Is Knuckles Sonic's 2nd sidekick?

    Knuckles is Sonic's best friend
  7. New Sonic Forces - "Enter Infinite" Trailer

    Nope Every song I like is objectively good and every song I don't like is objectively bad. Thats what i learned on the internet
  8. Sonic and crew rode Eggman hard about not being a doctor I almost felt kinda bad XD
  9. Looks like Sonic Boom is going to take on its nearest Challenge Continuity
  10. Sonic Boom Animation to Receive Japanese Dub

    Is there going to be a english dub of the show? Not sure what I can do without hearing my favorite voice actors
  11. Don't forget the poor platforming. So many deaths from accidentally falling on the stage.
  12. Why can't there be a release date already...
  13. Sonic Headcanons

    The reason everyone thought Sonic stole the emerald instead of Shadow is because Gun didn't want the public to know about their secret project Shadow at all and changed the narrative.
  14. Sonic Forces has create-a-character

    Anyway you could put up a poll? I wanna see how many people support the idea